The Banditos Family: A Steamy Marriage

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Sophia was fuming.

Her husband was late home again and wasn’t answering his phone. She had prepared a meal and had been waiting since sunset for Carlos to join her. When her husband finally arrived home he found his wife was in a sour mood.

‘I’m so sorry, my darling!’ he exclaimed with an apologetic smile, ‘You know how busy I’ve been running between the two businesses! The launderette always has problems that need fixing, and the restaurant is still finding it’s feet and needs constant attention.’

Sophia looked down at her bowl and poked her food unhappily.

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06-12-16_9-17-13 PM

06-12-16_9-17-34 PM

‘Look,’ Carlos cajoled, ‘I left as soon as I could. In fact, a group of twelve walked through the door as I was leaving and I said to the staff “Look guys, you need to learn how to handle rushes like this.” and I came home to spend time with you.’

‘Really?’ Sophia smiled, warming to the lie.

Carlos stretched out his hand and rubbed his wife’s wrist with his thumb. ‘Of course! Why would I want to spend time in a hot kitchen when I have a hot wife at home waiting for me?’

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06-12-16_9-21-14 PM

Then Carlos suggested they take a soak in the hot-tub. He knew how to make his wife happy (at least temporarily).

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06-12-16_9-22-41 PM

06-12-16_9-23-20 PM

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06-12-16_9-27-25 PM

The next morning, Carlos left early to return to the restaurant. He was soon giving his customers his charismatic personal service again.

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Sophia was feeling happier so she agreed to meet her friend Nancy at the spa. First, Nancy insisted on dragging her into a small art gallery where there was some sort of commotion around a book. Sophia didn’t know why a book was on sale in an art gallery, or why people were so interested in it. But it was clearly a desirable object so she bought it and felt smug about herself. Then she waited impatiently for Nancy to conclude whatever business it was she was doing there.

(It was actually a really lovely moment for me! I love seeing my Sims’ lives criss-cross like this when I play rotationally. The book was Pierre’s first novel and when Sophia and Nancy arrived at the lot I found the crowd gathered around the book, including Harriette Baker who works at the bookstore and who I feel has been autonomously supporting Pierre. The facial reactions of the Sims were great! Sophia looked so disinterested in the book, but smug when she purchased it from under the other customer’s noses. But Harriette looked like she tricked Sophia into buying the book, by cooing over it, then looking pleased about the sale. It was one of those magical moments in The Sims 4 where the autonomy just seems to work out really well, it was as though there was a launch party to celebrate the new book!)

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06-19-16_8-42-57 PM

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06-19-16_8-48-32 PM

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06-19-16_8-52-29 PM

Finally the two women crossed the road to the spa. In the changing room, Sophia casually mentioned to Nancy that she was waiting for her next round of cosmetic injections. Nancy’s husband, Geoffrey, was Sophia’s doctor but he was refusing to give her the treatment. Sophia was hoping Nancy could convince him otherwise.

‘I’m sure Geoffrey has a good reason,’ Nancy said somewhat defensively as the women went to join a yoga class.

Sophia enjoyed the yoga. As a model, she needed to keep her body supple and lean, but the yoga moves also helped her to relax and feel better about herself too.

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06-19-16_9-07-47 PM

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06-19-16_9-13-42 PM

After the workout, the women relaxed on the patio with some ‘healthy’ fruit cocktails. Sophia wanted to try and convince Nancy to speak to Geoffrey again, hoping her friend would be more agreeable after the relaxing stretches and bubbly drink.

‘Of course, Geoffrey is a great doctor,’ Sophia tried to placate her friend with compliments, ‘and I trust his professional judgement completely. But between us women, you know how important it is for me to maintain my appearance. Not just for myself and my husband, but for my job as well.’

Nancy sipped her drink with a frown, she didn’t look convinced.

Sophia pushed a little more, her voice cracking with genuine emotion. ‘You know how tough it is out there. The first sign of aging, the first wrinkle, and I’ll be dropped and replaced by a child half my age. And what will I do then? Without my career, I’m nothing!’

Nancy continued to frown, but she had softened a little, and told her friend she would speak to her husband on her behalf. When Nancy left, Sophia continued to worry… what would she do when her career was over? She was already bored in-between jobs. and her husband was always busy with his businesses. She had left school early, confident that her looks would land her on her feet, and they had served her well for a while. But without her looks she was nothing. What if her husband lost interest in her? What would she do then?

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06-19-16_9-15-30 PM

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06-19-16_9-17-46 PM

06-19-16_9-18-13 PM

06-19-16_9-18-38 PM

Just then, Sophia caught sight of a familiar figure in the spa foyer. It was her husband!

‘Carlos!’ She called rushing up to him and embracing him excitedly. ‘Have you come to surprise me? How did you know I was here?’

‘Umm… yes, my dear,’ Carlos said, adjusting his collar uncomfortably, ‘Wow, it’s hot in here, should we go somewhere to cool off?’

‘How about we get a bit hotter?’ Sophia purred suggestively.

‘Ummm… sure,’ Carlos’ eyes darted around the room, ‘Yeah, let’s do that.’

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06-19-16_9-24-56 PM

06-19-16_9-25-10 PM

06-19-16_9-26-20 PM

06-19-16_9-26-48 PM

06-19-16_9-26-57 PM

Sophia led the way to the sauna with Carlos following somewhat reluctantly. Sophia was too excited by her husband’s sudden appearance to notice his elusive behaviour, and assumed he was just a little tired from work.

‘Can you make it more steamy?’ he asked his wife as they settled down in the hot sauna.

‘You know I can!’ Sophia grinned as she poured more water onto the hot coals and they were enveloped in a cloud of steam.

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06-19-16_9-28-14 PM

06-19-16_9-29-18 PM

06-19-16_9-31-15 PM

06-19-16_9-30-36 PM

06-19-16_9-29-55 PM

06-19-16_9-32-41 PM

06-19-16_9-32-10 PM

06-19-16_9-32-28 PM

Carlos left to get showered and dressed, looking even more exhausted than when he’d arrived. Sophia felt much more relaxed and pleased with herself. She was determined to fight to keep her man!


And then they went home to stand around in their towels on the curb because #SimLogic.

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The Banditos Family: Dirty Laundry

06-12-16_8-26-12 PM

The Banditos Family own several small businesses. Besides the new restaurant, they also own a launderette and gym in Oasis Springs. Although he was always welcome at the family villa, Antonio had his own apartment above the commercial units. Since Carlos had become absorbed in his new venture, the responsibility of overseeing the other businesses had fallen to Antonio.

Antonio knew he wasn’t a smart man. He struggled with reading, and numbers confused him. So he left the books to his brother. But Antonio had been working for the family businesses for a long time, since he was a kid working for his Grandpa, so he knew how to do the day to day jobs. And he knew how to manage the other employees and keep them in check.

He started with the launderette, the main business, the real money maker! For years it had been used as ‘The Office’ and was where all the business deals were made, and where the old gang used to hang out. He walked in to find Sullivan on front-desk duty. Sullivan was in a bad temper as usual, but Antonio could tell he had something important to tell him. There was a teenage girl in the building though, and she seemed happy to take her time with the large bag of laundry she’d brought in. Antonio acted inconspicuous, picking up some discarded clothes and putting them in the washer.

[They were a bit crusty, I think they’d been there for a while.]

‘Hey, Sully,’ he called casually, as he grabbed a sandwich, ‘is the new girl around?’

‘Yeah,’ replied Sullivan gruffly, ‘I’ll give her a shout.’

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06-12-16_8-27-44 PM

06-12-16_8-27-30 PM

06-12-16_8-28-43 PM

06-12-16_8-28-22 PM

06-12-16_8-32-01 PM

06-12-16_8-29-03 PM

06-12-16_8-32-29 PM

06-12-16_8-32-54 PM

06-12-16_8-34-26 PM

06-12-16_8-34-42 PM

The new girl was Estelle Swan and she was in a thunderous mood. She flipped a fuse as she walked past the electric box and the machines grumbled to a halt. The teenager looked surprised and Estelle apologised, explaining there had been an electrical fault and firmly telling the girl to leave the laundry with them, and they would clean it and deliver it to their home once the electrician had been called out. They would even throw in a discount coupon for her next visit.

What could the girl do? Fortunately, she saw the funny side and finally left.

06-12-16_8-35-00 PM

06-12-16_8-35-59 PM

06-12-16_8-36-17 PM

Estelle flipped the electricity back on and faced Antonio in frustration.

‘The shipment has not arrived,’ she complained angrily.

‘It hasn’t?’ Antonio pressed anxiously, ‘It was due last week, why didn’t you tell me sooner?’

‘I spoke to your brother,’ Estelle wrinkled her nose like there was a bad smell, ‘he assured me they would arrive this morning but…’

Estelle made an empty hand gesture.

‘I’ll speak to him.’ Antonio said softly, he was annoyed with his brother for not mentioning something so important.

‘Without that shipment, I won’t be able to complete the order on time,’ Estelle sighed, rubbing her temple as though she had a headache.

I know,’ replied Antonio, ‘don’t worry, I’ll get it.’

06-12-16_8-36-40 PM

06-12-16_8-37-10 PM

06-12-16_8-37-26 PM

06-12-16_8-38-37 PM

06-12-16_8-37-41 PM

Antonio grabbed his phone and called in a favour. He was mad that his brother had forgotten about something so important. It was always the way, when Carlos started a new project he focused all his energy on it, and the old family business was neglected. But Antonio knew where the real money was. And he wasn’t going to let his brother ruin what his father and grandpa had built from scratch.

He went next door to the gym to burn off some of his frustration. Sullivan had the same idea and was already pounding it out on the treadmill. Antonio joined him and they ran in silence for a few minutes. Sullivan was the last of the old gang. They didn’t always see eye-to-eye but in situations like this, he shared Sully’s bad temper and found it companionable.

Antonio’s phone bleeped, the package was on it’s way. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued working out while he waited. He wanted to make sure it arrived this time.

06-12-16_8-39-44 PM

06-12-16_8-40-50 PM

06-12-16_8-41-09 PM

06-12-16_8-56-25 PM

06-12-16_9-03-05 PM

Finally Sullivan gave him a whistle. The package had arrived.

Antonio took a deep breath and went out to meet his contact. Ulrike was one of the old gang but she’d moved on to other things. Antonio had known her since they were both kids, and he’d always felt something for her. She hadn’t felt the same. It was awkward and Antonio was embarrassed that he’d had to ask her for help. But she had helped. She’d gone out of her way to pick up the supplies they needed.

Antonio said thanks and watched her walk away into the night. It was Ulrike that had recommended Estelle for the job. He wondered which one of them Ulrike was more interested in helping out. He sulked back into the launderette, eyeing up the pin-up posters on the wall and wondering if he was destined to be alone forever.

He handed over the supplies to Estelle , who breathed a sigh of relief.

‘If anything like this happens again,’ he warned, ‘You call me, not Carlos. Got it?’

Estelle nodded. She knew who she could rely on now.

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06-12-16_8-59-05 PM

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06-12-16_9-10-50 PM

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The Banditos Family: Brains or Beauty?

06-12-16_8-03-38 PM

It was 3pm and Marcos and Isabella were having an argument on the front lawn.

‘Do I have to do my homework?’ Isabella whined.

‘Yes, Bella,’ Marcos replied calmly, ‘The teachers give it to you for a reason.’

‘But whyyyyyy?’ his little sister moaned, kicking at a pebble in frustration.

‘So you can practice what you learned in school today.’


Look, I have homework too,’ said Marcos persuasively, ‘Let’s sit on the ground and do it together. I’ll help you if you need it.’

Just then, Antonio came strutting from the house. He was dressed and ready to check on the family’s other businesses.

‘Uncle Tony,’ Isabella accosted him, ‘Do I have to do my homework? Marcos says I do but I’m tired! I had gym today and I still feel sick.’

Antonio was a sucker for that big-eyed pleading look, and he still felt guilty about losing her at the hospital. ‘What is the work?’ he asked gruffly.

‘Fractions,’ replied Bella rolling her eyes and huffing out her bottom lip.

‘What does a pretty girl like you need to learn fractions for?’ Tony reasoned, ‘Look at your mother. You’ll be beautiful, like her, when you grow up and you can get yourself a dumb schmuck like your father to do your numbers for you.’

Marcos was horrified, ‘Come on Bella, we’ll do it quickly and then we’ll watch BEtween TV together.’

06-12-16_8-05-06 PM

06-12-16_8-05-53 PM

06-12-16_8-06-20 PM

06-12-16_8-06-10 PM

Antonio left for work and Marcos sighed.

‘Bella, listen,’ he pleaded, ‘I just want what’s best for you. When you grow up, you don’t want to rely on anyone else. You need to be smart, and to know how to look after yourself. I know it might seem like Mum has it easy, and gets by on her looks alone, but do you think she’s really happy?’

Isabella thought about this quietly for a minute, her back turned from her brother so he couldn’t see her expression. No, her mother didn’t seem happy. Not really. Not on the inside where it mattered. She didn’t understand everything about her family but she knew that something wasn’t right. Her dad wasn’t around at night to read her a bedtime story, like Doctor Khan had done.

Suddenly a shadow loomed over them. Isabella looked up to find her mother standing there with an angry expression. Marcos would say she had ‘a face like thunder’.

‘Isabella, get in the house,’ Sophia snapped, ‘go and watch TV. I need to talk to your brother.’

Isabella grinned because she’d got her own way, but feeling a tingling sense of concern for her big brother she hovered to listen to the conversation.

‘Who are you to decide if I’m happy or not?’ she demanded angrily. She’d overheard the conversation and it had struck a nerve. She’d just finished talking with Doctor Landgraab, she’d asked him for an early appointment for her collagen injections but he’d refused and told her she needed a break to let her skin ‘recover’, whatever that meant! So she was already upset before she’d overheard her son’s hurtful words.

Marcos looked down at his book, unable to look her in the eye.

‘Do you think I’m stupid?’ she demanded.

Marcos stared intently at his book and didn’t reply.

‘Listen, I pay a lot of money to that school to educate my children,’ she snapped, ‘what are you doing all day if they have to send your work home with you? I’ll be having words with your headmaster!’

Marcos bit his lip and held his temper. Luckily their neighbour Nancy arrived and broke the tension. She’d brought a fruitcake round for Carlos to try, he loved her fruitcakes! Nancy was hoping he might take an order for his restaurant. Marcos wasn’t sure why the rich wife of a surgeon needed to make a living selling a few fruitcakes, but figured she was bored or lonely or something.

Sophia instantly dropped her angry disposition, eager to talk to the wife of her doctor, hoping Nancy could talk some sense into her husband and secure her that appointment.

06-12-16_8-07-12 PM

06-12-16_8-04-25 PM

06-12-16_8-07-57 PM

06-12-16_8-08-20 PM

06-12-16_8-08-43 PM

06-12-16_8-17-25 PM

06-12-16_8-09-15 PM

06-12-16_8-21-21 PM

06-12-16_8-22-41 PM

Marcos gritted his teeth. He was determined to make the most of his private education and take a different path to his parents. If he couldn’t convince his sister to do the same, at least he could provide for her so she didn’t end up stuck in a situation like his mother.

06-19-16_9-50-57 PM

TS4 Download: Playsuit with T-shirt

08-03-16_4-40-23 PM

I really liked the little playsuit/dungarees outfit that came with Backyard Stuff, but I wanted a version with a t-shirt rather than the bandeau because it seems a bit sweeter and more wearable to me that way.

I made several plain versions and some patterned versions too (polka-dots, of course!). You can recolour them as well if you like, and please let me know if you do. ^__^

Backyard Stuff is required. There are two packages, one for plain and one for patterned. You can install either or both.

Download Here! [Dropbox, no adfly]

There are lots of recolours, here are a couple of examples of both plain and patterned:

08-03-16_2-44-13 PM

08-03-16_2-44-34 PM

08-03-16_2-44-46 PM

08-03-16_2-45-03 PM

08-03-16_2-47-30 PM

08-03-16_2-47-24 PM

08-03-16_2-47-18 PM

08-03-16_2-46-36 PM

08-03-16_2-46-25 PM

TS4 Download: Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

07-29-16_10-34-20 PM

I was a bit disappointed that there was no plain swatch on the slip n slide that came with Backyard Stuff. The existing textures are very bright, and while they are great for kids, they are a bit too childish for every possible situation. I really wanted an outdoorsy recolour that would be suitable for an adventure course in Granite Falls, where I might send a group of teens or young adults on a summer camping holiday!

I wanted something that looked like tarpaulin, like maybe the Sims had improvised a slip n slide out of whatever materials were lay around. So I made the dark green and black version. Then I got carried away and made lots of different recolours, some brighter than others, some with or without a border. As I was removing the surface pattern from the texture I tried to preserve the wrinkled texture of the material underneath. I merged out the texture by hand, rather than just painting out the pattern with a block of flat colour.

And I also made it into an inventory item! So you can take it anywhere and use it off-lots.

Download Here!

Made with Sims4Studio.

07-29-16_10-42-13 PM

07-29-16_10-43-04 PM

07-29-16_10-44-35 PM

07-29-16_10-45-52 PM

07-30-16_9-10-33 PM

Cinderelli Investigates: Backyard Stuff

07-23-16_9-56-40 PM

Do you know what we need? More outdoor objects so our Sims can enjoy the perpetual sunshine while it lasts! You know it’s only a matter of time before those pesky gurus send the rain and the snow. 😄

Buy Mode Stuff!

I decided that Cinderelli-sim’s house and garden needed a bit of a makeover. The outdoor area was a bit of a dumping ground from the growfruit challenge and it was in desperate need of some landscaping. Luckily, Cinderelli had earned a bit of money from writing books and painting, and so she had enough money to decorate the garden with some of the new items.

07-22-16_11-02-12 AM

07-22-16_11-02-56 AM

07-22-16_11-02-40 AM

07-22-16_11-03-17 AM

07-22-16_11-55-38 AM

One thing I really like about the objects in this pack is that they work so well with other content. While decorating the house I used filters to use items from Get Together, Romantic Garden Stuff, and Movie Hangout, as well as the new Backyard Stuff. I found that the items complimented each other really well and I could mix and match a little. One thing I would have loved to see was some texture continuity, so items from Backyard Stuff could have had matching patterns from Movie Hangout. But I guess I can look to the CC community for that. Although the textures are really nice on the new items, I did find myself wishing each pattern was available for all the different wood shades, particularly on the garden furniture. I was a bit frustrated I couldn’t have the pattern and wood colour I wanted (the red pattern and the dark wood) and had to settle an alternative colour, but it still looked really nice and I was happy with it in the end.

07-20-16_2-36-14 PM

07-20-16_2-37-47 PM

The clutter items in this pack are really nice (if a little on the large side) and I love the outdoor lantern, the nicely animated candle, and the glass bowl of fruit. The fruit comes in different colours to represent different types of fruit and looks really nice in kitchens or cafes with a fresh and healthy theme! I also really like the wooden decorative birdhouse and the stepladders. Although I wish the flowers were separate items from the ladders, and I could decorate the ladders with whatever items I liked. There is a slot on the top step though! I think lots of items in this pack will be useful for indoors and outdoors, in a similar way to the furniture from Movie Hangout Stuff. The ladders would look nice in an arty loft, for example.

07-20-16_2-46-02 PM

A small complaint is that I personally found some of the items in this pack to be a little too bright for my taste. The windmills are very gaudy, and only really feel appropriate for children to me. Other items like the lantern have quite primary colour swatches, and I would have liked a few more muted alternatives. And… wow, that bush is so unnatural! I don’t think I can use that without recolouring it. It wouldn’t look out of place in Sixam though. Another item I wish had a plain option is the water slide, but more on that later.

In general, the objects in this pack are nice and cheerful and I’ll definitely use them a lot! But some of them are a bit too large, and I would have appreciated some more muted colour options.

07-20-16_2-44-07 PM

07-20-16_2-45-46 PM

07-20-16_2-27-23 PM


I wrote GAMEPLAY in capital letters because there is a lot of it in this pack! The star of the show is the waterslide, but there are other smaller objects that add new functionality too, like the bird feeder and the drinks tray. And the dining table has a little unusual tweak which means that SIX sims can sit around it, more than the usual four, which makes it a bit special. There are also some windchimes which have some customisable features. It feels a bit like some of the development time has been dispersed throughout this pack, rather than focusing on one or two specific objects. The main bulk of the animation goes to the waterslide, but in total there are six objects in this pack that have customised features: the waterslide; the bird feeder; the six-seater dining table; the animated windmills; the windchimes; and the drinks tray. The citronella candle also has a nice smoke animation but I’m not sure if that’s new.

While I like having a lot of features, I feel like maybe they stretched themselves a tiny bit too far. The bird animations are a bit too choppy, for example. But all in all the items are really nice.

– The waterslide:

I have to admit, I like this item more than I thought I would! It’s quite a fun object and there are different animations every time your Sim slides, which makes it enjoyable to watch! Alan the Clown was the first to try out the water slide and he was a bit of a pro! He seemed to enjoy doing trick slides!

07-22-16_11-54-31 AM

07-22-16_2-28-59 PM

Parker Mouse arrived home from school (still getting straight A’s, the smart little mouse). Parker is cheeky and decided it was more fun to add soap to the water slide and make it all bubbly! Alan agreed, it was much more fun! I thought it was funny that Parker, a ghost, could float straight back to the starting point and Alan could slide right through him!

07-22-16_12-04-53 PM

07-22-16_12-05-33 PM

07-22-16_12-06-04 PM

07-22-16_12-18-42 PM

07-22-16_12-17-50 PM

Then it was Cinderelli’s turn…

She wasn’t exactly graceful! Later, it made me laugh that she got into bed still covered in bubbles! 😄

07-22-16_12-24-24 PM

07-22-16_12-25-52 PM

07-22-16_12-26-57 PM

07-22-16_12-29-32 PM

07-22-16_12-31-22 PM

07-22-16_12-40-47 PM

07-22-16_12-42-08 PM

07-22-16_12-43-32 PM

07-22-16_12-44-39 PM

I think the water slide is a really fun item and it will be great on community lots too! I’d be a great object for a pop-up Fun Day at the park, or for beaches if we get a tropical world (or if you’re using the Tropical Getaway Mod Pack). My niggly complaints are that it would have been nice to have a plain option, because the bright designs are a bit childish, and it would have been nice to have a plain version more suitable for teens or young adults. Also, that it would have been nice if it was an inventory object, to make it usable in the big empty area in Newcrest or the beach area in Windenburg. Other than that, it’s a fun item!

– The bird house

This is possibly my favourite item in the pack! It’s just so sweet! And it would be really nice for elders who enjoy gardening. I had Cinderelli feed the birds and luckily she wasn’t attacketed. But one bird did look quite grumpy and aggressive so she backed off. 😄

I would have loved a version that looked more rustic like the decorative birdhouse, and the bird animations are very jumpy! But it’s a nice object anyway and I’m pleased to have it.

07-23-16_9-56-02 PM

07-23-16_9-59-50 PM

bird watching

– The juice tray

This is a little bit like the drinks tray from Spa Day but with a few notable exceptions. Firstly, there is a new mixing and pouring animation which is much nicer than the magical swipe animation. Then there are three brand new drinks choices: lemonade; iced tea; and a citrus drink (I forgot the name). The sim will pour out six drinks onto the tray and leave the jug half full (or half empty depending on your philosophical outlook on life). A nice feature is that you can drag the drinks off the tray in live mode and then fill up the tray for a second time, giving you a total of twelve servings.

07-22-16_2-21-18 PM

07-22-16_2-21-43 PM

07-22-16_2-22-06 PM

07-22-16_2-22-21 PM

07-22-16_2-23-06 PM

And when life gives you lemonade you have to SELL IT!!!

If you have Get to Work you can use the retail system to purchase a small empty lot and set up a little lemonade stand! You can either use vanilla content to make a little stall, or you can grab the converted lemonade stand from TS3 by Oh My Sims! The lemonade can be set for sale! It is a little on the expensive side though, so a refreshing glass of sugared lemon water will not come cheaply to your simmies!

07-23-16_11-07-52 PM

07-24-16_9-18-24 PM

07-24-16_9-22-02 PM

07-24-16_9-24-45 PM

Finally, the wind-chimes are another really nice item. They are customisable, so you can choose what material they are made out of and the length of the bars, which affect the pitch and tone.


I have to admit I wasn’t exactly wowed by the CAS-assets in this pack. They’re just… nice. Usable but nothing too exciting. There are some nice hairstyles, the wavy bob and the dreadlocks are useful, and they have ombre options.

07-19-16_6-50-54 PM

07-19-16_6-50-41 PM

07-19-16_6-52-30 PM

07-19-16_6-51-05 PM

The clothing is usable and good for everyday wear. There are some skinny jeans that tuck into boots, which is a small detail we’ve not had yet, and for skinny jean fans like me, it’s nice to have this! And there are some shorts, shirts, and new t-shirt designs. I do really like the t-shirt with the knot in the front, and it has some nice metallic details on the different designs. I also like the cute little dungarees and would wear these in real life if it had a t-shirt underneath (I’m hoping I can manage to modify this with Sims4Studio). There is also a nice bodysuit with a lace panel in the back which can double up as a swimsuit.

07-19-16_6-34-37 PM

07-19-16_6-40-46 PM

07-19-16_6-59-24 PM

07-19-16_6-59-42 PM

07-19-16_6-59-58 PM

07-19-16_7-02-56 PM

07-19-16_7-03-29 PM

07-19-16_7-03-52 PM

07-19-16_10-07-59 PM

07-19-16_10-08-17 PM

07-19-16_10-08-09 PM

While the items are nice, I can’t help thinking this pack was a bit light in the wardrobe department and it could have benefited from a few more options. Maybe a few accessories or even just some more swatch options to bulk it out a bit.

07-22-16_12-37-12 PM

‘So, what do we think boys?’

The water slide is a lot of fun and it’s nice to have a new activity to do with family and friends. The other gameplay objects are nice to have as well: the bird feeder is sweet; the wind chimes are welcome; and the drinks tray is useful. It’s a great to have a bigger outdoor table that can seat more sims, especially for backyard parties! Most of the furniture and clutter is really pretty and fits in well when combined with existing content. Some of the items are a bit large though, and the items could have had a few muted colour alternatives. The new hair and clothing are nice and useful.

Backyard Stuff is a good pack and I’m happy to have the content in my game. Is it my favourite stuff pack? I’d have to say no. But there’s enough content in there to keep me amused for a while. ^__^

Enjoy! And remember to keep a little birdhouse in your soul!

The Banditos Family: Jealousy

06-12-16_3-40-49 PM

Sophia woke up to find her husband had already left the bed. Perhaps he was making her breakfast? But he wasn’t in the kitchen… where was he?

As a supermodel, Sophia is comfortable with her body and doesn’t always bother to cover-up when she is walking round the house, despite her brother-in-law often being around. So she prepared herself breakfast in her smexy underwear. Eating breakfast in the garden she suddenly felt very lonely. Her children had left for school and perhaps her husband had gone to the restaurant early. It was a new business after all.

06-12-16_3-41-46 PM

06-12-16_3-43-18 PM

But Sophia has the jealous trait, which made her anxious when her husband wasn’t accounted for. Who was he with? What could he be doing? What if he found one of the waitresses attractive and had an affair?

A sudden pang of insecurity had her running to a mirror to check her appearance. What if Carlos didn’t find her attractive anymore? What if he decided he wanted a divorce? Sophia checked her reflection anxiously, but she couldn’t see any grey hairs and her skin was still remarkably unwrinkled thanks to regular visits to Doctor Landgraab. Surely she was just being paranoid? It’s natural she would feel lonely during busy periods when her husband would be out of the house a lot on business.

06-12-16_3-46-33 PM

06-12-16_3-47-13 PM

06-12-16_3-49-20 PM

Unfortunately for Sophia, her instincts about her husband were correct. He’d received a text from one of his waitresses early that morning, asking him out to breakfast. Carlos probably convinced himself it was an entirely innocent brunch with one of his staff members to discuss the running of the business. But if he was honest with himself, he couldn’t resist flirting with other women, it made him feel attractive.


Carlos dressed carefully for the meeting, with his hair carefully shaped and dressed in a freshly pressed shirt and a sharp new suit. He knew success came to those who looked the part, and a businessman with a new enterprise had to dress to impress!

He was slightly irritated to find Imani was dressed much less attractively than she had been at work (in his opinion) but made a complimentary remark about her legs anyway. Imani giggled and seemed slightly in awe of her glamorous new boss, which stroked Carlos’ ego and spurred him on.

06-12-16_4-04-30 PM

06-12-16_4-04-41 PM

06-12-16_4-05-50 PM

06-12-16_4-06-33 PM

Imani shyly explained that she needed to use the restroom. Carlos was happy to feel like he was taking charge and spoke to the host to wrangle a prime table. When he was seated, Imani returned and he was pleased to see that she had changed clothes in the bathroom and was now wearing a tight top, heels and a smexy pair of glasses.

‘I spent the night at my sisters,’ she explained, ‘and didn’t have time to dress for work before I left.’

Carlos smoothly complimented the new outfit. Then, for the sake of appearances, he adopted a professional manner and began to discuss the competition’s menu. If anyone spotted them together, and if anything got back to his wife, he could honestly say it was a business meeting.

As Imani left she whispered over her shoulder that she was excited to see him later at his restaurant. Carlos smiled in anticipation.

06-12-16_4-07-30 PM

06-12-16_4-08-47 PM

06-12-16_4-11-17 PM

06-12-16_4-28-27 PM

06-12-16_4-31-43 PM

06-12-16_5-21-26 PM

06-12-16_5-26-11 PM

06-12-16_5-28-20 PM

Back at home, Antonio had arrived looking for his brother. Carlos was supposed to have met him at the restaurant that morning to move some tables into a better position. He’d had to do it all alone, but he wasn’t sure if he’d got it right. Carlos would probably have him move them all around again. He was hot and sweaty, and he needed a drink. He peeled off his t-shirt, intending to get in the shower, and as he grabbed a glass of water he eyed himself in the mirror. He was pleased to see all that labour had given his lean frame a bit of definition.

06-12-16_7-55-34 PM

06-12-16_7-56-24 PM

Just then, Sophia burst in on him in a huff. Startled by the sudden intrusion, Antonio almost dropped his glass!

‘Where is my husband?’ she demanded, ‘Have you seen him?’

Tony was used to covering for his brother. He didn’t know where Carlos was, but he wasn’t stupid enough to tell his temperamental sister-in-law that!

‘He’s at the restaurant,’ he lied smoothly, ‘we were moving tables around and he needed to stay behind and make sure we’d got it right. He said something about the menu too, but I don’t do any of that stuff.’

‘Carlos? Moving tables?’ repeated Sophia sceptically.

‘Well,’ Tony conceded, ‘he actually kind-of supervised the whole thing… from the bar.’

Sophia laughed at this, it did sound like her husband to make everyone else do all the hard work!

‘Ok, well when you see him remind him to ring his wife!’ Sophia left the room looking reassured.

Tony watched her walk away with a bitter taste in his mouth. If he had a wife like that there was no way he’d be screwing around and messing it up! He looked back at his reflection earnestly, if Sophia was his girl he’d be with her every moment of every hour of every day. Most men could only dream of getting that lucky. And what was Carlos really doing? Well, he could take a good guess.

Sophia had felt better for a moment, but the nagging doubts resurfaced again. She couldn’t relax when her husband wasn’t answering his phone.

06-12-16_7-56-57 PM

06-12-16_7-57-27 PM

06-12-16_7-57-46 PM

06-12-16_7-59-25 PM

The Banditos Family: Serving Up Trouble

06-11-16_9-27-43 PM

You might remember the little girl who followed my doctor home? Well, her name is Isabella Banditos and she is the daughter of a very powerful ‘businessman’ and his supermodel wife. Her uncle Antonio picked her up and brought her back to their villa in Oasis Springs, annoyed that she’d inconvenienced them all during an important deal. Her father, Carlos, was starting a new business to add to his portfolio, and Isabella had run away during the night.

It was morning when they arrived back at the villa, and Isabella knew she was in trouble. The mood in the house was tense, partially because of the business deal, and partially because they all blamed each other for Isabella’s disappearance.

06-11-16_9-52-46 PM

Isabella’s big brother Marcos had slept through the whole thing, he only learned of her absence when he woke up to find her being brought home.

He confronted his mother, ‘Why didn’t you wake me up? I could have helped you look for her.’

Sophia was sensitive to criticism and she snapped at him, ‘She was perfectly fine. She only did this to get attention because we’ve all been so busy!’

The truth was she that she had been worried about Isabella too. She was angry at herself for being so distracted, and mad at her brother-in-law who was supposed to have been watching her.

06-11-16_9-53-57 PM

Marcos wasn’t happy but you couldn’t argue with his mother, she was too defensive. He shook his head and went to find some breakfast. Isabella wandered in, tired and hungry after her big adventure.

‘What were you thinking Bella?’ he asked gently, ‘You can’t just run off like that without telling anyone.’

‘I didn’t run off,’ Isabella replied with her chin stuck out defiantly, ‘Uncle Tony went for coffee with a nurse while he was waiting for me at the hospital, and he didn’t come back!’

‘So you should have told one of the doctors…’ Marcos began.

‘That’s what I did!’ Isabella exclaimed. ‘Doctor Khan had been so nice to me, so I asked for him but they said he’d gone home.’

‘So you followed him home?’ asked Marcos, mildly amused despite his concerns.

‘She did,’ Antonio said as he walked into the kitchen, ‘And I did go back to pick her up, but she’d already ran off to find her hero doctor!’

Marcos sighed, ‘Come on you, let’s get you to school before you get into any more trouble!’

06-11-16_9-57-07 PM

06-11-16_9-57-42 PM

06-11-16_9-58-44 PM

06-11-16_9-59-48 PM

06-11-16_10-00-26 PM

06-11-16_10-02-57 PM

Meanwhile, Isabella and Marcos’ father was getting ready to open his new business! He was feeling very upbeat as he waited for his new staff to show up. He’d bought a tiny bar in Oasis Springs and turned it into a small Spanish restaurant.

As his new staff arrived he tried to perk them all up by dancing to the salsa music and giving them all a quick pep talk! Then he took up his position behind the bar (the best job) and practised mixing the new signature cocktails his wife had designed.

06-11-16_10-16-13 PM

06-11-16_10-25-57 PM

06-11-16_10-32-47 PM

06-11-16_10-33-51 PM

06-11-16_10-55-45 PM

When they opened the doors a steady steam of customers poured in. Carlos’ staff did the best they could, but they weren’t very experienced, so Carlos laid on some of his charm to smooth things over with the customers. His charm worked well, especially with the ladies, and he was pleased to see good reviews for his first day.

Another perk was a visit from the local celebrity, Iggy Spacedust, who had been doing a gig nearby and had popped in with his family for a quick bite. Carlos was quick to give Iggy and his entourage special treatment! Unfortunately, one of his waitresses got a little starstruck and had to have a drink to calm her nerves. 😄

06-11-16_10-53-17 PM

06-11-16_10-53-44 PM

06-11-16_10-29-35 PM

06-11-16_10-31-20 PM

06-11-16_10-48-51 PM

06-11-16_10-49-07 PM

When the last customer left and they began to clean up before the evening shift, Carlos went to talk to his staff to encourage them and offer them advice. He praised the elderly chef, who had worked so hard getting all those orders out! He believed he got the best out of his workers if he laid on the charm, so even though he was annoyed at the waitress for drinking so obviously in front of customers, he encouraged her in his charming and persuasive way.

It would be a shame if such an attractive waitress quit, he thought as he left the kitchen.

As they counted the takings for the day, Carlos felt like they’d had a successful first shift and he did a little dance to celebrate!

06-11-16_10-56-30 PM

06-11-16_10-58-04 PM

06-11-16_10-58-46 PM

06-11-16_11-01-51 PM

Back at home, Marcos encouraged his sister to do her homework, ‘You want to be smart like that doctor, don’t you?’

Then he spent some time working out by the pool before bed.

His father got home late, he cleared up the mess his family had made, wishing his wife would agree to them hiring a maid. Then he too spent some time in the pool under the twinkling stars.

06-11-16_11-23-48 PM

06-11-16_11-30-13 PM

06-11-16_11-37-37 PM

06-12-16_3-38-04 PM

06-12-16_3-38-11 PM

06-12-16_3-38-51 PM

06-12-16_3-39-18 PM

News: The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Announcement and Trailer

I’m so excited about that bird feeder! I feel like I’m going to burst into song like Mary Poppins. 😄

*caterwauling* Feeeeeeed the biiiiiird, tuppence a baaaaaag!

So the Backyard Stuff pack seems aimed at family and friends hanging out in the garden. It has a summery feel with the slip n slide and cheerful animated windmills. It seems like the Lawn Water Slide is the main feature of the pack, and it has different animations like a sexy pose or a surfing pose. There is also a fail animation which is quite amusing, and I love that Sim covered in bubbles at the end!

Interestingly, there are lots of gameplay objects in this pack. There is the bird-feeder with new animations. There is also a juice pitcher with a choice of lemonade or iced tea. This seems like an updated version of the drinks tray that came with Spa Day because it actually has a pouring animation. I’m a little bit disappointed that it doesn’t appear to have a recipe that uses the harvestable lemons, but I’m excited to have the local kids set up a lemonade stall again (I figure I can use the retail system for this somehow). As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a set of wind chimes which have lots of customisable options: ‘Choose from bamboo, ceramic, or metallic chimes… pair them together if you like, or even set the length of the rods to adjust the chime’s pitch’.

Oh, there is also a new style of patio table with SIX seats instead of the usual four. This is great if you have a big family gathering and want a couple more seats around the dining table (granddad can sit at the kids’ table). And there are lots of nice decorative objects like the animated windmills, and general summer garden clutter. I like the step ladder with the flower pots! And finally, we have that Sim classic… the white picket fence!

There are some new relaxed hairstyles in the pack, with some ombre colour options. And an assortment of summery clothes. And SimGuruPizza just tweeted out that we have skinny jeans that can be tucked into boots! Yes!

There seems like a lot of gameplay content for your money in this pack, and I think this will definitely be worth getting!

TS4 Blog: The Freegans – From Trash to Cash!

05-31-16_10-29-23 PM

The Freegans were doing a little bit better now. And by ‘better’ I mean they’d had a shower and ate some questionable mushrooms. So at least they were no longer stinky and starving!

Daphne was feeling frustrated. She was itching to write something! Being half-dazed all the time and staring mindlessly at clouds for several hours a day had prompted a surge in the imaginative area of her brain. She was desperate to find a pen and paper and to write her thoughts down.

She was also very tired of reading the same book over and over again. After much begging and whining she convinced the others to go into town for a visit to the library.

By the time they arrived it was dark, and the long walk had made them hungry. The coffee shop was closed, and all they had to eat was a bag full of onions that Penelope had gathered on the way.

Daphne looked at the silvery-skinned vegetable with hesitation. ‘I don’t think I can eat it raw.’

‘You’re a Freegan,’ said Apollo with determination in his eyes, ‘you’ve eaten out of bins, you’ve eaten rotting fish… you’ve eaten mushroom hotdogs that taste like feet! You can do this!’

Daphne took a deep breath, she supposed she’d have to.

‘Oh,’ she cried in surprise, ‘it wasn’t that bad actually!’

‘I’ve had worse,’ Penelope grumbled behind her back, thinking about those hotdogs.

05-31-16_10-28-53 PM

05-31-16_10-31-45 PM

05-31-16_10-31-57 PM

05-31-16_10-32-12 PM

05-31-16_10-32-47 PM

The library was beautiful! Daphne immediately loved the old and peaceful building. She wanted to go and poke around the shelves and find something interesting to read, but first, she had work to do. Daphne found a dusty looking computer upstairs and sat down to work.

05-31-16_10-33-38 PM

05-31-16_10-33-02 PM

05-31-16_10-33-21 PM

05-31-16_10-35-03 PM

Penelope had been reluctant to walk into town, until she spotted an easel set up near the waterfront. Luckily she’d brought some painting materials with her (mostly dyes made from vegetable extract and brushes made from water reeds and pigeon feathers). Soon she was painting away and became so engrossed in what she was doing she didn’t realise the sun had come up!

05-31-16_10-37-22 PM

05-31-16_10-38-56 PM

Daphne had finished her short story, and Apollo agreed to proofread it. Penelope checked the bins around town while she waited. When the story had been checked over, Daphne submitted it to an free online self-publisher, who even sent out a complimentary physical copy in the mail! If she wanted more copies, she would have to buy them, but she earned a small amount of money each week from advertising when people read her online version.

05-31-16_10-41-27 PM

05-31-16_10-40-56 PM

They walked home feeling tired after staying up all night. Apollo decided to stop by the spot behind the pub where people seemed to dump their unwanted furniture. He was glad he did! He picked up a dirty and rusted folding table, a stained yoga mat, and best of all… A TENT!!! Finally, they could stop sleeping in the poop-bush! He wasn’t sure the tent was much cleaner… but at least they had separate places to sleep and poop now!

05-31-16_10-58-10 PM

05-31-16_11-00-32 PM

05-31-16_10-54-52 PM

05-31-16_10-46-05 PM

Daphne placed her book down on the table. Surely someone would want to buy this masterpiece? Penelope placed a few more items down that they’d found on their travels. Well, it wasn’t going to win any awards for ‘Most Nicely Presented Shop’ but at least it was a start. The Freegans got into position and waited for customers. Daphne gave the table a quick clean!

05-31-16_10-46-45 PM

05-31-16_10-49-10 PM

05-31-16_10-51-48 PM

Unbelievably, people who were walking past wandered over to take a look. And once one or two people showed an interest, it attracted other people! Soon they had a small crowd.

Penelope’s charm and Apollo’s charisma soon impressed the group and one of them actually made a purchase! Finally, they were starting to establish themselves.

05-31-16_10-52-07 PM

05-31-16_11-16-14 PM

05-31-16_11-20-21 PM

05-31-16_11-20-42 PM

05-31-16_11-12-30 PM

05-31-16_11-12-55 PM

Things are looking up for the Freegan household! ❤