TS4 Download: More Cinema Stuff

01-19-16_10-19-44 PM

Since I’d decided to run my cinema as a retail store, selling popcorn and ‘tickets’, I wanted more things to sell as souvenirs and movie-themed collectables. I liked the idea of sims seeing a movie, and then buying a poster or a toy as a memento. So I turned the movie posters that came with the patch, and the ones that came with Movie Hangout into wall posters that can be bought/sold, and can also be dragged to and from a sims’ inventory. Then I got carried away and made cardboard advertisements for all the movies too. I’m really proud of how well these turned out! Finally, I recoloured the base game superhero toys, just to have more dolls to collect.

01-19-16_9-11-40 PM

01-19-16_9-12-53 PM

01-19-16_9-13-27 PM

01-19-16_9-14-09 PM

01-19-16_9-15-04 PM

If you’re running a cinema business it’s nice to have the extra stuff to advertise movies, and to sell. It’s possible to create little promotional displays for your blockbuster movies by using the Get to Work mannequins too (props to SimplyNando for the idea). And you can change out the displays to promote different movies to give your cinema a more interesting, life-like feel!

01-19-16_9-36-12 PM

01-19-16_10-19-52 PM

01-19-16_10-35-21 PM

(I recommend checking out SimplyNando for creative ideas if you haven’t already!)

Before you download…!

* The cardboard cutout is a retexture of the one from Srsly’s University Life Conversions set and that mesh is !!!REQUIRED!!! If you don’t want the whole set (why wouldn’t you?) and you only want the cutout, you can just install that one package out of the folder, it is called ‘[SrslySims] (S4) University Disposable Heroes Floor Cutout.package’.

* You’ll also need the latest game patch installed, and you’ll need the Movie Hangout stuff pack.

* I made the movie posters inventory-able and drag-able, unfortunately I couldn’t remove the ‘place in world’ interaction on them and using it causes lag and then the sim places the poster randomly in the middle of the room. >_< So… umm… don't do that. Instead use the cursor to 'grab' the poster and drag it from the sim's inventory and directly onto the wall. This allows you to place it nicely.

Download Here!

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TS4 Download: Bikinis and Vests as Accessories

01-14-16_10-29-21 AM

I LOVE the new long dress that came with Movie Hangout Stuff, but it is SO REVEALING!!! Now, I don’t mind a bit of skin, but I feel extremely low necklines are more suitable to evening and party wear than daywear. Since this dress is on the casual side, that super-low neckline really bothered me. While I was ranting on Twitter, my friend ElderJymm suggested I try layering with one of these accessory vests by melly11292. GREAT IDEA!!! But I wanted something with a straighter neckline so decided to make some of my own accessory vests. I also converted two bikini tops to accessories, because I thought of how people sometimes throw a dress or t-shirt on over a bikini when they’ve been to the pool or beach. I included all the original colours from these base game items, and also added a few of my own: mostly a few darker colours for the vests and some attempts at lacy options.

As these are base game conversions, no extra packs are required. And they do not overwrite the originals. You can find them under ‘socks’ so you can still layer up with leggings or tights. They work better with some outfits more than others, and there are some clipping issues, so you have to play around with them a bit to find good combinations, some work better than others. Also, when you are in the accessory tab, the tops clip with the censor bra, but the bra disappears when you go back into the outfit tab and choose something.

Feel free to edit these packages as you like, they are easily opened with Sims4Studio, if you want to delete or add more colour swatches. ^___^

Included are:
* Two base game vests converted to accessories.
* Two base game bikinis converted to accessories.

Download here!

Some screenshots:

01-13-16_9-03-59 PM

01-13-16_9-08-50 PM

01-13-16_9-06-04 PM

01-13-16_9-06-57 PM

01-14-16_9-40-19 AM

01-14-16_9-41-28 AM

01-14-16_9-41-53 AM

01-14-16_9-43-11 AM

01-14-16_9-45-12 AM

01-14-16_9-45-29 AM

01-14-16_9-45-56 AM

01-14-16_9-46-35 AM

TS4 Download: Cinema Stuff

01-09-16_11-59-56 PM

Ok… I confess. I got a bit overexcited about the Movie Hangout stuff pack that is being released later today and I converted some things and started making a crummy-looking cinema (I quite like that it is crummy looking, my poor sim bought it cheap before it could be demolished and he’s trying to restore it to its former glory! If you’d like a more glamorous establishment you can find some gallery suggestions on my previous post.)

I converted the following items from the Le Cinema Plumbob set from the TS3 store:

* 4 Cult Classic Movie Posters
* The Old Grand Theater Marquee (the big sign out-front)
* The Drinks at the Theater bar
* The Intermission Stool (bar stool)
* Tickets

Download here!

(I didn’t feel the need to convert any other items as there is similar content available already, like the curtains and the lovely cinema seats from Around the Sims 4. I would have liked to convert the doors but I still find doors a bit tricky.)

01-10-16_10-37-06 PM

I would love something with the functionality of the ticket machine, but for now I just converted the tickets and made them inventory-able, so you can sell them with the retail system of Get to Work. I had my sim buy the cinema and set up the tickets and some popcorn to sell (decorative from Around the Sims). Then when customers purchased a ticket I invited them to join his movie club. The retail lot pushes sims to buy the tickets, but when they join the group, the club actions are prioritised an they go and watch the movie.

At the moment they are just watching a big telly, but when I get the stuff pack I’ll change the club to make them watch movies instead. I’ll also start to sell real popcorn! \o/

I can also switch households and send my sims to the cinema. I can have them buy a ticket and popcorn, and then watch the movie as a group! \o/

Here are some random screenshots of Whatshisface running his cinema:

01-10-16_12-00-10 AM

01-10-16_12-07-03 AM

01-10-16_12-08-25 AM

01-10-16_12-09-32 AM

01-10-16_12-09-12 AM

01-10-16_12-11-07 AM

01-10-16_10-51-39 PM

01-10-16_12-18-02 AM

01-10-16_10-44-29 PM

News: The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff – Announcement and Trailer

Yes, that’s right! Finally they have announced the next Sims pack! (Seriously, who decided to allow the gurus to have Christmas off? They should work all the time and make all the things! #TeamAllTheThings) I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t announce the next game pack because I really loved the last two and it feels like a very long time since we got Spa Day. But stuff packs are good too! I’m glad we get gameplay content with them rather than just piles and piles of pretty stuff that is just new versions of the stuff we already have.

The next pack is titles ‘Movie Hangout Stuff’ and here’s the trailer:


So we have Mexican looking items, with hippy style clothes and hair, a giant telly that plays movies and… popcorn.


But… take my hand and come with me on a journey…

At first this pack confused the potatoes out of me! Why do those hippies have a giant telly in their garden? Are hippies rich these days? Then why do they have all that arty farty furniture and uncut hair? Did they spend all their money on the telly? WUT!?

Ok, so the pack seems like a bit of a mish-mash. I’d honestly have preferred a normal looking movie screen and cinema build-buy content. Maybe some vintage art deco build/buy or 50’s themed drive-thru content. I feel like it would have made more sense, been more easily accepted, and been more appealing. I would have made the popcorn machine in a vintage style like the one from the TS3 store or as Mathoo suggested, from TS1.

When we get new content, I try to ignore my knee-jerk reaction (whether positive or negative) and have a good think about what we are actually getting. I ask myself what I can do with it, and how much use I’ll get out of it.

Now, my sims rarely watch T.V, so I’m never ever going to give them a ridiculously large contraption to put in their garden. It’s just unrealistic and silly. Who even does that? THE WORLD IS FLOODING PEOPLE, ELECTRONICS IN THE GARDEN IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! However, I do really need more community lots for my sims to visit, especially places suitable for teens (all my main sims are currently teenagers). And I love the idea of sending them to the cinema. Now, Graham said that you can watch the new movies on normal tellies as well. So we can upsize a plainer looking telly to act as our movie screen. There are plenty of gorgeous looking cinemas already available on the gallery (see below) so as soon as we get the pack, we can grab one and send our sims to the movies!

Apparently there are lots of nice new interactions based around watching the movie with other sims, and sims are supposed to sit through the entire thing without wandering off halfway through. I’m guessing if we take advantage of the Get Together group system we can make this work even more efficiently.

Also, what cinema would be complete without popcorn! Now it would be a bit odd to have sims wander up and use the appliance themselves, but I’m thinking… If we have Get To Work and set the lot as a retail lot, we could pre-place the bowls from debug for sale in the lobby. Then, when we switch to our own sims and send them there with their club to watch a movie, they can also grab their popcorn on the way in! I was able to set ice-cream for sale on a community lot so I’m guessing this will work too.

So… yeah… I like the gameplay items. I don’t like the style of the telly too much (maybe it’ll look cool on a Showtime style stage) but the actual functionality of watching a whole movie sounds interesting. I’d like to get a list of the interactions. And wheee… popcorn! Why not? I guess I kind of like the idea of sims having a cosy night in watching movies and eating popcorn on the sofa too, just… with a normal sized telly.

Hang on a minute… Spooky Stuff + watching movies with popcorn? I see what you’re doing here Nardone! 😛

As for the CAS options? Yeah… they’re pretty nice actually. I have a lot of hippy/boho sims and it’s a clothing style I use a lot in-game so… yeah. And can we all just take a moment to admire this sim’s hair… yep. Even he’s impressed by his own glorious mane.


These clothes will be perfect for sims in an art club, or in a band!

The furniture is my sort of thing too. I like shabby chic, rustic, and arts and crafts styles, so I can definitely use some of this! I like how the doors are painted and they’ll be nice for traditional Romani style wagons. It also has a Mexican feel. They’ve been quite clever with the colour options actually!



And how nice are those hanging lights on the tree? I hope they are separate individual lamps and not actually attached to the tree. But if they are I’m sure some clever cc artist will separate them.


Hey, who smeared Vaseline on the lens? Do I spy an almost Medieval style dress in the background there? *squints*

Anyhoo… while I think the theme is a bit confused, and think ENOUGH OF THE HIGH-END OVERSIZED ITEMS ALREADY!!! In general I quite like the content. Will I be buying it straight away? I’m still not sure, I guess I’d like more details on the functionality of the items and a list of the CAS and BB items before I make a decision. But it’s cute pack and I’ll definitely be making use of the content at some point. ^__^

Community Content:

So… if you’re buying Movie Hangout Stuff and you want a pre-made cinema, here are some you might like:

* ‘MOVIE CINEMA !! no cc’ by Zita1966


* ‘ArtDeco Roxy Cinema’ by stescouse


* ‘Movie Night Cinema & Bar’ by Dennis16041


* ‘Cinema Art Deco’ by CSMatt


(Image by Budgie.)

* ‘The Angry Bear Drive-in’ by SimDoughnut


If you use CC and want to grab some 50’s inspired content, I recommend the diner set by Sandy at Around the Sims 4. I’ve used content from her site since TS1 and can’t recommend the site highly enough! She also has a decorative popcorn machine in a really nice style, so I’m hoping she updates this to be functional when the new pack comes out. It would really suit a cinema venue. Sandy also has a movie theatre set with cinema style seating and decorative popcorn. And if you like the Mexican theme, Sandy has a beautiful restaurant set which will compliment the new content. Thanks Sandy! o/





Oh My Sims 4 has some great Simspiration screenshots to inspire us! Marion has been working on a cinema and always has some interesting ideas and useful cc, so it’s a site to keep your eyes on!

Finally, tumblr_nxaxznEbb21usne4do1_1280

Have fun and happy simming!

TS4 Download: Classical Inspired Clothing

01-06-16_9-26-46 PM

I’ve been watching simmers playing the History Challenge with interest and was randomly inspired to make some sims from Greek mythology. But… I had very few clothes to choose from! I decided to make a couple of recolours of the Spooky Stuff male ‘Sparta’ outfit and a few toga-like dresses only… yeah… I got a bit carried away again and made more than planned. XD

As well as white with gold/bronze details for Ancient Greece, I included brighter colours for the Romans. Some of the dresses will be more suitable for modern prom or bridesmaid dresses, but I included them anyway. The dresses are base game, but the male outfit requires Spooky Stuff to be installed.

Download Here!

Examples of Greek Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-56 PM

01-06-16_9-26-04 PM

01-06-16_9-29-25 PM

01-06-16_9-29-32 PM

Examples of Roman Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-59 PM

01-06-16_9-26-09 PM

01-06-16_9-29-29 PM

01-06-16_9-29-45 PM

01-06-16_9-29-41 PM

01-06-16_9-26-07 PM

Examples of Plain/Modern Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-32 PM

01-06-16_9-25-38 PM

01-06-16_9-25-43 PM

01-06-16_9-26-16 PM

01-06-16_9-29-17 PM

01-06-16_9-29-20 PM

01-06-16_9-29-43 PM

Examples of Male Recolours:

01-06-16_9-31-57 PM

01-06-16_9-32-01 PM

01-06-16_9-32-15 PM

01-06-16_9-32-08 PM

01-06-16_9-32-06 PM

TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Polish and Politics’ Part 2

08-29-15_9-26 PM

While Antony was busy schmoozing his way to the top of the politics career (at least that’s what he thought he was doing) his ambitious wife Astor was pulling the strings in the background. The day began with an inspirational speech about the importance of appearances, and how it was no good getting the best marks in school if you didn’t brag about it too. Anastasia smiled and agreed with her mother, but sighed as Astor left the kitchen. She was so tired and stressed from juggling all her coursework already, but was also being pushed to join the debate team, AND to write an article for the school newspaper. She was good at multitasking, and was ambitious enough to want to succeed, but the additional pressures being heaped upon her were pushing her to breaking point.

Uncharacteristically, Astor noticed her daughter’s sighs and gave her an encouraging hug. She’d been there herself once and knew what it was like to be pushed to succeed. ‘You can do it, darling,’ she whispered, ‘You might not think you can, but I KNOW you can.’

09-23-15_8-59 PM

09-23-15_9-00 PM

09-23-15_9-01 PM

09-23-15_9-07 PM

After the girls had left for school, Astor sneaked out of the house without encountering her mother-in-law. Se wanted to enjoy a relaxing visit at the spa, and didn’t need Felicity dragging her to brunch with her dusty old friends, or be forced to sell jam or badly knitted baby clothes at a church fundraiser. Felicity could network in her own way, Astor had other ideas! She had already joined the most exclusive spa in the area and was planning on making some ‘high quality’ connections of her own! And why shouldn’t she enjoy herself while she was at it?!

08-29-15_9-25 PM-2

08-29-15_9-27 PM

Astor walked in like she owned the place and acted like she knew what she was doing by following another customer around. She quickly realised the customer was Nancy Landgraab, the famous business woman and art dealer! She was just the sort of ‘high quality’ person Astor needed to befriend! But despite her best efforts to engage in conversation, Nancy was oblivious to Astor’s presence.

(Astor actually did follow Nancy around autonomously! I love it when my sims behave in the way I imagine they would!)

09-23-15_10-09 PM

09-23-15_10-10 PM

Despite being unable to make any decent connections, Astor had a wonderful day at the spa! She had a massage, and a drink, and a manicure, and another drink, and a drink in the Jacuzzi. She was feeling wonderfully relaxed when she remembered how hard Anastasia had been working at school! Astor had never been academic, being pushed more towards the creative arts, and she was silently impressed by her eldest daughter’s book-smarts. And although her youngest daughter was hopeless at achieving anything, Claudia shared mother’s mischievous streak that Astor secretly admired. She decided to treat both her daughters to spa membership and called them round to join her after school!

09-23-15_10-12 PM-2

09-23-15_10-12 PM

09-23-15_10-18 PM

09-23-15_10-20 PM

09-23-15_10-20 PM-2

09-23-15_10-19 PM

09-23-15_10-22 PM

09-23-15_10-23 PM

09-23-15_10-24 PM

The girls arrived and decided to do a yoga class. Anastasia got a bit stinky… but we won’t mention that again. And Claudia characteristically had to be difficult and did the whole class facing the wrong direction while wearing her sunglasses. ^__^

Nancy was taking part in the class and when she recognised Claudia from the art gallery, she gave her the ‘call me’ sign.

09-23-15_10-25 PM

09-23-15_10-27 PM

09-23-15_10-27 PM-2

09-23-15_10-28 PM-2

09-23-15_10-29 PM

09-23-15_10-31 PM

As it grew dark, the family wandered home… in their towels.

Aaah… #SimLogic

09-23-15_10-41 PM

09-23-15_10-42 PM

09-23-15_10-43 PM

TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Polish and Politics’ Part 1

09-15-15_10-33 PM

(Apologies for the delay between blog posts. Pre-Christmas life has been a bit crazy, and while I’ve had the time to play, I’ve been so tired by the end of the day that I’ve not had the concentration to write up blog posts. Now I have a huge backlog of screenshots to dig through and make sense out of! Oops!)

Read the previous post here!

The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Polish and Politics’ Part 1

It was Antony’s first day in his new position at the Town Hall. He got out of bed feeling confident, he’d held a senior position in his previous constituency (thanks to his mother’s connections) and was looking forward to meeting his new team of underlings.

09-23-15_9-04 PM

Unfortunately, when Antony arrived at the Town Hall he discovered he had more of a secretarial position than he had been led to believe. For a man raised to think of himself as a ‘winner’ this would not do!

‘Walk like a boss. Talk like a boss. Think like a boss.’ Antony repeated the mantra to himself as he strutted through the office wearing his perfectly tailored suit with pride.

09-23-15_9-14 PM-2

09-23-15_9-15 PM

09-23-15_9-16 PM

Antony was pleased to find his office was annexed onto the mayor’s, and not out in the cubicles with all the plebs (his thoughts, not mine). He swivelled on his comfortable chair feeling a little more satisfied. One day he would be sat at the mayor’s desk. Soon.

09-15-15_10-43 PM

09-23-15_9-17 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-3

Soon tired of all the humdrum data entry checks, Antony decided to grab a coffee from the tiny inadequate office kitchen. When he was mayor he’d furnish the office with a real café, he vowed. (Make use of the new Get Together content, I thought. ;-P )

09-23-15_9-28 PM

09-24-15_10-25-50 PM

(Can I just take this opportunity to note how much I love the TS4 walk-styles. This one suits Antony so much!)

Antony found an office minion and decided to assert his dominance, to show his fellow colleagues that he was a man who was going places!

‘Good day, chum. This office could do with a sprucing up, couldn’t it?’ Antony schmoozed his future underling with some well chosen small-talk before announcing, ‘Heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go!’ and wandering back to his office feeling pleased with himself.

09-24-15_10-23-29 PM

09-24-15_10-26-22 PM

09-24-15_10-26-55 PM

09-24-15_10-27-35 PM

09-24-15_10-27-11 PM

It wasn’t long before Antony was on the move again, he just wasn’t a desk-job kind of guy! He was a go-getter, a jet-setter, the kind of politician who gets out there amongst the people! He decided to practice his speech-making in the hall. Fortunately, nobody was around to hear his speech as the man was no Shakespeare. I guess Antony needs to work on his writing and charisma skills!

09-23-15_9-34 PM

09-23-15_9-33 PM

09-23-15_9-34 PM-2

‘Polish and Politics’ Part 2 – coming soon!