Crumpleton: Cinderelli Cinderelli

Poor Renauld, he was pleased his wife Catarina had busied herself with her work but she was so distracted that she wasn’t doing as much around the house as she normally would. Now, Renauld wasn’t sexist enough to think housework was a woman’s responsibility… he was just not very good at picking up the pieces. He was tired of jam sandwiches for breakfast and he was tired of his back creaking when he loaded the dishwasher. He decided to hire a housekeeper! He’d heard the Kensingtons had hired one, why shouldn’t he?! He rand a few of his friends to see if they knew anyone. To his surprise, Lonnie Pertridge (the wife of his old friend) suggested her own step-daughter for the position.

‘It will do the lazy girl some good to know what real work is like!’ she remarked.

Well, this was hardly a glowing reference for the girl, but since Lonnie implied the girl would work for free as long as she was provided with lodging and food, sort of like work-experience placement, and because Lonnie said he would be doing her a favour, he felt obliged to agree!




Over the next few days, Renauld began to regret his decision and worried about what the girl would be like. But when Ella Carlisle turned up at the house he was pleasantly surprised! She seemed very polite and reminded him pleasantly of her father, his old friend. Feeling much more cheerful about the whole situation, he directed her into the house and decided to congratulate himself with a few games of chess at Crumpleton Library.





Poor Ella! A bit confused by the old man’s instructions, Ella explored the house until she found her cabin room. Fingers trembling, she nervously changed into her work uniform. Sighing, she looked at herself in the mirror, anything had to be better than living with her wicked stepmother, right?! Although she was practically working as an indentured servant, with no pay, this was her chance at freedom!


Taking a deep breath to steel her nerves, Ella thought she should provide breakfast (one of the few vague instructions Mr Vanderburg had given her) and made her way to the kitchen. Oh my! A man was already in there and he seemed startled to see her! He was in his underwear, so Ella averted her eyes and acted as though she hadn’t seen him. The man quickly darted out of the other door and Ella giggled to herself. Perhaps life in Crumpleton would be better than she imagined!





What made me laugh was that Sebastian seemed eager to impress Ella! He autonomously went to work out on the treadmill straight after this encounter!


(Note: this is my second ‘housekeeper’ sim in Crumpleton. I was worried about the game using these sims to fill service roles so wanted to give them a named job. I thought about giving them the Nraas ‘homemaker’ profession but it didn’t seem quite right. At the moment they are ‘unemployed’ but I noticed my other housekeeper, Florence Taylor, was used to fill a service role. *sigh* Looks like I need to mod another career!)


TS4 Download: Hippy Maxi Skirts

Update 06/04/17!!!  An update borked the original files and began to create weird toddler-faced townies.  I was afraid.  I was very afraid.  I recreated the skirts and the issue has gone away, PHEW!!!  Please delete the two previous versions of the skirt, and install the new combined file HERE!

(It is possible that other old cc from other creators might also be causing the weird toddler-face glitch.  It doesn’t matter if the Sim is wearing the offending cc, they may still be affected.  If you have this issue then use the 50/50 method to pinpoint the troublesome cc.)


07-29-15_4-59 PM

I got a little bit carried away while making indie skirts for Gwen and made SEVENTEEN new variations of the long base game skirt. Whoops! But at least my hippy-dippy arty sims have a lot of choice now! There are 8 dip-dye, and 9 printed options (the one above and 8 below). And you can download the files from my dropbox here! I thought I’d give dropbox a try because I dislike how mediafire has suspicious adverts, and I don’t want anyone to accidentally download something annoying. So, let me know if you prefer dropbox. ^__^

Download here!



News: The Sims 4 Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Announced

I’m screaming for ice-cream! \o/

The Sims have just announced the third Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 ‘Cool Kitchens’ and it comes with an ice-cream machine! ‘There are 30 flavors to create, some of which might leave your Sim with… unusual abilities.’ Yay!

It will be available on the 11th of August. Not only that, but everyone will get dishwashers for free in a patch! \o/

Check out the official blog for more details and screenshots.

Blog: Week 1 – The Landers Family, ‘Herbalism Shop’

Gwen finally acquired a small shop suitable for her herbalism business, the problem was, she hadn’t actually seen it! Space is at a premium in Newcrest and properties are sold very quickly! When Gwen saw a small shop advertised in her price range she snapped it up in a panic.

Cheryl made her mum a sugar-free carob coconut cake to celebrate, and Gwen bought a new outfit (actually I finally got round to reinstalling Sims4Studio and recoloured her a skirt with my rusty cc skills).

07-19-15_8-45 PM

07-19-15_8-45 PM-3

07-19-15_9-02 PM

07-19-15_8-53 PM

Gwen went in search of her new business. She knew it was on a block with an artisan tea house and yoga studio, but it took her a while to find her shop down a narrow side street. Although she was slightly disappointed with it’s position, the shop was a nice size and she soon had it well stocked and ready for trade!

07-19-15_9-20 PM

07-19-15_9-21 PM-2

07-19-15_9-54 PM-2

07-19-15_9-53 PM

07-19-15_9-54 PM

07-19-15_9-58 PM

The residents of Newcrest were a curious bunch and word had spread about this quirky new shop! Customers eagerly rushed through the doors to inspect the new things, little did Gwen realise that that she’d tapped into a fashion trend for New Age health products! She hurried to ring up the sales, and the atmosphere was so good that she even started dancing!

07-19-15_10-08 PM

07-19-15_10-05 PM

07-19-15_10-14 PM

07-19-15_10-09 PM

When Gwen finally closed the shop she was hungry and exhausted! Luckily there was a small studio apartment above her shop and she rustled up some oatmeal there. Poor Gwen, she was so tired she didn’t QUITE make it all the way home to bed before passing out. XD

07-19-15_10-18 PM

07-19-15_10-29 PM

07-19-15_10-31 PM

07-19-15_10-32 PM

You can find the cc-free versions of static home and the shops on the gallery! Find me @Cinderellimouse

I’ll try and list some of the custom content I used in the herbalism store here soon!

Blog: Week 1 – The Landers Family, ‘Self Improvement’

Self Improvement

07-16-15_12-59 PM

I was planning on playing a wealthy household in order to play with the spa items but the lure of yoga and herbalism was too strong! So I decided to play with the Landers household since Cheryl’s mum owns a New Age shop in TS3. I figured I’d reopen the store in Newcrest. But first, Gwen needed to visit Granite Falls to collect some ingredients for her herbal remedies. She also needed to brush up on her knowledge of the local plants, they seemed so new and unfamiliar!

Gwen and Cheryl live in a small static caravan in Magnolia Promenade (continuing the nautical blue and white feel I started with the Clausen’s house), it was built as a vacation home for wealthy sims but it was all Gwen could afford and they use it as their main house. It’s small, and they don’t have much furniture, but they’re making it as cosy as they can!

07-17-15_10-27 PM-2

07-15-15_10-54 PM

07-15-15_10-54 PM-2

07-17-15_10-29 PM

(Note: I’m using some CC in my game, but I remove my mods folder while building and creating sims, so everything I upload to the gallery is CC free! You can find my sims and builds on my gallery @Cinderellimouse! A few people asked me about Cheryl’s hair, it is by Alesso at TSR.)

07-17-15_10-35 PM

Cheryl had a few free days before she started at her new school, so she decided to take up yoga. She wasn’t great at it, but it made her feel very zen!

07-17-15_10-36 PM-2

07-17-15_10-40 PM

07-17-15_10-49 PM

She also decided to explore her new neighbourhood. Some of the locals were more friendly than others, a nice lady made her some veggie hotdogs! (I love this sim, she’s Ada Clausen’s best friend!)

07-17-15_10-56 PM

07-17-15_10-57 PM

07-17-15_11-07 PM

07-17-15_11-11 PM

Bless Cheryl! She autonomously decided to clean up the local park, which I thought was very sweet of her!

07-17-15_11-10 PM

The next day, it was time to visit Granite Falls in search of new ingredients for Gwen’s herbal remedies! They packed their tent and yoga mat, they would be staying in the campground to save money. It was late when they arrived but in the morning Cheryl rustled up some veggie hotdogs using her new friend’s recipe.

(Note: I miss the vegetarian trait. I imagine Cheryl and Gwen could be vegans and I wish there was a way to stop sims autonomously making/eating meat-based meals.)

07-18-15_8-17 PM

07-18-15_8-21 PM

07-18-15_8-25 PM

Cheryl enjoyed practicing her new yoga skill in the beautiful setting of Granite Falls! I wish I’d realised I could use the ‘Place in World’ option on the mat to place it in the open areas! Gwen went searching for a variety of new plants and flowers to use as ingredients for her herbalism recipes and found lots!

07-18-15_8-33 PM

07-18-15_8-33 PM-2

07-18-15_9-09 PM

07-18-15_9-11 PM

07-18-15_9-16 PM

07-18-15_8-38 PM

07-18-15_8-39 PM

07-18-15_10-19 PM

07-18-15_10-20 PM

07-18-15_10-25 PM

On the final day of the vacation, Cheryl paid a visit to the craft centre and practiced her painting skill. She enjoyed painting the landscape and had several canvases to take home with her.

07-18-15_10-07 PM

07-18-15_10-08 PM-2

07-18-15_10-10 PM

07-18-15_10-13 PM

Cheryl even made a new friend at the bar! Do you recognise her?

07-18-15_10-36 PM

07-18-15_10-37 PM

Tired but happy, Cheryl and Gwen made their way home. Cheryl proudly brightened up her bedroom with her new paintings!

07-18-15_10-52 PM

07-18-15_10-48 PM

Finally, Gwen decided to cook a batch of herbal medicine using her newfound plants… but I think she needs a bit more practice before she opens her shop!

07-18-15_11-09 PM

07-18-15_11-09 PM-3

07-18-15_11-10 PM

I love how the new wellness skill compliments the herbalism skill from Outdoor Retreat! I hope we get more of this kind of hippy/new-age/crafty content! I wish we had some India inspired content too, especially clothing as I’m finding it difficult to dress Gwen. In my mind she’s the sort of person who takes a gap year to backpack round Asia and comes back dressed in bright clothes! I need to recolour some clothes for her and do a bit of cc shopping. ^__^

Blog: Week 1 – The Clausen Family ‘Michelle Makes a Friend’

Michelle Makes a Friend

06-16-15_9-56 PM

Although she loves spending time with her family, Michelle is a highly sociable person and was excited to go out and explore her new home. She announced her plans to the household.

Her dad gave her a huge hug, ‘Just have fun and be safe’.

06-16-15_10-00 PM

‘Anything to stop her trying to cook’ he whispered to Adelia.

06-16-15_9-16 PM

Michelle thought the local park would be a great place to meet people: it was beautiful, but the people there were so rude! Michelle usually laughs at rude people but today they upset her, she missed her friends back in Aurora Skies and felt a bit lost without them.

06-18-15_9-07 PM

06-18-15_9-22 PM

06-18-15_9-23 PM

06-18-15_9-19 PM-2

06-18-15_9-25 PM

06-18-15_9-27 PM

Waiting for her back at home was her little sister Kayla. She gave Michelle a great big hug and called her ‘funny’.

07-03-15_8-53 PM

‘Hmmm… maybe I’m approaching this the wrong way,’ thought Michelle, ‘I’m acting all lost and needy, this isn’t like me at all! I never used to have trouble making friends because I was already so sure of myself. Maybe if I act confident, and look like I’m having fun, then people will want to talk to me.’

Not one to admit defeat, Michelle dressed herself up and hit the busiest bar in town! Taking a deep breath, she walked straight up and grabbed the mic, launching into her funniest one-liners.

06-19-15_10-06 PM

06-19-15_10-18 PM

At first, nobody paid any attention to her and she faltered. What was she thinking? She was just a girl in a room full of stylish adults. Why would they be even remotely interested in her? Then a quirky looking guy started listening to her and genuinely seemed to think she was funny!

06-19-15_10-18 PM-2

06-19-15_10-19 PM

The guy went to get a drink, Michelle gave up on the mic and went to get a bowl of chips. She sat down and soon the guy was back and dancing comically to make her laugh! She joined him and they danced as crazily as they pleased, not caring who was watching because they were having so much fun! Pretty soon they had attracted a small crowd but Michelle and Ronald were so deep in conversation they barely noticed anyone else!

06-19-15_10-21 PM

06-19-15_10-21 PM-2

06-19-15_10-43 PM-2

06-19-15_10-24 PM

06-19-15_10-22 PM

06-19-15_10-41 PM

Hours later, Michelle left the club feeling much happier. And much more like her normal confident self!

06-19-15_10-46 PM

When Michelle arrived back at home, her father was waiting for her. He was pleased she’d had a good time and was home safe.

06-19-15_10-47 PM-2

I was going to end the story there but I had to add this! When she got home Michelle must have been hungry from all the dancing because she made brownies! She was all tired while she was doing it which made me giggle. Michelle left the plate of brownies on the table. Then her sister Kayla was the first to get up in the morning and saw the brownies, her expression made me laugh! It was like, ‘Yes, there are brownies and no parents are around to tell me not to eat them!’

06-19-15_10-49 PM

06-19-15_10-50 PM

06-19-15_10-53 PM

06-19-15_10-55 PM

06-19-15_10-56 PM

06-19-15_10-56 PM-2

Crumpleton: Library Funding

Catarina Vanderburg is the town’s community development officer: she works for the town hall and controls the community development fund. Today she is holding a public meeting to discuss whether the library needs any improvements. A quick phone call to the head librarian Beatrice Crumplebottom to check she would attend the meeting, and Catarina hopped into her waiting car (a bright pink limo! This did not make me happy as it is far too ostentatious for the little town of Crumpleton, so I quickly gave them more suitable cars).



When Catarina arrived at the library her friend Beatrice could not be found. The only person who has arrived on time for the meeting was Sabrina Funke, a slightly flaky local mother who complained that there was no children’s section in the library. Catarina made a note of this very good point. The library was an extremely old building and was protected by the heritage association. She explained this to Sabrina and promised that she would do what she could and would also look at providing better resources at the local primary school. Sabrina seemed pleased with this and left.


Alone in the library, Catarina looked around the old building. She remembered reading there as a child and was full of fond memories of the place. It may not have had all the modern technology of the newer libraries, but it had a famous collection of old books and an interesting history. Catarina picked up a book on Roman rhetoric and settled down to pass the time until more people arrived.


Soon after, Catarina felt a gust of cool evening air as the old doors were pushed open. There stood an unexpected visitor to the meeting, Diana Jones.

Diana was quick to complain about the poor wifi connection, ‘Back in Bridgeport we had this amazing library with all the latest technology. There was a coffee bar, fast internet access, electronic journals and study-o-cise. All this library has is a load of mouldy old books!’

Catarina was tempted to say, ‘Well, you’re not in Bridgeport now my dear’ but she bit her tongue and replied, ‘I’ll take your suggestions on board.’




But who was that, hiding in the bushes outside? It was Beatrice! What on earth was she doing? It turned out she had seen Diana entering as she arrived and wanted to hide until she was gone. She was tired of listening to her complaints about her beloved library. Beatrice avoided eye contact with Diana as she walked in and quickly scurried over to her friend.



‘Oh Catarina!’ she cried after enquiring about her daughter, ‘I’m so glad you are holding this meeting! The library feels like it’s falling apart around me! The branches of the old oak tree outside have knocked tiles off the roof and water is dripping in each time it rains! I worry about the damage the damp may do to the books. Also, we have no toilet facilities because the building is so old! People are having to use the one across the road at the community centre. Then I have people like Mrs Jones complaining about the slow wifi! She’s lucky to get an internet connection at all here in Crumpleton!’

(Note: there really is a tree clipping through the roof so I decided to leave it and write it into the story)


‘Beatrice dear, why have you not approached the council about the roof?’ Catarina enquired.

‘I did!’ cried Beatrice, ‘I spoke to councillor Dixon at church a fortnight ago. He said he would look into it but I haven’t heard anything since.’

Catarina encouraged Beatrice not to worry and reassured her that she would speak to Mr Dixon personally. She would certainly secure the funding for the roof. Catarina also gave her a gift, a new book by her favourite author.


Catarina took one last look around the library. Considering the lack of a specific children’s area, the two boys seemed to have found whatever it was they were looking for in those old dusty books! And Catarina was surprised to find Diana hidden in a dark corner of the library with a very old book indeed! This seemed odd, considering her passionate complaints about the facilities. Perhaps there was more to Diana than she first assumed.



Blog: Week 1 – The Clausen Family ‘Park Life’

Park Life

The Clausen family love their new home! The children are especially excited as their house is right next door to a small playground! \o/ Of course, Kayla was eager to burn off some energy and explore the cool pirate ship, so she ran straight over there. A few minutes later, Michelle went to check on her and found a mean lady shouting at her little sister! :-O

06-13-15_10-01 PM

Since Michelle always sees the funny side of a situation, she decided to make her sister laugh by hiding behind the pirate ship and mimicking the mean lady! Raaaaah! She waved her arms like a sea-witch! Oh no, the woman spotted Michelle and started shouting at her too! Michelle just laughed even more and continued to mock her. The woman didn’t know what to do and stomped away.

06-13-15_10-06 PM

06-13-15_10-07 PM

06-13-15_10-08 PM

‘We have defeated the sea monster!’ Michelle cried victoriously.

Kayla started mocking Michelle! Ooops. It seems Michelle taught her little sister a new way to get into trouble!

06-13-15_10-11 PM

Later that evening (after doing her homework) Lena decided to investigate the new park. Maybe she’d find some interesting insects or plants there.

06-17-15_11-08 AM

‘Hey, this is kind of fun!’ she thought as she manned the cannon. Then she spotted a nice-looking boy walking up the path. Lena knew she needed to try to make friends in the new town, so she approached him an shyly asked his name.

‘Malcom,’ he said, ‘I like your rabbit.’

Lena giggled happily and soon they were playing and chatting like old friends!

06-17-15_11-08 AM-2

06-17-15_11-12 AM

06-17-15_11-10 AM

Crumpleton: A Day with the Vanderburgs

The Vanderburg family are townies in Crumpleton, meaning they are not a family I play rotationally. Once I added my own families to the small town, I picked some of my favourite pre-mades to fill up the empty homes and job vacancies. I play slowly, so I’m still setting up the town and decided I wanted some new roles: a social services type career for all the civic needs in town like health workers, housing officers, and community development projects; and I needed to extend the law gameplay, so that arrested criminals had somewhere to go for trial. Catarina and her husband were already employed at the town hall, but I had too many sims in the politics career, so it made sense to use this family for my new careers.

I adapted their story a little. The Vanderburgs are from Hidden Springs and their back-story is that Catarina is the queen of that town. Well… Crumpleton already has it’s own founders, the Crumplebottom family! So I decided that Caterina is from a noble family who are distant relatives of the royal family. They are very rich, living in a big house in the older part of town around Crumpleton Park (the house is taken from Dragon Valley and adapted a little to suit the old English/Celtic feel of the town). The Vanderburgs don’t need to work, but they are good people who feel the need to serve their local community. More about this later!


Caterina and Renauld’s adult daughter, Francisca has been missing for some time and the family are very concerned about her. Her brother, Sebastian, has joined the local police force hoping to be able to track her down…

It was a sad morning in the Vanderburg house. Renauld woke up to a quiet house, he wondered why he couldn’t hear the usual morning noises of his wife preparing breakfast in the kitchen. He went to investigate and found a plate of jam sandwiches instead of his usual full English.


Odd. Where was Caterina? Renauld found her sobbing quietly in the garden, she was worrying about her daughter again. Why hadn’t the police found her yet? If Francisca was safe, why hadn’t she contacted them? Caterina had posted a large reward for information, why had they not heard anything?


Renauld gently guided her back into the house for a jam sandwich, ‘You must eat something!’

Caterina sat quietly at the far end of the table, where she could look out of the window in the vain hope she might see her daughter pass by. Renauld filled the silence with forced optimism, talking about his colleagues in the law field and how surely someone would stumble over some information soon. Sabastian appeared in his uniform and sat close to his mother, he didn’t need to say anything, his presence alone was enough to comfort her. Caterina picked up a jam sandwich and nibbled a corner gratefully: she knew he had prepared them hurriedly as he got ready for work.


With an encouraging nod to his mother, Sabastian left for work. As he drove his police car the short distance into town, he scanned the woods for signs of his sister. He was determined he would be the one to find her. He was sure she was alive, he knew his sister better than anyone! He knew Francisca had been feeling pressured by his mother’s pushy nature (though he would never hurt his mother’s feelings by telling her this). He was sure that if he could just find her, he could explain that their mother only wanted the best for them and persuade her to come out of hiding.



As he arrived at the station, he noticed a smart-looking woman entering the building. She seemed to know her way around but he hadn’t noticed her before. Sabastian was new to the force and hadn’t met everyone yet. He was sure she wasn’t a police officer, so maybe she was a regional superior? He approached her and she introduced herself as Emily Mitchel. Emily was the local primary school teacher and she was trying to arrange a school visit to the station.



Just then they were interrupted by the arrival of Roxy Hunter. Roxy was well-know to the police, she was a good person but she couldn’t seem to keep herself out of trouble! Sabastian had been looking for her in connection with a low-level crime that had been reported and her son had persuaded her to ‘do the right thing’ and hand herself in.


Sabastian sighed and booked her in. Typically, Roxy didn’t take it too seriously. While he questioned her, Sabastian also asked if she had heard anything about his sister. Roxy was always at the station for one reason or another and knew Francisca was missing, she would have told him if she discovered anything. In a small town like Crumpleton, secrets were hard to keep, and Roxy moved in circles Sebastian couldn’t. But Roxy hadn’t heard anything either.




Sebastian sighed again and left to write up his report. First he made coffee, he was feeling down and needed something to power him through the dull form-filling. Like his mother he chose to sit by the window if by chance his sister should walk by.




The work day came to an end and Sebastian made his way back home. As he pulled his car into the drive he noticed his parents talking in the garden. Sebastian smiled, he was pleased their relationship was surviving the stressful time. They even seemed to be finding more time for each other.