The Khan Family – Seeds of Change

05-01-16_9-57-08 PM

This is just a little round-up blog of a few odds and ends from my week with the Khan family.

Jasminder’s garden is coming along quite well! She went out one night to explore the neighbourhood and found a pretty little park area. She made a wish at the fountain! I love that they added this interaction to all fountains with Romantic Garden Stuff.

Then she found a little community garden area and picked up a few more harvestables she didn’t yet have. One of the trees was a growfruit tree, which I was pretty excited about as I didn’t expect to find any wild ones in this old save! But it must have spawned in an area I hadn’t explored in this save yet.

Back at home, Jasminder has improved the quality of some of her plants already and her salads finally look a bit nicer and people have stopped making gagging sounds when they eat it! She’s happy she has better quality produce now.

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05-21-16_9-38-42 PM

Amar had been working hard at school all week. He’s really engaged with his IT class and has been practising his programming skills quite a lot. So at the weekend I decided he needed to relax a bit! He loves movies and superhero comics, so I figured he’d enjoy going to the cinema. I was hoping he’d run into someone from school, so I could try and have him make a friend, but sadly nobody his own age showed up. He had fun playing on the arcade machine, and he grabbed a superhero action figure for his collection.

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And that’s it from the Khan family for this rotation, although I might set up Sanjeev and Kamini’s restaurant when Dine Out is released.


The Khan Family – Bad Case

05-01-16_8-43-02 PM

Well, here we go again, thought Mahinder as he stretched outside the hospital. He now had a couple of shifts under his belt and things were looking up! Thankfully, the useless nurse had been suspended after the altercation earlier in the week, and Mahinder was beginning to find his feet at the hospital. He now had a pretty good system for checking patients in and having them seen quickly, and his admission to check-out times were now on target.

He strolled into the reception in a cheerful mood. He was pleased to find a new nurse had joined the team! At least this one seemed better than the last.

05-21-16_9-17-47 PM

05-21-16_9-20-21 PM

Feeling positive, he went to check on one of his patients, a smart little girl called Lena Clausen. Thankfully she seemed to be feeling a lot better, and her illness had been diagnosed as nothing serious, so he could provide her with medication and have her checked out that morning! The supervising doctor, who Mahinder had now learned was called Samuel, dropped by to hand over some lab results. He said he was impressed by Mahinder’s dedication, and said that since he had such a friendly manner with children that he wanted him to be in charge of paediatrics!

05-01-16_8-47-27 PM

05-01-16_8-48-05 PM

05-21-16_9-31-08 PM

05-21-16_9-32-02 PM

Mahinder was really pleased about this! The ER was so busy, he simply couldn’t tend to every single patient, so it was nice to know he could officially focus on helping the children. As he got on with his day, he always tried to be cheerful and positive for the sake of the youngest ones. He’d tell a quick joke or a funny story as he was checking them in. There was one little girl that he felt very concerned about, she’d arrived at the hospital on her own and was far too serious and quiet for a girl of her age. Mahinder was worried there was something seriously wrong, but thankfully the tests showed she was just suffering from a straightforward viral infection. He gave her some medicine, but couldn’t help worrying about her as she left. She was picked up by a chauffeur her family had sent and he wondered why they hadn’t picked her up in person.

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05-01-16_9-29-42 PM

His work day ended, and Mahinder was pleased that all the children had been seen, diagnosed, and treated. He was feeling much more positive about his new situation.

When he got home his whole family was in the kitchen, and they were all very loud! Sanjeev had invited himself round on the pretext of helping Jasminder with her homework [I swear, these two have the sweetest relationship!].

05-01-16_9-41-02 PM

05-01-16_9-40-03 PM

As much as he enjoyed being around his noisy family, Mahinder was relieved when everyone wandered off in their own separate directions and he could relax a little in front of the TV. Just as he started to unwind, there was a knock at the door.

Sighing, Mahinder got up to find it was the little girl from the hospital!

‘I’m sorry to bother you, Doctor Khan,’ the child said politely, ‘Only, there is nobody at home and I’m starting to feel a bit hot again.’

Mahinder was shocked and concerned but he arranged his features in a friendly fashion so as not to worry the poor thing. He quickly sent a text to the hospital asking them to look at the records and contact her parents. Then he checked her temperature with his hand.

‘Your temperature is fine,’ he reassured her calmly, ‘now, why don’t I read to you until your parents arrive to collect you?’

They arranged themselves on the front step, and Mahinder entertained the girl for a while. She was so sweet and trusting, and he felt very concerned about her situation. The hospital texted him back to explain there had been some kind of family emergency and that the girls’ uncle would come and pick her up as soon as he could.

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05-01-16_9-45-31 PM

05-01-16_9-45-47 PM

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Mahinder sighed and thought he should probably get her indoors out of the cold night air. He continued to read to her, entertaining her by acting out the parts in an over-dramatic fashion. She seemed to enjoy his company and he was pleased to see she seemed to be getting over the virus. Finally there was the honk of a horn outside, and the girl rushed to the window to see her uncle was waiting in the car. Mahinder eyed the shiny red sports car disapprovingly as the shifty-looking character behind the wheel revved his engine impatiently.

Suddenly he felt like he had to say something to this small child who seemed more grown-up than she should be.

‘If you ever need a friend, or a place to stay, you are always welcome here,’ he said frankly.

The girl seemed delighted by this and hugged him warmly. She reminded him so much of his own daughter in that moment, when she’d been a smart little girl, wiser than her years, but still needing her daddy to hug her. He watched her run over to the sports car happily, and watched as the man behind the wheel lit up a cigarette before driving away too fast.

Mahinder had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach that told him he’d done the wrong thing. But also, conversely, that he’d done exactly the right thing too.

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The Khan Family – Chemical Anxiety

05-01-16_7-44-55 PM

When Asha woke up the next morning her stomach was in knots! She had always been an anxious person, but recent events were pushing her to breaking point! The big move; the new house; her kids starting a new school; her new job… all these things were giving her more things to worry about than usual.

Arranging her face into what she hoped was a bright smile, she got up to search for breakfast. Her children were discussing schoolwork in the dining room, she gave them a cheerful wave and hid her face behind the fridge door. They were doing so well and she didn’t want to make them worry about her. She couldn’t face eating anything, so she grabbed a glass of orange juice and sipped it carefully. Mahinder joined her for breakfast and was caught up in telling her about all the changes he wanted to make at the hospital, he didn’t seem to notice her nervousness.

05-01-16_8-01-54 PM

Asha was almost happy to escape the house for work! It was too stressful trying to hide her nerves from her family. She arrived at the science facility and instantly felt sick with fear again. The complex was large and sprawling, with funny little corridors that were badly signposted. She kept getting lost or finding herself in the wrong rooms! One day she’d walked in on an experiment and all the other scientists had turned to glare at her…

It wasn’t that they weren’t friendly to her. They just seemed so busy and caught up in whatever they were working on. People were always using the equipment she needed, and she had to wait around awkwardly for them to finish. Or she would need something and have to search for it or, even worse, ask someone to help. She worried about seeming unprofessional, which she wasn’t! She had a first class degree and had plenty of experience. But starting in a new, unfamiliar workplace and not knowing anyone there was intimidating!

04-30-16_11-59-49 PM

Asha made her way into the facility and checked in at the reception. The man behind the desk wasn’t the usual receptionist so she introduced herself awkwardly.

‘Ah, so you’re Dr Khan?’ the man laughed, his eyes crinkling warmly as he smiled, ‘I’d presumed you were a man, how silly of me!’

Asha smiled awkwardly, thinking he seemed nice but irritated that he’d expected her to be male.

‘Allow me to introduce myself,’ the man continued in a friendly manner, ‘I’m Professor Spencer, I’m in charge of the research department.’

Realization suddenly struck Asha and her mouth gaped as she scrambled for words. This was the person who’d hired her! Their correspondence had been entirely by email so they’d never actually spoken, and since she’d always signed everything as ‘Dr Khan’ she’d never given him any indication of her gender! She felt the heat rising in her cheeks.

Professor Spencer was quick to notice her distress and gave her a sympathetic smile, ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t available to introduce myself earlier in the week. I haven’t been here long myself and there have been a lot of issues to address. When I first arrived two chemists were using the facilities to dye their own eyebrows pink and green! You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve had to deal with! So, I’m very pleased to finally have a professional pharmacist on the team.’

Asha finally found her voice, ‘They were dying their eyebrows?’

‘Indeed,’ Professor Spencer chuckled, ‘you can’t imagine what my first day was like! I had to start disciplinary proceedings on my first day, which didn’t put me in a favourable position with the rest of the team.’

[Note: When I played the Spencer household, Harold really did find two of his co-workers had pink and green eyebrows! There was also a lady who enjoyed jumping in trash piles. So he really is trying to sort the place out!]

05-01-16_12-00-58 AM

05-01-16_12-01-53 AM

05-01-16_12-01-24 AM

Unfortunately, their conversation was interrupted by the real receptionist (Harold was just covering the desk). Asha had taken a dislike to him, he’d been very rude and unhelpful to her, and she always felt a little uncomfortable around him. She quickly excused herself and hurried to the research lab.

05-01-16_12-03-14 AM

05-01-16_12-04-03 AM

05-01-16_12-04-15 AM

05-01-16_12-04-19 AM

She checked on her work for the day ahead. Oh no! She needed to collect some samples from one of the biologists. Was there any way around it? Maybe she could send the request in an email? No… she needed them urgently for an experiment, she’d have to ask in person. She approached the other scientist nervously. She looked so busy! What if she was annoyed that Asha had interrupted her? It took her almost a full minute before she got the woman’s attention.

Fortunately, she wasn’t annoyed and actually seemed quite friendly! She introduced herself as Diana Banks [note: another one of my sims, I have a lot of scientists!] and quickly found the samples that Asha needed. Thankfully, Asha scurried back to her workstation.

05-01-16_12-11-16 AM

05-01-16_12-12-47 AM

05-01-16_12-12-55 AM

05-01-16_12-08-05 AM

05-01-16_12-07-08 AM

05-01-16_12-17-48 AM

Asha missed her old lab, where everything was organised properly and she could work quietly and independently without having to rely on other people. Oh well, she had the samples she needed now and could just get on with her work.

Just then she felt a presence behind her. She tried to ignore them, they were probably just picking something up from the lab. But they didn’t go away and she realised they were watching over her shoulder. Feeling uncomfortable her hand slipped and she broke a test tube, ruining her experiment!

‘Whoops, clumsy!’ The receptionist guy laughed and shook his head, walking away chuckling.

It wasn’t funny! There was glass inside the machine and all her samples were spoiled! She would have to take the machine apart to clean it, and collect and categorise all the samples again! Stupid man! What had he been lurking around like that behind her for anyway?

05-01-16_12-05-15 AM

05-01-16_12-05-47 AM

05-01-16_12-04-46 AM

Professor Spencer was concerned. Dr Khan seemed to be having a lot of difficulty settling in. He wondered how he could make things easier for her. He was worried she might quit, and he really needed someone with her skills and experience on the team. He recommended she move over to the chemical lab while he got someone to clean up the mess.

05-01-16_8-26-25 PM

05-01-16_8-14-48 PM

When Asha got home that evening she was exhausted! But her family rushed out to meet her when she stepped off the rail-car. She smiled as Amar and Jasminder joked about something that had happened in school that day, and her son gave her a huge hug. They asked about her day and she told them how she’d broken a test tube and made a mess, but she made it sound funny and didn’t let them see how upset she’d been about it. She told them she’d finally met her boss, and that he seemed nice. Then Mahinder kissed her and told her how proud he was.

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The Khan Family – Bad Medicine

04-30-16_10-29-57 PM

Amar was the first to get up the next morning. He sprung out of bed excited to discover the opportunities at his new school. He posted a selfie for the benefit of his friends back home (they’d be so jelly) and leapt into a workout routine to get himself looking good for his first day!

Then he made his way to the kitchen and helped himself to some of the salad his sister had made. YUCK!!! What on earth was wrong with those vegetables?!

04-30-16_10-30-27 PM

04-30-16_10-31-28 PM

04-30-16_10-33-12 PM

04-30-16_10-30-56 PM

04-30-16_10-36-10 PM

04-30-16_10-36-46 PM

Asha woke up feeling horribly anxious. She suddenly realised how far away she was from her home, her friends, and her parents, and was suddenly overwhelmed by the impact of their move. She had a little cry in the bathroom, before putting on a brave face for her family. It was Mahinder’s first day at work and she didn’t want to worry him.

04-30-16_10-39-10 PM

04-30-16_10-40-16 PM

04-30-16_10-40-47 PM

04-30-16_10-37-30 PM

When Mahinder arrived at work, he wasn’t impressed. The hospital was much smaller than he’d been led to believe. He’d been used to working in a large, busy hospital where he was in charge of a team, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a downgrade, despite the fact he was being paid more.

He ventured into the hospital and eyed a questionable-looking nurse worriedly. The unhelpful receptionist didn’t seem to be expecting him, and pointed him in the direction of the staffroom with obvious disinterest. It was deserted. Mahinder helped himself to a coffee… and then another one… wondering what he’d got himself into.

04-30-16_10-42-31 PM

04-30-16_10-42-43 PM

04-30-16_10-47-27 PM

04-30-16_10-47-42 PM

04-30-16_10-49-06 PM

04-30-16_10-49-40 PM

04-30-16_10-49-55 PM

After what seemed like hours, Mahinder decided nobody was coming to give him his induction and he’d have to venture out by himself. He wandered round the corridors until he found an experienced looking doctor running some lab tests. He introduced himself and asked what he was supposed to be doing. The doctor was quite brusque and just told him to get on with treating patients. Ok then…

04-30-16_10-50-47 PM

04-30-16_10-51-19 PM

04-30-16_10-51-48 PM

04-30-16_10-53-11 PM

Mahinder went back to the reception where he found two young boys waiting to be admitted.

‘Why haven’t these children been checked over yet?’ Mahinder demanded of the blasé receptionist.

‘I can’t admit them unless there is a doctor available,’ she replied in a well practiced drone.

‘Well, I’m here, so admit them.’ Mahinder insisted, greeting the boys and finding them beds. He checked them over and made sure they had something to eat.

‘Don’t worry. I’m here to look after you,’ he reassured them.

04-30-16_10-53-32 PM

04-30-16_10-54-01 PM

04-30-16_10-54-18 PM

04-30-16_10-54-30 PM

04-30-16_10-54-51 PM

04-30-16_10-55-25 PM

04-30-16_10-55-55 PM

04-30-16_10-56-29 PM

04-30-16_10-57-11 PM

Mahinder felt like he was finally making a difference! Between washing his hands and making up beds, he received a text from his mother which made him smile. He checked in on a few more patients and filed all their notes onto the system. His mood was much better until he realised the nurse he’d seen earlier that morning had been with the same patient for the entire time! No wonder it felt like the ER was getting busier and busier, and that nobody was being checked out!

‘Hey,’ he called over, ‘I could do with a hand, the ER is getting busy now.’

‘Yeah, yeah, sure dude,’ the nurse replied with frustrating disinterest.

04-30-16_10-58-06 PM

mom called

04-30-16_11-01-11 PM

04-30-16_11-01-19 PM

04-30-16_11-00-21 PM

04-30-16_11-03-39 PM

04-30-16_11-01-51 PM

Mahinder wrote up some more patient notes, the lab doctor seemed to sense he was feeling under pressure and offered to run some tests for him. Mahinder gladly passed over the files and went back to the reception. More and more patients flooded through the doors and Mahinder made sure the children and teens were admitted as a priority. Finally the lab tests were returned and Mahinder started treating tpeople and getting them checked-out, freeing up beds for more patients. Luckily, nobody was seriously ill.

He’d been rushing about all day, and even stayed late until all the test results were returned for the children he’d admitted earlier. He hadn’t wanted the young ones to stay in the hospital longer than was absolutely necessary. When he saw the lazy nurse was talking to the same patient again he finally snapped.

‘You might as well go home,’ he said irritably, ‘I’ll take this patient now.’

It didn’t take Mahinder long to check the patient’s notes, medicate him, and send him on his way. What had taken the nurse so long?

04-30-16_11-06-24 PM

04-30-16_11-06-56 PM

04-30-16_11-09-04 PM

04-30-16_11-09-40 PM

04-30-16_11-10-20 PM

04-30-16_11-10-44 PM

04-30-16_11-11-59 PM

04-30-16_11-12-48 PM

04-30-16_11-13-29 PM

04-30-16_11-14-15 PM

04-30-16_11-15-39 PM

04-30-16_11-16-06 PM

The lazy nurse had really annoyed Mahinder, how could he be that irresponsible when there were so many sick children who needed to be treated? Mahinder went to complain to the lab doctor. He was in the middle of his rant when the nurse walked in! Unbelievably, the nurse launched into an attack on Mahinder! Saying he was trying to undermine him and had been rude, and that he was difficult to work with! He even started poking his finger at him. Mahinder was furious! The lab doctor looked startled and told Mahinder he could leave for the day while he spoke to the nurse. Mahinder left feeling enraged and frustrated.

(Note: all the stuff with the nurse happened autonomously! He really was with the same patient the entire time, and when Mahinder took over to discharge him, he really did follow him to shout at him! Mahinder was shocked!)

04-30-16_11-16-57 PM

04-30-16_11-17-30 PM

04-30-16_11-18-02 PM

04-30-16_11-18-23 PM

04-30-16_11-19-47 PM

04-30-16_11-23-28 PM

When Mahinder arrived back at home, his wife was still at work. He found his children in the dining room doing their homework and Jasminder had made dinner! He was so proud of them both. They seemed to be enjoying school and chatted quite happily about the interesting lessons and funny classmates. Mahinder was relieved that they had had a good first day. When they asked how his day was he admitted it had been busy and that he was tired, but he didn’t want to worry them by mentioning the bigger problems.

After dinner Mahinder spent some time relaxing and playing chess with Amar. Jasminder started a small vegetable garden to try and grow some better quality salad!

When Asha finally arrived back home from the lab, she spent some time talking to her husband about his day. Mahinder finally let off steam and told her how disorganized the hospital was, how useless the receptionist was, and about the horrible confrontation with the nurse.

‘I didn’t even have an induction,’ he complained, ‘they just told me to start working. I’m not even sure I’m legally registered to work there!’

‘Well, thank goodness you are there!’ Asha exclaimed, ‘It sounds like they really need you!’

When Mahinder asked about her day she smiled tightly.

‘Yes… yes.. it was good,’ she lied, ‘Everything was fine!’ Her day had been terrible, but she didn’t want to heap her concerns on top of his.

‘Ah, good’ yawned Mahinder, ‘at least you and the children are happy. That’s the most important thing.’

He stretched and wandered off to get ready for bed.

‘Yes…’ said Asha with a fixed smile, ‘Yes, that’s right…’

04-30-16_11-26-11 PM

04-30-16_11-26-30 PM

04-30-16_11-29-27 PM

04-30-16_11-29-59 PM

04-30-16_11-36-06 PM

04-30-16_11-37-37 PM

04-30-16_11-38-07 PM

04-30-16_11-39-07 PM

04-30-16_11-40-32 PM

04-30-16_11-41-07 PM

The Khan Family – Generation Games

04-27-16_9-24-53 PM

I am SO excited to finally be playing this family in my rotation! The son, Amar, is such a great sim to play with and I have a lot of affection for him and his family. Amar joined my game in TS2 where one of my sims adopted him as a child. Do you know when you meet a game generated sim and get instantly attached? That’s what happened with Amar! In TS2 he worked hard and got great grades in school, going on to graduate from uni with top marks! He then got involved with one of my other main sims (I won’t tell you who just yet) and so he became one of my core sims permanently. ❤

In TS3 he was no longer an orphan in need of adoption, he was given his own family. The Khan family became one of my favourite families to play… they are just so lovely! And I'm so pleased with how they turned out in TS4 that I'm more attached than ever! They are available on the gallery for anyone who wants them, but they do use quite a lot of my custom content including my hippy maxi skirts, my accessory vests, and my plain Romantic Garden t-shirt. I'm sorry for that, hopefully I'll remember to upload a cc-free version soon.

04-29-16_9-38-47 PM

Amar looked up at his new home uncertainly, it looked kind-of old-fashioned compared to the modern, air-conditioned villa he’d left behind. But he was excited to be in the new town, with all its new opportunities, and the Wi-Fi was fantastic! Well, he might as well go inside and try and find the best room before his sister did.

Jasminder was still on the curb, staring up at the imposing building in admiration. She loved its cute cornices and its pretty balconies. It was like a fairy-tale house!

Her father, Mahinder, saw her excited expression and smiled. He’d been worried about how his children would handle such a dramatic change, so he was pleased to see that Jasminder was happy.

‘What do you think?’ he asked gently.

‘It’s beautiful!’ Jasminder gasped.

‘Well, what are you standing around on the curb for?’ Mahinder laughed with a wink, ‘Go and explore! You know your brother will be coveting the best room… but my princess gets first choice.’

04-29-16_9-47-06 PM

As Jasminder disappeared into the house, Mahinder spotted his parents arriving. Kamini and Sanjeev have lived in Willow Creek for a long time and own a restaurant in Oasis Springs, their successful business enabled Mahinder to attend medical school. That morning, Sanjeev was grumbling: he was annoyed that his son had spent so much money on a big old house. Kamini was just excited to have her family so close to her! She couldn’t wait to start spoiling her grandchildren! Maybe she could help her daughter-in-law around the house, and teach her some of her family recipes.

04-30-16_9-52-58 PM

04-30-16_9-53-04 PM

‘Why did you go and spend all that money on an old house like this, Mahinder?’ Sanjeev chided as a greeting, ‘Don’t you know old houses like this always need work? You’ll spend all your money fixing the place up! You shouldn’t waste money like this. Didn’t I teach you anything?’

Kamini hugged her son eagerly, ‘Now, where are those beautiful grandchildren of mine? I have two years worth of kisses to cover them with!’ She hurried past them into the house.

‘Come on,’ Mahinder said to his father, ‘I’ll give you a tour.’

04-30-16_9-53-53 PM

‘So, this is the living room…’ Mahinder led the way into the house, ‘You can see the house has been well cared for.’

‘Ah, I always knew my son had good taste!’ Sanjeev exclaimed loudly, ‘Look at how well this house has been maintained! I knew I raised you well, you have my eye for quality.’

Mahinder laughed, ‘Yes, father, you taught me well. I told the agent I needed a luxury house for my family.’

‘I’ll admit, you had me worried,’ Sanjeev confessed, ‘I thought it was practically derelict like that Goth house across the road!’

04-30-16_9-54-22 PM

04-30-16_9-54-43 PM

04-30-16_9-55-25 PM

‘Oh, it’s beautiful!’ Kamini breathed as she entered the room, she’d already investigated every nook and cranny. ‘I asked Asha if she was going to come down and show me round her kitchen, but she said she had work to do. Why do you have your wife out working, Mahinder? You earn enough money, she should be at home taking care of you and the children.’

‘She works because she wants to, mother, I don’t make her,’ Mahinder bowed his head.

‘My son is smart, Kami!’ Sanjeev cried, ‘You think he’d choose just anyone as a wife? Asha is a smart, educated woman and she would be bored at home all day! She needs to get out there and use that big brain of hers!’

‘If she wants to work, why doesn’t she come and help me at the restaurant? I could teach her how to cook real food.’ Kamini suggested eagerly.

‘We’ve talked about this before Kami! Asha is a trained scientist.’

‘Pharmacist.’ Mahinder interjected.

(They argue like this all the time. Asha didn’t really have work to do, she just wanted to stay out of the way of her mother-in-law, she was actually playing blick-block.)

04-30-16_9-55-40 PM

04-30-16_9-56-10 PM

04-30-16_9-58-18 PM

Sanjeev left the conversation to go and hunt out some food.

(I find him really funny, because he always makes a bee-line for the kitchen. When I originally loaded up this family, I had the game running for about 10 seconds and found Sanjeev in the kitchen eating a plate of cheese and olives. Typical Granddad! XD )

Jasminder was doing her prep-work for her new school, when she saw her granddad rooting around in the fridge she jumped up eagerly, ‘Sit down Granddad! I’ll make you something to eat!’

‘Ah, I’ve missed you Jazz,’ he said hugging her warmly, ‘I’m so happy you are here!’

‘I’m happy to be here too, I’ve missed you and grandma so much!’

Jasminder busied herself in the kitchen. They’d ordered in some produce but it wasn’t very good quality. She did the best she could with it. Urgh, she would need to try and get some better quality ingredients soon!

04-30-16_9-59-29 PM

04-30-16_9-59-46 PM

04-30-16_10-00-51 PM

04-30-16_10-02-51 PM

04-30-16_10-03-16 PM

After Sanjeev and Kamini left, Asha sat down with her father who was watching a sci-fi movie (now she knew where her brother got that interest from!). They chatted for a while about their hopes for school and work before Mahinder started to look a bit uncomfortable, like he had something to say. Jasminder waited patiently.

‘You know…’ Mahinder began awkwardly, ‘…the boys here, they’re not like the boys back home. They might be a bit… friendlier, more… outspoken.’

Oh no, Jasminder thought, he’s not giving me ‘the talk’ is he? She wanted to run away and hide!

He was! Cringe!!!

‘Don’t worry,’ Jasminder reassured him before he said too much, ‘I’m sure it will be fine. I’ll stick with the girls. And Amar will be there too, if I need him.’

‘Well…’ Mahinder said slowly, ‘…the girls might be a bit more… a bit less… modest than your old friends.’

Little did he know! Asha thought. Out loud she said, ‘Don’t you trust me Daddy? Look, you and Mummy are smart. You think I’m not smart too? I’ll be fine.’

Suitably chided, Mahinder nodded and patted his daughter awkwardly on the shoulder. It was getting late and, both suitably embarrassed by the conversation, they made their way to bed. Jasminder smiled at her father’s concern, he was hopeless, but it was nice to know he cared about her.

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Exhausted from travel and an exciting day, Jasminder was happy to go to bed. Mahinder found his wife had already fallen asleep. He looked at her affectionately, then snuggled in beside her. He hoped he had made the right decision bringing his family here.

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If you like this beautiful Victorian house (and why wouldn’t you? It’s amazing!) you can find it on the gallery. It is called ‘Victorian 12’ and it is by Itsasimsession. It’s definitely one of my favourite houses in the game!

Community News: Great Art Series Vol. 1 available for TS3 and TS4

I had to make a special post for this because I think its amazing!

Like me, you may have been following the creation of femmeonamission’s Great Art series. The creator, Julia, has been recreating well known real-life artwork using The Sims 4 as a resource. The images she has been creating are stunning, and some of my personal favourite artwork is included in there. So I was very excited to hear she was planning on adding the images to the game as actual pieces of art that can be hung on your Sims’ walls!

The first part of this project has been completed, and you can find the paintings available for The Sims 3 AND The Sims 4! Julia created the TS4 versions herself, and Sandy from Around the Sims has created the TS3 versions. I’ll be getting both! ❤

Link to The Sims 4 Great Art series at Femmeonamissionsims!

Link to The Sims 3 Great Art series at Around the Sims 3!

Thank you to Julia, Sandy and everyone involved in this! I’m so excited to have this content in my game. ❤ ❤ ❤