TS4 Download: Greenhouse Conversions

10-22-15_9-49-44 PM

Ooopsie! I converted these a while ago and forgot to upload them. Here are the roof pieces from the Store greenhouse set, and some of the other items which I hadn’t found anywhere else yet.

There are:

* 4 Roof Sections
* A Bench
* A dining Chair
* A Coffee Table
* A Dining Table
* A Functional Bookcase

You will need the MOO cheat to place the roof pieces, there is a more detailed tutorial here!

Download Here!

10-20-15_9-13-25 PM

10-20-15_9-15-13 PM

10-20-15_9-09-20 PM

10-20-15_9-07-03 PM

10-20-15_9-16-20 PM

10-25-15_4-44-34 PM

10-25-15_4-45-09 PM

10-20-15_8-53-31 PM

10-20-15_9-00-07 PM

5 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Greenhouse Conversions

  1. Wow! Do you know how much I love your right now?!?!?! I was so happy when I foun the greenhouse at another place just to realize that the person did not share his conversions anymore…. 😦 So thank you once more!


    • I think I just deleted the normal roof pieces, and if you click on the floor/ceiling tiles it comes up with an option to ‘delete floor’ and that deletes all the tiles in that room. I may possibly have edged the walls with a very low border fence too. You might need to use the bb.moveobjects on cheat to place the greenhouse pieces.

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