TS4 Download: Vintage Glamour Desk as Vanity


I really love the style of Vintage Glamour and the vanities are so lovely! But I found myself desiring a celebrity backstage style version of the vanity, you know, the kind with the lamps around the mirror? At first I tried converting the vanity from TS3 Showtime (I think it was a dresser?) but I wasn’t happy with the recolours and couldn’t figure out how to get the lights to actually light up! I’m not planning on completing that project. However, if you are interested in that tackling that yourself you can grab it here.


In the end I felt it better to clone the Vintage Glamour desk and make it act like a vanity. You can use it with any mirror then and get the same effect. The one I’m using in this screenshot is by Around the Sims and you can grab it here. The desk has all the vanity interactions like applying make-up, and the mirror interactions are on there too (I love that the SP team thought of that!). Your Sims can also use it like a normal desk and do their homework on it, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom!

The desk is a clone, so it will not overwrite the original one. It comes with all the swatches too. The desk shares some resources with the original desk, so you will need the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack to make it show up in your game. The stuff pack is essential for all the vanity interactions and animations as well.

Download Here!




TS4 Download: Sectional Sofas (Decades)


Here are some sectional sofa conversions from The Sims 3: 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Stuff Pack. I used these a lot in TS3 and found myself missing them recently, especially after the release of Vintage Glamour because I used them for those kind of builds. There are seven sections in total and you can piece them together in lots of different ways to create different shapes (a bit like counters). They are categorised as living chairs and are grouped together in the catalogue. Sims can use them like normal living chairs. There is a tiny bit of clipping as the Sim sits down, but I decided not to resize the mesh to correct this as it would have meant the pieces wouldn’t fit together as easily. The inner curved piece does act as a chair but unfortunately has bad clipping, but once you place a section either side the Sims don’t use it anyway, so it’s not a big issue. I find it best to place the sections using the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat.

I created custom swatches in a variety of colours, and also attempted a custom spec map to give the metallic part a shiny surface.

*insert Moana ‘shiny’ gif here* (Come on internet, catch up!)

I tried to make them fairly Maxis-match but if you think you can improve them you’re more than welcome to give it a go! Please let me know if you do. As usual, I used Sims4Studio for recolours and putting everything together. I also used S3pe, S3oc and Blender for the meshes.

Download Here!