TS4 Download: Spotty Get Together Dress

12-24-15_10-52-18 PM

Merry Simsmas!!!

I bought a spotty black dress in real-life and decided that Cinderelli-sim needed it too! Then I got carried away and made it in 18 different colours. XD

You’ll need the Get Together expansion installed for the dress to show. It is a standalone item and will have its own thumbnail in CAS. It’s available for teens, young adults, adults and elders.

Download here!

Made using Sims 4 Studio and GIMP.

*sings* She’s like a raiiiiiinbow:

12-24-15_10-38-53 PM

12-24-15_10-38-50 PM

12-24-15_10-38-46 PM

12-24-15_10-39-40 PM

12-24-15_10-39-37 PM

12-24-15_10-39-34 PM

12-24-15_10-39-30 PM

12-24-15_10-39-28 PM

12-24-15_10-39-25 PM

12-24-15_10-39-23 PM

12-24-15_10-39-20 PM

12-24-15_10-39-18 PM

12-24-15_10-39-15 PM

12-24-15_10-39-13 PM

12-24-15_10-39-10 PM

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