News: Vampires Look Fangtastic!

The Sims team just released a blog and video on the upcoming Vampire game pack and… woah! These creatures of the night would make short work of the old sparkly types. I think those who were disappointed in the TS3 vampires will be pleased that the TS4 version are much more traditional and, yes, they DO sleep in coffins!


That’s right! Toddlers are actually here and you can get them in your The Sims 4 game RIGHT NOW!!!


They have been patched in with LOADS of content! Just update your game and there they are! You can adopt them, age up babies, or add a new toddler to the household using CAS! You can even assign caregivers! Toddlers can also be given a special trait: Angelic, Fussy, Silly, Charmer, Independent, Wild, Clingy, or Inquisitive! And they can learn new skills using items such as the potty, bath, blocks… or just by having them dance!

They look amazing and I’m off to go and play with them!