Vote for Gameplay Features for a New Stuff Pack!

If you haven’t already heard, Sim Guru Graham and the Stuff Pack team have opened the development of a new stuff pack to the community. Graham has been explaining the kind of decisions that have to be made and the process behind designing and making a pack. The community have been able to vote of aspects like the style of the objects and which clothing concepts are chosen for Create-A-Sim. Now it’s time to vote for the GAMEPLAY of the pack! The choice is between: 1. Carbon Conscious; Laundry; Food Preserves; and Off the Grid. And you can vote for your favourite on the official site.

Here are screenshots of each design blurb and I’ll say what I thought of each below.

1. Carbon Conscious

At first glance this seemed like something I would be very interested in! I have my Freegan household which I’ve been playing for a while.

I really like the idea of a ‘freegan’ trait and I like the idea of rummaging in trash cans because this made me think of the dumpster diving in TS3 University Life. However… only ingredients??? I get that freegan thing of not wasting edible food but Sims can already rummage in trash cans for food so that doesn’t really add anything new. And you can already get free ingredients by collecting them from plants around the open world areas. So there doesn’t seem like much point to this. I’d rather something more like the TS3 dumpster diving where you collect random junk, mixed with the TS3 junk yard. I’d love to collect old dirty furniture and broken electricals, clean and repair them, and sell them on for a profit.

I like the idea of the composter a lot, but would prefer this along with an ‘eco-friendly’ trait which I’d prefer over the ‘freegan’ trait as I think I’d use it more.

I like the idea of recycling bins but feel like it’s overkill alongside the composter. I’d be happy with a trash can mimic that looked like recycling bins in different colours.

As much as I’d love more eco-friendly features, I feel like this concept is underdeveloped and the ideas could be incorporated into a larger pack or be combined with one of the other ideas.

2: Laundry

Love it! Want it! Would definitely purchase!

I like that it specifies that it would only come into effect if you actually placed the objects on the lot, like in TS3, because I may want laundry as gameplay for some families but not others.

I like that it has machine and non-machine options. I think hand washing and line drying would suit historical games. I love the idea of a line.

My only concern is that it doesn’t specifically say that ‘eco concious’ is a trait, and I would really want it to be.

3: Food Preserves

Nooooooo! Why would you do this to me!? How can I choose between this and laundry!? Canning and nectar making are two of my all time favourite Sim things!!!


Wait… these features are close to my heart and I have concerns:

1. Are there different fruit flavoured jams? I want the jam to reflect the chosen ingredient, not be generic ‘jams’.
2. Do the jams, cans and nectars have a value? Because I’m going to want to sell them. A lot.
3. It says ‘a new harvestable plant’, indicating there will be one new plant in this pack. But it also says there will be new grape varieties. It’s important to me that the new grape varieties are also harvestable plants.
4. Can I can, preserve and nectarificate (nectarify? We’ll just say ‘ferment’) ANY ingredient? No matter how silly? Because if I want to make 2000 year old chicken and onion nectar and force my Sims to drink it to see how sick they get then I AM ENTIRELY WITHIN MY RIGHTS TO DO SO!!!

5. ‘electric’ canning pot? Urgh, I hope it’s not some huge mechanical monstrosity like the cupcake machine! A key thing I liked about canning in TS1 and TS3 was that it had that adorable stove and it was so old-fashioned and lovely. The word ‘electronic’ puts me right off!!!

See, how great does this look from Butterbot at Mod the Sims?!

I’m surprised that the pack suggests we will get canning, preserves AND nectar all in one pack and I am VERY concerned that this means the development will be stretched and it won’t be as in depth as previous versions and mods. If that were the case I’d rather have one or the other in this pack and have it done properly, then continue to hope for the other in another pack.

I actually did vote for this one, because I just loved nectar making so so so much and I know I’d use this so often! But it was difficult to decide between this and laundry.

4: Off the Grid

I do really like this idea! Particularly the idea of having the new lot trait which would switch off utilities. I think this would be good for history players and households like the Freegans.

Like the Carbon Conscious pack, I feel like this one is missing something. I feel like those two packs could be combined by keeping the stronger features and dropping others. Or that this could be part of a larger pack like Seasons or Farming because of the water/solar aspect and rustic theme.

I’d prefer a traditional, slightly rustic/industrial style for the objects, like a handy Sim cobbled them together in their shed. The whole ‘tree and leaves’ thing sounds weird to me.


I basically like all the ideas and would like ALL THE THINGS!!! But I think Carbon Concious could offer something more interesting like dumpster diving and cleaning/upgrading/repairing broken objects like my junk mod. I think this would be more useful as rummaging in the trash for food and collecting free ingredients is something that already exists. And as much as I like the sound of Off the Grid, it sounds like it could be included in a bigger pack like Seasons or Farming. Although I’d still be happy to get it in a Stuff Pack too! I would love both Laundry and Food Preserves and I would get the most use out of those packs. I am just concerned that nectar making and jam making won’t be as flexible as I would like it to be.


TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours

I really love the country counters that came with Parenthood and thought they’d look great with the wooden texture from the hipster base game counters. So… here they are! I cloned all the original counter colours and added either a light, dark, or black wood surface depending on the original counter colour for each swatch (or variant if you are Sim Guru Daniel).

The texture works really well on the wall counters, but sadly it doesn’t quite match when you place different shaped pieces island counters side by side. I don’t think it’s too bad (see pics below).

They are standalone recolours and they do not override the originals.

Parenthood is required for the counter meshes.

Download Here!

Parenthood Blog: Nihil Legacy – Part 2

The next time I played the Nihil’s life (and apartment) was still a mess. But Krista woke up in a better mood. She felt less ill than she had at the start of her pregnancy and I caught er autonomously dancing to the stereo while Tre was out busking.

She was eating breakfast when she started to feel like she needed a nap, unfortunately there was a lot of shouting going on in the street outside and it seemed to be some kind of protest. Krista went out to speak to them: to explain that she was pregnant and tired, and to ask how long they would be there for because she needed to get some sleep. The protesters were nice enough, they tried to explain what they were campaigning for, but Krista didn’t really understand and just wanted to finish her breakfast and have a nap.

Tre had been busking all day, people were friendly and interested in his music, but for some reason they didn’t tip much. That is until Nancy Landgraab turned up dressed as a tourist and tipped him about five times in a row! He made over $100! Thanks Nancy!

(I have a technique now to hijack the busking stations. I have Tre talk to the Sim who is using it, then click the ground a distance away from them to use the ‘chat here’ interaction. This makes the original busker leave the station and I cancel the interaction and have Tre run back and use it himself. Clara Bjergsen’s expression after Tre did it to her was amusing. Tee hee hee!)

The next day Krista woke up feeling desperate for the bathroom, apparently the baby was using her bladder as a football. They grabbed leftovers for breakfast and sat down to figure out how they’d pay their bills. No one would hire a heavily pregnant girl with no skills or experience, would they? Anyway, Krista was too tired all the time to work too hard. Tre thought his guitar skills were improving an he was even starting to sing a bit, he was sure his big break would come soon!

‘That’s great!’ Krista enthused.

…and then the lights went out.

They hadn’t been in the apartment long enough to have received any bills. So it wasn’t like they’d missed an electricity payment and had their service cut off. So… Krista rang the landlord. It turned out there was a problem with the fuse box and he sorted it out. He was friendly enough and even hung round to watch a bit of telly with Krista. Until she got sick again and he left quickly. She thought it was morning sickness at first but it turned out she had some kind of bug.

Krista and Tre really were in a sorry state! I’m genuinely worried about how they will pay their bills and if they’ll get kicked out of their apartment. They might end up living in a tent! Not good when you have a baby on the way. And I don’t think the apartment is a healthy environment with all the damp and problems. Krista seems ill all the time. I hope I can help them turn things around!

TS4 Download: Portable City Living Chair + Recolours

I really love the simple, affordable Ikea-like chair from City Living but I’ve always thought it should be portable. I like the portable chairs from Outdoor Retreat and use them often, but they don’t suit every scenario. So having a portable version of the City Living chair is super-handy, especially when used alongside other portable objects such as the fire pit, outdoor table, game table and flea market stand! They also come in handy if you want to throw a party and need extra chairs.

I also wanted to make some recolours. I do like the matching coloured frames, but also wanted some with a basic metal frame. So I did that. I added a purple and cyan option as well. And I got a bit carried away and made 4 versions with bright retro patterns because why not?! You can mix and match them too.

The chairs are standalone recolours, so they do not override the original version. You can find them next to the original version in the buy-mode catalogue. I included swatches of all the original colours too, because I wanted to make them portable.

City Living is required as the modded versions reference the original mesh.

Outdoor Retreat might also be required as I use the official portable chair tuning, however I’m not sure if this tuning was patched to the base game or not. So I’d appreciate feedback on that.

Download Here! (Dropbox)

Parenthood Blog: Nihil Legacy

The recent additions to The Sims 4 have been making me want to try a legacy style game again. I normally play with ageing off in a rotation, and I’m not very good at sticking to one family for long, but we’ll see how it goes.

So I had to make my founders. I didn’t want to start off easy with some quaint suburban house and a loving couple with perfect parenting skills. So I came up with Krista and Tre, a young couple barely out of their teens who are madly in love with one another! They are completely alone in the world, with no support from their families. They had a bad start in life and didn’t do well in school so they have no skills, and no plan for the future. They are both ‘childish’ because I wanted them to be kind of emotionally immature. For their clothing style I went for a teen-like casual look, sort of somewhere between ‘skater’ and ‘grunge’. Krista is lazy and Tre is a slob and I wanted their clothing to reflect their carefree approach to life.

I decorated their apartment like a messy teen’s bedroom. Imagining they brought all their bedroom furniture from their old house because they couldn’t afford anything new. I figured they would have picked some stuff up at the flea market too, like the portable shower from Outdoor Retreat as their apartment only had a toilet and sink.

The apartment is badly maintained, with cracked walls, damp and leaky plumbing. But they don’t care because they’re just so excited to get their own place! They have a naivety about what adult life entails and have a happy-go-lucky attitude. Krista tries to make the apartment look nicer by decorating it with flowers, posters and twinkly fairy lights.

Krista and Tre are soulmates and they can’t keep their hands off each other! They’re constantly flirting and touching, and they are taking advantage of having their own place by woohooing all the time!

So it wasn’t surprising that this carefree romantic pair had a little… surprise of their own! Krista had been feeling a little bloated and sick, so she took a pregnancy test and it was positive! She made breakfast, thinking that she’d need to improve her cooking skill if she was going to be a mummy, and took it out onto the balcony to wait for Tre to wake up and join her. This apartment is my favourite and I always choose it because of the balcony! When she revealed the big news to Tre he was super excited! He promised he would find a way to make money and would go out into the city that very day to look for work. Krista felt ill after eating the eggs and Tre went to give her a hug. Then… they ended up in bed again. XD

After a quick nap Tre woke up feeling ready to do the ‘man-thing’ and provide for his family. He went out into the city to try and figure out how to find an income. There was a guy busking… and a Sim covered in gold acting like a statue… tourists seemed to be tipping them quite a lot of money. Hey, maybe he could do that! He had his old guitar, sure it needed tuning and he had only ever played ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ on it but maybe he just hadn’t discovered his inner rock star yet?

Krista woke up and followed Tre out into the city wilderness. She met another pregnant lady who was really friendly. Krista asked her when her baby was due and announced (a little too excitedly) that she was pregnant too! Maybe the lady could tell she needed advice because she gave her lots of tips and said they should meet up at the coffee shop one day. After a quick emergency trip to the public restroom (she was never doing THAT again!) Krista noticed that there was lots of boxes of junk left abandoned all over the streets, maybe left behind from a festival or something? Well… beggars couldn’t be choosers! She rummaged around and picked up anything that was salvageable: a snow globe, a mixology guide and some bubble mix (well… she does have the childish trait after all!). She also grabbed some cool looking posters to disguise the cracks on the apartment walls.

When they got back home Krista asked Tre if he’d had made any money. He said no, but he had lots of ideas. He didn’t seem concerned but Krista was starting to feel a little nervous. In fact, she constantly feels tired and uncomfortable already because of the pregnancy and she’s getting a bit worried about the situation. I feel so bad for her! XD

And even though she has the ‘lazy’ trait, she was first up the next day and autonomously scrubbed the toilet. She got really tired doing it though, and had to go and have another nap. Poor thing! And she even got back up and was eating breakfast while Tre was still snoozing in bed. She looked so annoyed with him! I think she’s suffering a bit with the pregnancy and is worrying about money, and I feel so protective over her now. And Tre is just so laid-back and unconcerned about everything, I feel bad for him too because he is oblivious to all the problems and doesn’t realise how frustrated Krista is feeling right now. He just thinks everything will turn out ok. I’m looking forward to playing with these two some more!

And if you want to play along, Krista and Tre are available on the gallery along with their apartment. Search for the #Nihil hashtag. (‘Nihil’ means ‘nothing’ btw… because people might look at this young couple who are just so hopeless and call them ‘losers’, and people like this who are struggling are often overlooked or invisible to society. But I want them to really try hard in their own little way and maybe the next generations might be ‘something’. There’s a Shakespeare quote I like which goes ‘Nothing will come of nothing’ and I’m hoping the Nihil’s will prove that saying wrong.)

The Dixon-Phillips Family: Arranged Date

Astor Dixon was pleased with her current situation. Her husband was making steady progress in his political career and impressing all the right people. Her interfering mother-in-law was distracted by various societies and charity organisations that she had taken upon herself to crusade with. And her eldest daughter Anastasia was doing very well in school, her piano skills were becoming particularly impressive with all the extra tuition she had invested in!

However, her youngest daughter, Claudia, was still disinterested in her studies and seemed more interested in joking around with her new friend than achieving the grades that were required to stay on at her private school. Astor had recently had to deal with a stern phone call from the headmaster about Claudia’s commitment to her education, and Astor had been forced to drop subtle hints about her interest in funding a school trip to France. At this rate the family would have to pay for a whole new wing just to ensure Claudia’s place at the school was assured!

The next morning, a family meeting was called. In tense whispers Astor discussed Claudia’s future with her husband and mother-in-law. ‘We all know Anastasia will be fine. We know all the leading universities are scrambling to offer her places, and she will have a choice of excellent careers. She will be able to support both herself and the family interests. However, I am concerned for Claudia’s future. She is already draining our finances with her propensity for trouble! And her behaviour reflects badly on the family image. If Antony is to be successful in his political career, we cannot have a bad apple causing scandals! There is only so much our media friends can smooth over.’

Anastasia walked in at this point, uncomfortable with the situation. She stood quietly in the corner waiting for the usual family drama to be over.

Astor glanced at the stairs to see if her younger daughter was also descending. Satisfied she was not within earshot, she leaned forward and hissed, ‘We need to ensure Claudia’s future. If she cannot make the right choices, we must make sure she associates with people who will keep her on the right path. I do not like this boy she has befriended, the son of an ageing rock star no less! He is sure to cause trouble!’

Her mother-in-law stirred her cup of tea slowly, one perfectly arched eyebrow raised. ‘Son of an ageing rock star? Seems a perfect match for the daughter of an ex actress,’ she shot a sharp look at Astor.

Antony scrambled to clear the tension, dropping his teaspoon which the butler swiftly caught and returned to his saucer. ‘Now, now, mother. You know that Astor is right, we cannot have Claudia destroy all that you have worked for.’

Felicity added another lump of sugar to her tea and continued stirring.

‘Indeed,’ Astor continued, basking in the moment her husband had taken her side for once against his mother. ‘Two things Claudia does have going for her are her charming conversation and her beauty. Now, if we can just find her a good husband who can keep her in check, then she will be quite comfortable.’

‘Well, it worked for you dear,’ Felicity interjected with a triumphant smile.

Just then, Claudia stomped down the stairs, aware that most family meetings were orchestrated around her behaviour. The mood in the room was already bitter, so she knew her mother and grandmother already had their claws out!

‘Claudia,’ her mother said sharply, ‘I have arranged for you to have a meal at an exclusive restaurant in San Myshuno! The rich and famous have been clamouring for a place on the waiting list, but your wonderful father has used his contacts to skip the queue!’

‘Just me?’ Claudia asked in confusion.

‘Yes, well you see, it is a new establishment, and the owner wants to promote a certain image. He wanted a young couple of the right sort to have a date there, to promote it as a suitable place that can be hired out for proms and sweet sixteen parties, and that sort of thing.’

Claudia sank into the chair, she had a sinking feeling about this, ‘A couple, mother?’

‘Well, I know you don’t have a boyfriend yet..’

‘You don’t do you?’ Antony interrupted sharply and Claudia shook her head in mortification.

Astor continued, ‘…so I took the liberty of finding a suitable date for you! A lovely young man, Malcolm Landgraab! He’s from a very good family, his mother is the famous businesswoman, and his father is a celebrated doctor!’

From behind her hand, Claudia mumbled, ‘When?’

‘This evening. So you’ll have the chance to wear that sparkly vintage dress your grandmother bought you!’

‘This evening!? But I have to go to the art gallery with Felix! It’s for an essay and you are always telling me I need to work harder at school. How am I meant to improve my grades if you don’t let me do my assignments!?’

Antony made a noise a bit like a flatulent elephant, ‘Prrrph! It’s only art, Claude, just write about colours and light and drop a few mentions of Picasso and you’ll get an A!’

‘There’s more to it than that, Dad,’ Anastasia interjected on behalf of her sister.

Knowing that there was no use arguing about it, Claudia agreed and disappeared upstairs to get ready. She had learned that there was little point resisting her family’s demands, instead she had found a way of drawing her own amusement out of these things by subtly undermining all their efforts. If they wouldn’t let her make her own plans, then she would at least enjoy disrupting theirs!

Her sister, however, was uncharacteristically annoyed.

‘Mother!’ she hissed as soon as Claudia was out of earshot, ‘You’ve gone too far! It’s one thing planning out our careers and our social lives, but you cannot tell Claudia who she can and cannot have a relationship with!’

‘Oh, calm down,’ Astor smiled reassuringly, ‘I’m not asking her to marry the boy. You know Claudia is not the best at judging a person’s character. I’m simply putting suitable choices in front of her, and she can decide for herself which one she likes!’

Felix arrived as Claudia was getting ready, and Felicity manoeuvred to intercept him before any of the others could send him packing!

‘Hello dear,’ she said with a twinkle in her eye, ‘I’m afraid your friend had landed herself in trouble again.’

‘I promise I had nothing to do with it,’ Felix laughed, ‘and if I did then it was all Claudia’s fault!’

‘Oh, I can believe that!’ Felicity smiled affectionately. ‘Look, I’m afraid you will have to postpone your trip to the gallery. My daughter-in-law has had one of her ridiculous ideas again and Claudia is the unwilling victim.’

‘Uh oh, should I attempt a daring rescue?’ Felix suggested helpfully.

Felicity gave him a mischievous wink in reply.

Claudia appeared then, looking stunning in her vintage dress. She told Felix the whole story (with a few dramatic embellishments).

Felix played along, gasping and feigning utter shock like he was in the audience of a salacious chat show. He was amused to hear about Felicity’s catty remarks towards her daughter-in-law.

‘And the worst thing is…’ Claudia continued, ‘…he’s bound to be an awful bore! I can’t imagine what we’ll have to talk about.’

Did you say Malcolm Landgraab?’ Felix grinned, ‘You could ask him about his girlfriend!’

‘What!?’ Claudia laughed.

‘Yeah,’ Felix continued, ‘He’s dating a friend of my sister.’

‘My mother should have done her research better!’ Claudia joked, ‘How am I meant to seduce him now!?’

Felix winced at the thought, ‘Do you need me to come and rescue you?’

‘I think I’ll be ok. But I’ll text you if he starts to talk about chess club and things get scary!’

So this was how Claudia found herself at The Black Rock restaurant in San Myshuno with Malcolm Landgraab. She wasn’t too keen on making small talk so she jumped onto the karaoke while they waited for their table. She had to be better than Geoffrey right? (Why had Malcolm brought his dad with him anyway?)

As Claudia was being shown to her table by the hostess she suddenly found herself surrounded by a group of business people. They seemed keen to talk about politics to her, asking questions about her father’s charity that she had no clue how to answer! Geoffrey skillfully extracted her from the crowd and she hurried over to her table thankfully, thinking maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to have him there as a chaperone after all!

Claudia gazed down at the clusters of light that called to her from the streets of San Myshuno. She wished she was down there right then, exploring the Arts Quarter with Felix.

Malcolm wandered over, he seemed distracted and kept anxiously tapping away at his phone.

‘Is that your girlfriend, Kyra?’ Claudia asked, watching his reaction in amusement.

He jerked his head up and looked a bit sheepish, ‘Umm, yeah. Sorry. Uh…’

He sat down putting his phone away with a guilty expression and Claudia felt a little bad for him.

‘It’s ok,’ she smirked, ‘I was forced here against my will too.’

His tense shoulders seemed to relax a little then. ‘It’s my mother,’ he confessed, ‘She doesn’t like my girlfriend, she thinks she’s not… good enough for me.’

‘You mean rich enough?’ Claudia corrected.

‘I guess,’ Malcolm looked sheepish again. ‘Kyra’s really sweet. And funny. She makes me happy but my mother doesn’t understand that. Father does, but he can’t stand up to her.’

After that, the ‘date’ went a little easier. Claudia and Malcolm had found their common ground and spent the evening complaining about their parents and swapping embarrassing stories. Claudia was never going to marry a man like Malcolm! But it was good to know she could find people she could relate to in the circles she would be forced to move in as she got older.

Summer 2017 Seasonal Teaser!

The Sims team recently released the summer quarterly teaser:

What!? No expansion pack!?

But what’s that you say? A family focused game pack?

The teasers never give away many details so there’s a lot of speculation about what might be included. Some simmers think that the backpack, school books, and desk indicate something to do with schools: maybe open schools or home learning? But SimGuruNinja also tweeted:

Which reveals the main focus of the pack to be interactions between family members. Perhaps we might get parenting techniques since lots of players miss the punishment system from TS3, but I hope anything like this is optional and/or customisable because I don’t want all my Sim parents to run a tyrannical parenting regime!

The other pack featured in the teaser is a stuff pack themed around fitness. Graham said that they don’t want to give too much away and this is literally just a hint about the theme:

He also confirmed it is fitness, not ‘sports’:

I like the wooden panelling of the treadmill, it makes me think of very upmarket gyms or designer home gym equipment. I’m wondering if we’ll get a new fitness object such as an exercise bike. Also, health foods are a big thing right now, along with vegan foods, so I’m wondering if we’ll get something in that areas. Juicers have been a fairly popular request, for example. I’m personally hoping there will be a new aspiration or two revolving around an interest in living a healthy lifestyle, because I have a lot of sporty and health-focused Sims and they’re not all bodybuilders!!!

I’m interested in both of these packs and I’m looking forward to hearing more details! ^____^

Help to Create A Stuff Pack!

Yesterday the gurus dropped some exciting news! Sim Guru Graham, who is the lead producer on Stuff Packs, has opened up the creation process to the community and is asking for our input in designing a new stuff pack! Right now we are being asked to vote on what will be the theme of this pack and you can take part over at the official blog. You can also get more involved in the new forum section, ‘Graham’s Corner‘.

So head over to the official site where you can get your voice heard and help to influence the design of a Stuff Pack!

Modding Update

Just a quick note to say that I’m very busy with real life things at the moment. I’m approaching the end of my degree and have a lot of coursework (and stress). This along with working and doing mum stuff means I don’t have much free time, and my brain is often too fried to look at modding.

I haven’t abandoned my TS4 custom content. I’m aware that a few need updating, specifically the auto-hire mods, the indie maxi skirts, and the mod that hides the lot trait FX. I will be updating these but please remove temporarily until I get the chance to review them.

As for my TS3 mods… I’m struggling to play TS3 at the moment, my computer has decided it doesn’t like it and overheats or has power issues. This isn’t so bad with TS4 as it has short load times, but when my computer decides to die on TS3 after I’ve waited for 20+ minutes for it to load it’s really demotivating. So I’m afraid I’m not currently maintaining my TS3 content and have no plans to in the near future. I’m leaving them up in case anyone wants access to them. If anyone else wants to adopt my TS3 content, then that’s absolutely fine with me!

Thank you for your understanding and patience! I know how frustrating it can be! ❤

My Ideal Expansion and Game Pack Wishlist

In an ideal world we’d have ALL THE THINGS!!! And so I thought I’d make a post about all the things I’d love to see in the game and how I think they could be compiled. I tried to spread things evenly under umbrella themes. For example, I’d love for all the base game careers to have expanded options such as work-from-home; active careers; or just more interactive supportive features. But I’ve spread the careers evenly between packs.

Expansion Packs!

* Country Life: Seasons with a farming twist!

– Weather, seasons and in-game calendar!
– Seasonal crops.
– Country themed world!
– Community festivals: farmer’s market; craft fair; spring fling; harvest festival; etc.
– Community activities: egg hunts; baking and craft competitions; fairground games; mechanical bull.
– Updated recipe and ingredients system.
– Updated culinary career: gives active/work-from-home component to chef and mixologist tracks incorporating updated recipe system and nectar making.
– Basic weather related activities: splashing in puddles; raking leaves; woohooing in leaf piles; sunbathing; snowman building; etc.
– Crafts: canning/preserve making; flower arranging; nectar making.
– Farm animals: cows for milk; chickens for eggs. Horses! LLAMAS!!!
– Greenhouses
– Sprinklers
– meat and dairy crops (because sims)
– community opportunities: go to the town notice board to receive opportunities to help out your neighbours and get rewards.
– New community centre venue!

* Generations:

– Active schools! Customise your schools: public or private? Set the curriculum. Choose a uniform.
– Return of the TS2 headmaster!
– Proms
– School clubs: science; chess; newspaper; art; ballet; soccer; etc.
– Active education and childcare careers: work at an existing school or open your own! Run a nursery or work as a home-based childminder.
– Child Development Skill
– Improvements to Weddings
– Pre-teens!
– New activities and objects: ballet; soccer; normal sized telescope!
– More playground equipment.
– More pranks!
– Punishments (with different options for different families).
– Customisable imaginary friends!
– Small campus world: with different pre-made schools and a central park/playground area.
– New venue: School

* Superstar:

– Optional Fame System: hire an agent and start your path to fame! Or fire them and go back to a life of anonymity.
– New world: Studio Town! Based on LA.
– Active update to musician career. Form a band, practice in your garage and play gigs. Hang-out at the recording studio. Record music videos. Eventually play sell-out concerts at the big stage arena!
– Drums (new instrument)
– Rock radio station.
– New Fashion Career: sketch fashions as a designer or hit the catwalk as a model! Sit as an artists model (or hire a model if you are an artist). Judge others as you’d like them to judge you.
– Updated writer career: You can now become a celebrity writer and hold book signings. Or flex your journalistic muscles and get the latest celebrity scoop (who cares if you made it all up if it sells copies!?). Hit the fashion shows and make or break designers and models with you scathing reviews. Give gigs, plays, concerts and records five gold plumbobs or five rotten llamas.
– Acting/Directing career: whether you are a thespian working the stage, or a rising star with an eye for the silver screen, you can make it or break it in the acting world!
– Updated comedian career to allow for active gigs!
– New event: autograph session.
– Cosmetic Surgery option for CAS.
– Hire a photographer! Whether you are a fashion model in need of headshots, a magazine editor in need of a perfect front cover image; or you are getting married and want to remember your special day! An NPC photographer can capture those special moments for you.
– New venues: theatre; arena; recording studio; film studio; fashion house; publishing house.

* Pets:

– Cats and dogs.
– Small pets: rabbits, snakes, birds, rodents.
– Pet shops!
– Active vet career.
– Active pet stylist career.
– Active pet trainer career.
– Agility courses.
– Pet shows.
– Argh! Werewolves!

* University:

– New world with different themed campus sub-hoods to choose from (Elite; Science and Tech; Art and Design) and a shared community lot district.
– LOTS of courses (more like TS2 than TS3) that give different benefits, and boosts to various careers.
– Dorms: find a perfect dorm to suit your needs and move in alone or together with other friends as part of your active household, but you better grab the best dorm rooms quickly before they fill up with NPC students!
– Sororities and Fraternities: join an existing Greek House or apply to start your own! Each one has different requirements; activities; perks and rush events so choose very very wisely! Once you become a fully fledged member you can expect life-long benefits and perks!
– Scholarships, fees and student loans.
– Secret Societies: There are rumours that these exist but you don’t really believe it. But if they DID exist you can be sure one would be an elite gang of world-leaders that are definitely not called the Simluminati and do not use spies and propaganda tools. The other would absolutely not be a criminal network ruled by a super villain and a string of cat burglars and hackers, and you are certainly not planning on overthrowing said crime lord and taking over the band of stylish misfits. That is not a secret entrance, stop looking over there!
– Student Tribes: Will you hang out with the arty students, the rebels, the jocks, the geeks, the activists, or the socialites? You are more likely to find certain types of student on certain lots and in certain districts: the jocks are found at the gym or sports field, the socialites can be found on the elite campus, and the rebels can be found at the bar. Getting in with the right (or wrong) crowd could unlock certain interactions and campus secrets!
– Updated base game careers to add active options and more interactions and objects:
– Athlete: pick a team (Granite Falls Bears? San Myshuno Llamas? [Insert name of farming world here] Cows?) Be a mascot and wear the costume! Become a cheerleader. Do gymnastics to entertain the fans! Pick a specialist sport: Athletics; Gymnastics; Body Building; Swimming. Compete to win scholarships and prizes!
– Updated Astronaut career to add active component. The space race is on so you’d better get used to zero gravity!
– Business: brush up on your presentation skills with the white-board; learn to negotiate over a relaxing game of golf; become a pro at the stock market; invest in local businesses until you can perform a hostile takeover (own community venues like bars and art galleries; hire and fire NPCs; earn a tidy profit from each owned business with minimal effort).
– Criminal: You got in with the right wrong crowd at uni, first it was just some light grade hacking; then you moved on to siphoning funds from the bank; finally you found an old printing press and started printing your own notes (I loved that in the Secret Society in TS2). Your burglary skills have improved, you can now break in to Sims’ homes and into banks! Other Sims might get a surprise visit from criminal sims in the middle of the night.
– Secret Agent: Actively infiltrate clubs and societies to gather information; use classic techniques to spy on other sims like the old ‘hiding behind two shrubs’, ‘rummage through trash’, and ‘look cool in a classic mac and fedora’. Work from the Super-Duper-Secret-Society HQ where you might print propaganda on the printing press, infiltrate online crime syndicates; or use the spy-centre to keep a close eye on any shady sims.
– New Venue: Bank/Financial – for investors to work at; criminals to rob; and sims to get loans (university can be expensive!).
– New Venues: Dorms; Greek Houses; Secret Society.

Game Packs:

* Tropical Island

– Escape to a tropical island: stay at a luxury resort or rough it on a deserted island.
– Sunbathe on a beach towel or on a pool lilo.
– Enjoy the pool bar.
– Play beach or pool volleyball.
– Relax in the hot springs.
– Make sandcastles
– Snorkel or comb the beach for shells and sea glass.
– Find a treasure map an search for buried treasure.
– Explore the pirate ship!
– Meet the locals and learn the hula!
– Explore ancient ruins.
– Buy a vacation home.
– Tiki and Nautical themed items.

* Winter Vacation

– Stay in a cosy log cabin in a snow capped mountain resort.
– Enjoy active sports such as snowboarding or skiing.
– Skate on the ice rink or frozen lakes.
– Build and igloo and camp out!
– Learn how to make beautiful ice sculptures.
– Relax in a sunken hot tub!
– Drink new hot drinks like mulled nectar, spiced apple juice, and cinnamon infused cocoa!
– Learn to yodel (but try not to start an avalanche!).

* Hobbies and Interests (Based on TS2 Freetime)

– Declare up to three specific interests for each Sim and customise their personality more!
– Choose from many interests such as: fashion and beauty; gaming; cooking; gardening; science; history; music; sport; art and culture; motoring; etc
– Your Sim will naturally choose to do activities that fulfil their interests, and their wants will reflect this.
– Complete activities and read magazines to further your Sims knowledge of a particular interest.
– Become an expert in your hobby and inspire and tutor other sims.
– New objects include:
– CARS!!! – your motor-heads will love restoring vintage automobiles or working on the engine of the latest sports car. Tinker with the engine, upgrade the radio, give it a new coat of paint and wax to a shine! Add decals, body-work and upgrade the suspension if you really want to impress and get some woohoo action on the back seat! But remember, you’re going to have to learn to drive first!
– A sculpting station and pottery wheel for your arty types.
– Updated painter career to allow for work-at-home/active.
– Updated Tech Guru Career to allow work-at-home/active.

* Magic Pack:

– Whether you want to be a wizard (Harry), a witch or a fairy, you’ll be able to customise your magical Sims in CAS with a wide variety of options just like Vampires! Will they have wings? Elf Ears? Will the hide their true form?
– New themed CAS and Objects: Sorcerer or Woodland.
– A new Magical world based on classic dark fairy-tales.
– A new Magic Skill (even humans can learn simple magic and tricks but it won’t come as naturally and is more likely to go badly wrong!).
– A magical festival where you can pick up supplies; duel other magical sims; or impress others with your tricks.
– Will you use your magic for good or mischief?
– Magical recipes and potion making!
– Magical plants and rare ingredients.
– A beehive for honey and beeswax.
– Candle making (from the bees wax and other ingredients): different candles have different effects.
– A spinning wheel (if you’re lucky you might spin some golden thread, a very rare and expensive ingredient).
– Magical wands and spells!
– Spells and potions range from simple to expert! Simple magic uses cheap, easy-to-find ingredients and help with day to day things like cleaning the house or cheering up friends. Higher-level magic will require more costly and rare ingredients but will have dramatic effects such as summoning a Sim from beyond the grave; petrifying a sim into a stone or gold statue; creating a familiar (if you have Pets); or instant fame (if you have Superstar). I like cross over features, so would love a ‘vampirification’ spell for example.
– Performing magic on your home lot can spawn magic crystals, mushrooms and other magical phenomena! This can sometimes be helpful, providing ingredients for spells, or it can cause a nuisance!