TS4 Download: Greenhouse Conversions

10-22-15_9-49-44 PM

Ooopsie! I converted these a while ago and forgot to upload them. Here are the roof pieces from the Store greenhouse set, and some of the other items which I hadn’t found anywhere else yet.

There are:

* 4 Roof Sections
* A Bench
* A dining Chair
* A Coffee Table
* A Dining Table
* A Functional Bookcase

You will need the MOO cheat to place the roof pieces, there is a more detailed tutorial here!

Download Here!

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TS4 Download: Portable ‘Suitcase’ Dresser

While converting the Inventory Chests I thought I’d also make a dresser version of the suitcases. Then I thought, ‘Hey, suitcases should be portable, right?’. The suitcases work just like a normal dresser but you also have a ‘Put in Inventory’ option. You can place the suitcases back down by clicking on them in your inventory and they’ll plop down near your sim. You can find them with the other dressers in buy mode.

Download Here!

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TS4 Download: Little Spooky Boxes

11-04-15_9-59-36 PM

I love the new storage boxes that came with the patch! But while playing about with the ‘treat’ box I thought, ‘This would be so cute as a small jewellery style box’. So I made the mesh a bit smaller and tagged it so that it can be placed on more surfaces. And it was indeed cute! So I did it to the ‘trick’ box too. 🙂

You’ll need the November 2015 patch which added the trick and treat items. However, they do not override the larger ones. They can still be used for storing collectables.

Download Here!

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11-04-15_10-31-41 PM

(Note: sorry my screenshots are a bit dark and fuzzy today. I need to update my graphics card but I’m super lazy.)

News: Get Together Trailer, Repairman, and Spooky Freebies

Get Together Trailer

Squeeeeeeeee!!! I’m really excited for this! It has so many of my old favourites: like the cosy traditional bar with the dartboard and foosball table! And I’d buy this expansion JUST for the group-system because I know I’d use it all the time.


Yay, the repairman (or woman or gender neutral person) is back!!! No longer will sims have to risk electrocution while fixing that questionable looking fridge, or shell out on a new appliance EVERY… TIME… IT… BREAKS because you can just ring up a guy/girl/other sim to come and fix it for you! For a price, obviously, it’s not a sim charity!

They also fixed some bugs with the maid. Not that I noticed, since my sims currently tidy up themselves or live in unimaginable squalor, but when they DO get a maid I’m sure they’ll be happy to find them more productive. ^__^

Let’s hope they also add a hireable gardener and let our sims actually perform a maid/gardener/repairman service too someday. To get the repairman just install the latest patch and Pancake Bob’s your uncle! (Bob’s your uncle is a British saying… don’t ask me why)

Here is Iron Seagull testing the repair-sim out!

Spooky Trick or Treat Freebies!

The Sims team recently added trick or treat interactions to the game for Halloween, we had the chance of ‘winning’ 3 out of 6 spooky themed items by spamming these interactions in game. #TeamTreat won all 3 rounds, to the disappointment of #TeamTrick fans. However… some of us liked ALL the items and made our own #TeamAllTheThings campaign! Now… I don’t know if it was a direct result but as well as the 3 ‘treat’ items, the gurus also hid the 3 trick items in the game files too. This allowed modders to ‘unlock’ them, yay! Thanks sneaky gurus! You tricked and treated us!

The patch includes:
* A door with a cute Narnia-like lion door knocker.
* A ‘gummy’ fish and fish bowl.
* A Georgian style chest which has an inventory to store some collectables!

The other 3 hidden items are:
* A door with a creepy Labyrinth inspired grotesque door knocker.
* A ‘skelly’ fish and fish bowl.
* A medieval style chest which has an inventory to store some collectables!

The treat items will be in your game when you patch and you can grab the other three from Tatiana at The Sims Community!

Sadly, the gurus have removed the interactions from the game. But maybe, like me, you don’t play in real-time? Maybe you might have sim-Halloween in June? If, like me, you want to choose when your sims go trick or treating, you’ll be happy to know the wonderful Zerbu has re-added them to the game! YAY!!! Grab the mod HERE! Thanks Zerbu!!!

And finally, a quick thank-you to Sim Guru Daniel who listened to our grumbling about not having anywhere to store all our inventory junk. Thanks for the inventory chests Daniel!

Oh, and thank you to the Sims team if they did listen to the pleas of #TeamAllTheThings and decided to mercifully sneak those other items into our game after all.

TS4 Download: Nectar Maker Conversion (Decorative)

11-01-15_8-06-21 PM

A gift for the wonderful SimDoughnut! This is a decorative conversion of the nectar maker from The Sims 3 World Adventures (*sobs* I wish it was functional too!). It can be found under ‘sculptures’. There are 5 different recolours of the object itself, and I took the time to create 3 options for the container: fruit, water, and wine. So each machine recolour has three process stages for story-telling purposes.

Download Here!

11-01-15_8-05-47 PM

11-01-15_8-06-09 PM

11-01-15_8-05-58 PM

TS3 CC: Medieval Market Crates


These crates can be found under ‘sculptures’ and the wood is CASt-able. There are two versions of each crate included in the package, you can install them all or pick and choose:

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate

(These are sculptures and are base-game compatible)

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate_StorageChest
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate_StorageChest

(These use the code from the World Adventures treasure chests, so you can use them for storage. The expansion is required. The ‘Look Inside’ option will not work, but you can use the ‘Open’ option to store your items.)

Download Here!