TS4 Download: Little Spooky Boxes

11-04-15_9-59-36 PM

I love the new storage boxes that came with the patch! But while playing about with the ‘treat’ box I thought, ‘This would be so cute as a small jewellery style box’. So I made the mesh a bit smaller and tagged it so that it can be placed on more surfaces. And it was indeed cute! So I did it to the ‘trick’ box too. 🙂

You’ll need the November 2015 patch which added the trick and treat items. However, they do not override the larger ones. They can still be used for storing collectables.

Download Here!

11-03-15_9-53-43 PM

11-04-15_10-31-41 PM

(Note: sorry my screenshots are a bit dark and fuzzy today. I need to update my graphics card but I’m super lazy.)

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