Blog: Todd and Jake Hunter (Round 1): Part 2

Todd and Jake had a busy week, so I split it into two parts. For part 1 click here!

Todd was feeling pretty frisky after his date with Georgia, and it didn’t help that Bella Goth stuck her boob in his face while he was thinking about dinner.

09-20-14_10-18 PM

He thought he’d hit the gym and take a cold shower to calm down, unfortunately he was STILL in a romantic mood!

09-20-14_10-21 PM

09-20-14_10-23 PM

So Todd thought he’d channel his… frustration… into a work out! He must have been releasing pheromones or something because the ladies wouldn’t leave him alone! First, one lady took the machine next to him and started a flirty conversation, then Bella had followed him from the bar! The poor man!

09-20-14_10-24 PM

09-20-14_10-25 PM

09-20-14_10-25 PM-2

I don’t know what they’d been putting in the water at Oasis Springs that night but the girls were definitely in an attention seeking mood! O.o

09-20-14_10-27 PM

09-20-14_10-28 PM

Tired of all the attention, Todd thought it best if he just went home and got treated to some nice sights!

09-20-14_10-29 PM

By the end of the week Todd’s carpentry skill had improved and his small garden was coming along nicely!

09-20-14_10-35 PM

09-23-14_9-45 PM

09-20-14_9-41 PM

Jake spent most of his time in work, his mixology skill is now at level two, so he threw a party to celebrate! He’s still getting on really well with Michelle!

09-20-14_10-40 PM

09-20-14_10-41 PM

09-23-14_9-28 PM

In the evening Michelle and Guadalupe came round autonomously, poor Guadalupe was still unable to catch Todd’s eye.

09-20-14_10-54 PM

09-20-14_10-52 PM

After paying their bill on Monday I left the boys fishing at the local stream.

09-20-14_10-48 PM


Blog: Todd and Jake Hunter (Round 1): Part 1

09-17-14_2-09 PM

The Hunter brothers moved to Oasis Springs because Todd wanted to focus on starting up his own business. Jake couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet some new faces: especially if those faces are female. They bought this trailer off a townie who was moving away (i.e. he got evicted to the townie bin).

09-17-14_2-09 PM-2

They don’t have much money left for furniture, but Todd calmly announced, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll MAKE us some!’

‘Suuuuuure…’ Jake replied sceptically, but he got his flaming Tiki bar so he was happy enough.

09-20-14_9-26 PM

09-20-14_9-22 PM-2

Jake had good reason to be sceptical, this was Todd’s first attempt at a horse sculpture:

09-20-14_9-25 PM

The boys spent their first evening fishing at the creek in Oasis Springs. I love these outdoor areas, they’re sprawling and fun to investigate! I hope that in future worlds these outdoor areas are a little larger, I think I could accept no open world then. I don’t even mind the loading screens when travelling between worlds and areas, I think it’s worth it to be able to add additional worlds and travel between them freely, more like in TS2! My sims are always hopping between Oasis Springs and Willow Creek! The only time that the loading screens REALLY bug me is when visiting another house/lot in the same area: my sim can be stood right outside another sims lot and as soon as they set foot on the lot, there is a loading screen! GRRRRRRRRR!!! Maybe they could add an option that lets all the lots in one area load at once, if our computers can handle it?

I do think the environment is very beautiful! The effects really help with the immersion: from swirling sand to glimmering moonlight on the water’s surface, I think they did a good job with this! I was hoping that fishing together would be a great bonding experience for the brothers, but I couldn’t seem to get them to chat at the same time. With all the multi-tasking sims can do, this was a little disappointing. ;_;

09-17-14_2-15 PM

09-17-14_2-18 PM

09-20-14_1-22 PM

Watching them fish made me laugh! Todd caught this massive glob of gunk (he threw it back) and then Jake reeled in… nothing! He looked so confused! ^.^ It got pretty late so they trudged home to bed. Jake was uncomfortable, which is why he looks so glum.

09-20-14_1-23 PM

09-20-14_1-24 PM

09-20-14_1-42 PM-2

09-20-14_1-43 PM

The next day, Jake wandered around the neighbourhood meeting… well… all the female neighbours at least! Michelle lives in the same area, he spotted her dancing in her living room and thought she would be his type of girl. He was right! They hit it off immediately since they both love joking around. Soon they both had the ‘playful’ emotion. Jake even autonomously changed seats so he could sit closer to her! It wasn’t long before they were both dancing wildly to pop music.

09-20-14_9-07 PM

09-20-14_9-09 PM-2

09-20-14_9-11 PM

09-20-14_9-14 PM-2

Being a bit more practical, Todd spent the morning improving his carpentry and planting a few plants to help with food costs.

09-20-14_9-22 PM-3

09-20-14_9-19 PM

By the evening, they’d met quite a few of their neighbours and decided to have a get-together at the bar in Oasis Springs!

09-20-14_9-44 PM

The bar was full of attentive ladies and the brothers seemed very pleased about it! Todd started dancing next to a pretty sim and they quickly hit it off! At the time I thought she was a townie (there is a townie who looks very similar) but it later turned out to be Georgia! No wonder they got on so well: they are both family-orientated! Todd gave her a red rose (don’t know where he got that from) and kissed her hand, he’s quite traditional.

‘Hey, check out my moves!’ (It made me laugh that he autonomously chose to wear his jogging bottoms, he looks so under-dressed!)

09-20-14_9-46 PM

09-20-14_9-46 PM-3

09-20-14_9-48 PM

Obviously he was doing SOMETHING right, he was quickly surrounded by admirers! Maybe he had that special kind of approachable, natural charm? I felt bad for the slightly geeky looking girl in the glasses and pink socks, ‘Guadalupe’? She kept walking past, giving him flirty looks, and dancing next to him. I think she was trying to catch his attention but he was totally fixed on Georgia.

09-20-14_10-03 PM

09-20-14_9-57 PM

Some flirty remarks about hoovers… *ahem* …and then Todd made his move! Sadly Georgia went home straight after the kiss. I guess she was tire from all that dancing!

09-20-14_10-08 PM

09-20-14_10-12 PM-2

09-20-14_10-14 PM

Jake wasted no time, quickly jumping into the spotlight! His jokes were rubbish but he had an appreciative audience.

09-20-14_9-46 PM-2

One of the sims in the audience was my sim, Liz, I will be playing her next. So took the opportunity to have them have a quick chat! Then Jake had to leave for work, it made me laugh that he looked so impressed with himself! And he gave Todd a knowing glance as he left. >.^

09-20-14_9-49 PM

09-20-14_9-50 PM

09-20-14_9-53 PM-2

Part 2 of Todd and Jake’s week will be coming soon!

Blog: Cheryl Landers (Round 1)

09-16-14_9-44 PM

Cheryl and her daughter Emma live in this little cottage in Willow Creek. I’m really happy with this house, I feel like I’m getting more confident with the build tools now. Unfortunately, Cheryl didn’t have enough money to fully furnish the house, so the kitchen/dining room still needs a bit of work.

09-16-14_9-43 PM

09-16-14_9-42 PM

09-16-14_10-00 PM

09-16-14_10-00 PM-2

09-16-14_10-01 PM

Cheryl is a stay-at-home mummy, she wants to be there when her daughter gets home from school each day. She makes a little money by selling paintings, and by selling flowers from her little garden. I really like how the easel charges money for buying the canvas now: some days Cheryl can’t afford the canvas, and therefore has to concentrate on the garden for a while. I really like how Cheryl helps Emma with her homework, and they chat while she gets on with her other jobs.

09-16-14_10-18 PM

09-16-14_10-49 PM

The multitasking in the game can be quite funny! XD

09-16-14_10-25 PM

During the day, while Emma is at school, I tend to send Cheryl out to look for the different types of flowers that are available in the game. I like how different plants grow in different areas. She currently has most of the basic plants: daisies, bluebells, etc. I’m looking forward to when she gets to start combining the plants to unlock new ones! She also found an interesting looking tree… O.o

09-16-14_10-06 PM

09-16-14_10-41 PM

09-16-14_10-22 PM

Not much really happened in Cheryl’s first week. It was a bit of a struggle keeping her happy because they were so short of money, and she was more concerned with making sure Emma was ok, than thinking about her own needs. Mostly, I was just impressed with how sweet the interactions are between an adult and child sim. The ‘express love’ interaction is adorable!

09-16-14_9-46 PM

09-16-14_9-45 PM

Blog: Michelle Clausen (Round 1)

09-14-14_10-06 PM

Michelle is the daughter of an aging glam-rock star and a hippy free-spirit, and she definitely reflects her eccentric upbringing! Bubbly and outgoing, she is the comedian of the family! She normally has a HUGE household, with 5 siblings, but in TS4 she has moved to Oasis Springs with her twin brother Felix.

I imagine Michelle would LOVE this lot with a view of a gigantic dinosaur! I had to build a home for them: I normally build quite traditional looking homes so this modern bungalow was a stretch for me, especially as I’m still unfamiliar with the TS4 build tools, but I’m pretty happy with it! ^.^

09-14-14_9-22 PM-3

09-14-14_10-05 PM

I like how the two worlds, Oasis Springs and Willow Creek, have a very different feel to them with different building styles and plants. Willow Creek is much more lush, with lots of green shrubbery and bright flowers, it suits my gardening sims so well. Although I’m not as keen on desert worlds in general, I like the kind of run-down inhospitable feel of Oasis Springs. It has it’s own beauty too, reminding me of a cross between Strangetown (TS2 BG) and Lucky Palms (TS3 Store), but it’s also it’s own thing.

Michelle and Felix started chatting about their new house outside. Michelle got a bit hungry so she made herself a drink and some food then REMEBERED SHE WAS TALKING TO FELIX AND TOOK THE FOOD BACK OUTSIDE TO RESUME THE CONVERSATION!!!

09-14-14_10-12 PM

Michelle tends to be in the journalist career, although she also suits showbiz careers like acting. With her outgoing personality and good sense of humour, I thought I’d try out the new comedy career and skill! (I’m a bit peeved about TS4 having stand-up comedy because it’s something I was repeatedly requesting for TS3. So I’m half-annoyed, half-excited about it!) I sent her to this lounge and had her tell jokes at the microphone. It made me laugh that everyone ignored her! XD

09-14-14_10-21 PM

09-14-14_10-22 PM

09-14-14_10-22 PM-2

I almost made her flirt with the silver fox at the bar but he wasn’t really her type (more about him later). Tired of trying to impress the bar full of disinterested golden oldies, Michelle hit the bar! She had a great time chatting with people, I love how they change seats to move closer to the person they’re talking to if someone leaves! She was soon the centre of attention: cracking jokes, telling funny stories, and creating a really playful mood! I love the style of this bar: the way the seats are set up with the condiments really looks like a restaurant set-up! I HOPE HOPE HOPE we get something like Open for Business soon, I really would love for Georgia to eventually own this lot and run it as a restaurant! It’d be so nice to have the romantic dinner interactions back too for dates! Something like Hot Date and OFB would be awesim!!!

09-14-14_10-27 PM

09-14-14_10-28 PM-3

09-14-14_10-28 PM

09-14-14_10-30 PM

09-14-14_10-30 PM-2

Michelle had such a great time! I love how she did the tired/happy walk all the way home to bed, and the shadows on the sidewalk are genius!!! The world looked pretty here too so I couldn’t resist taking loads of screenshots! *^.^*

09-14-14_10-41 PM

09-14-14_10-36 PM-2

09-14-14_10-36 PM

09-14-14_10-42 PM

09-14-14_10-43 PM

The next morning Felix made breakfast an they had a nice chat… in the… bathroom. >__>

09-14-14_10-44 PM

09-14-14_10-47 PM

Sorry some of the indoor pictures are a bit dark, I’m not cheating for money and they can’t afford lights. -__-

Day number two at the lounge was a lot more successful! Michelle had a small audience (I guess news of how funny she’d been at the bar had gotten around). And Felix got talking to Mr Silver Fox (that’s not his name, his name was actually Dominique) they found out they have so much in common: they both share a love of art and even have the same hairstyle! XD

09-14-14_10-52 PM

09-14-14_10-51 PM

09-14-14_10-56 PM

09-14-14_10-55 PM

Felix thought it was time to take the party back home when his sister passed out on the couch!

09-14-14_10-59 PM

The house party didn’t go so well. With sticky armpits, Michelle’s bad cooking and Felix’s weird flirty face… O.o

09-15-14_5-02 PM

09-14-14_11-02 PM

09-14-14_11-05 PM

09-14-14_11-07 PM

09-14-14_11-11 PM

09-14-14_11-12 PM-2

09-14-14_11-29 PM

The last day was a good day for everyone! Michelle had a pee (hee hee) and found a nice spot for her new MySim figurine. Then she hit the library to write a new comedy routine (love this feature). She ran into Jamie there and they got on pretty well! It made me laugh that Michelle started talking about dinosaurs, ‘Yeah, I have a brachiosaurus in the back yard’! They must be friends now because he followed her to the bar where Michelle entertained everyone, and even popped round to the house later that evening! \o/

09-15-14_6-50 PM-2

09-15-14_6-51 PM-2

09-15-14_6-56 PM

09-15-14_7-05 PM

09-15-14_7-08 PM

09-15-14_7-28 PM

Mr Silver Fox also visited the house and I had the first ‘first kiss’ in the game!

09-15-14_8-00 PM

Blog: Georgia and Jamie Banks (Round 1)

09-13-14_8-36 PM

Quick note: (for those of you who are unfamiliar with my play-style) I have been making the same group of sims since The Sims 1! I call these my ‘core’ sims and they are the ones I use for my main gameplay. Of course, I dabble around with random households from time to time, but I get more pleasure from playing with these main sims because I feel like I ‘know’ them. They have been with me for so long that their lives really matter to me. This might sound a bit boring to some of you, making the same sims over-and-over, but their personalities and stories do grow and develop over time as we get new content.

I have 22 core sims and I play them rotationally. I usually make them as toddlers or children and make their families too, so you can imagine it’s a lot of sims to keep track of! Since we currently only have two worlds for TS4, with a limited number of lots, I figured it would be impractical to make their whole families at the moment. So I’ll be making my core sims as young adults, pretending they all just moved to Willow Creek or Oasis Springs to start their adult life.


I moved the Banks family into this cute little house by WeeAlbet! Unfortunately they could only afford the unfurnished version. 😦 But I quite like the idea of sims struggling a bit when they first start out on their own. And WOW!!! it really is a struggle keeping sims happy and earning money in The Sims 4! I see this as a big improvement: it was far too easy to make money in TS3! I like the little reward lamp thingies that we get for owning the TS3 games. You enable the auroras and they really help your sims mood! (I’m sorry I teased about them when we first saw them). *^.^*

09-13-14_9-30 PM

Georgia is a foodie! All the meals she prepares seem to be excellent quality, which is a great help! Not too sure about the look of that salad though. O.o

09-13-14_10-02 PM

09-13-14_8-40 PM-2

09-13-14_8-41 PM

09-13-14_9-17 PM

Gardening has always been one of my favourite skills! I guess because my sims are a lot better at it than I am! *^.^* I REALLY like the way they developed gardening in TS4: I love the addition of flowers and the way we can graft one plant onto another to make new ones (I haven’t actually achieved this yet). I like the little face icon that shows us how happy the plant is. The weeds are pretty too, they look like dandelion clocks! One thing I prefer about the TS3 style gardening is the way plants would produce different quality harvestables depending on it’s state. I liked replanting the better quality produce to get a better quality plant. I’m not as keen on the way we upgrade plants now, it doesn’t make sense to me. What are we upgrading it with? Magic? It’s only a little gripe though, on the whole I really like the gardening in TS4!

09-13-14_10-06 PM

09-13-14_9-09 PM

09-13-14_9-27 PM

09-13-14_10-04 PM

How cute is the community garden!? It’s part of their little neighbourhood (the section they can roam around in without triggering a loading screen). It’s a great place to socialise too, there are always sims hanging out there!

09-13-14_8-51 PM

Georgia naturally joined the culinary career! Jamie is athletic and normally joins the sports career. I was a bit disappointed because none of the current careers particularly suit him. :-/ He ended up joining the Astronaut career but it doesn’t really match his personality as he isn’t particularly logical (it suits other sims better) and it’s bugging me! I really like careers in the game and wish there was a bit more choice, especially as some of the golden oldies are missing like sports, politics and business. A lot of the TS4 careers are kind of extreme fantasy type things, and as someone who plays a more realistic game, I hope they add the more usual ones soon.

A nice feature for athletic sims are the options to work out! As well as using gym equipment, sims can do sit-ups, press-ups and jog around the area freely. I was expecting the sims to jog off the edge of the world TS2 style, but it was nice to be able to watch them randomly roam around the neighbourhood.

09-13-14_9-18 PM

09-13-14_9-19 PM

09-13-14_8-43 PM

Jamie’s no meat-heat or ‘bro’ though! He’s family-orientated and kind, and he loves the outdoors! He’s definitely prefers exercising outdoors, rather than at the gym. He likes fishing too, at the little fishing spots dotted around the neighbourhood.

09-13-14_8-45 PM

Not sure why Georgia is looking so pleased with herself here!

09-13-14_8-45 PM-2

It’s really nice to just watch their expressions! They really do seem to have their own thoughts about things: from giving another sim a dirty look, to smiling to themselves when their happy. It’s like they really do seem to be thinking about things internally, and that shows on their faces. TS4 sims are just very funny!

This is where Georgia was exhausted after getting home from work, but she was happy because she’d earned a promotion. Tired smile!

09-13-14_11-02 PM-2

Georgia went out to pick some fruit from the community garden and saw her friend who looked a bit sad. She quickly cheered her up and it was so sweet to watch! (It actually wasn’t her friend, but her doppelganger, I realised when her actual friend wandered up to join the conversation. Doh!)

09-13-14_10-14 PM

09-13-14_10-16 PM

09-13-14_8-50 PM

09-13-14_10-12 PM

09-13-14_10-13 PM

The swinging between emotions can feel a bit OTT at times, but once you get to learn how to influence them it gets easier.

By the end of the first week, Georgia and Jamie had earned a few promotions and were feeling a lot more comfortable. They started the week with just the basic items (bed, fridge, loo, etc) but after paying the bill they had enough left for a few ‘luxury’ objects like a bookshelf and computer. I think they’ll be much better off next time I play them.

I’ll end this blog with this random pic, just because I thought it was pretty!

09-13-14_9-54 PM

And thank you to the awesome iPodZeke! He knows why! ❤

Mod: Savvier Bakery


Aren’t the shelves from the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery lovely? I love this venue! Sooooooooo many pies! Nom nom nom! Only… I kind-of wanted to be able to sell more things than JUST prepared food with these items. Then I watched Ani’s Let’s Play where she runs a bakery and mentions how she modified the shelves to use her savvier seller code. I LOVE her savvier seller mod, so I followed the advice on MTS and ATS and cloned these items too.

A lot of people have seen me using these modified shelves and asked me to share the mod. I couldn’t. Because they are cloned store items, it would have meant I was pirating content, and I strongly oppose this. HOWEVER! It bugged me that I couldn’t share them, and after some file-poking I managed to make a sharable version of the mod! Instead of cloning the object, I just use the OBJK and OBJD files to override the original stands.

You absolutely must own the Baker’s Bazaar Collection and the Savvy Seller’s Collection for this mod to work!!!

You need to have this content installed, and also Ani’s Savvier Seller mod.

If you do not have the store content installed the shelves and register will not show. All you will see is foil balls. Without Ani’s mod, the shelves and register will not function.


Some benefits of this mod include:

* Being able to sell almost anything using the stands!
* Having the functionality of Ani’s savvier seller collection.
* Being able to restock sold items.
* The ability to have multiple shops on one lot, with different ‘owners’.








Unfortunately since this mod overrides the original stands it does conflict slightly with the Nraas Cupcake mod and the ‘Deliciously Indulgent Bakery – More Interactions’ mod by douglasveiga at MTS. For this reason I packaged each object mod individually, so you can decide which one you want to use. For example, you could just install the package that overrides the fridge shelves: this way you could still have the functionality of the other two mods (and the original bakery) on the rack. This has been thoroughly tested with both mods.

The purpose here is to give you greater flexibility and choice, to be able to choose the best option for your game and your play style. If you are unsure and have questions you would like to ask, please feel free to comment here or ask me directly on Twitter.

For a better idea of how this mod functions, please see the following youtube videos by Ani and Weealbet:

Ani’s bakery with the modded bakery shelves.

Ani’s butchers and grocery shop using her savvier seller mod (to give an idea of the things you can sell).

Ani’s savvier seller tutorial for people who are unfamiliar with the savvier seller mod (this tutorial shows an older version of the mod).

Weealbet’s Farron household who run a bakery using the modded shelves. (Note: the pies ‘jumping’ to the shelf when baked is part of douglasveiga’s mod. This will only happen with the unmodded shelves. To keep this functionality if you use this mod, simply only install the ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryCold’ and/or ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryRegister’ packages, and leave the ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryRack’ out.)

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the genius that is Ani! Her mods are amazing and I am so thankful she shared them with us all! She made it so I can play my game in the way I want to play it, and I’m so so so grateful to her! I loved Open for Business for The Sims 2 and was so disappointed we never got that expansion for TS3. I was thrilled with the content the store provided, but Ani’s mods take their functionality to the next level!

I can’t take any credit for this mod. All I did was make the objects point to her awesome code. *^.^*

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=