Seasons Mods Updates!

I’ll be working on checking and updating my mods over the next week or so. Thank you all for your patience. I know it’s frustrating waiting for your favourite mods to be updated, I miss my mods folder too! When I have updated my mods and custom content, I will list it below. If the mod or cc is not listed it has not been checked/updated for Seasons and you should remove it from your game until it is listed.

Mods Updated for Seasons:

Auto NPCs (Barista, Stall Vendor and Bartender)

Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain

More Flea Market Objects

Buy Groceries and Fish from GTW Registers

Hire Market Vendors for Free

Free Bartender and Barista!

Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

Alternate Monster Night Light

Storage Crate

Custom Content Updated for Seasons:

(watch this space)


TS4 Download: Buy Groceries and Fish from GTW Registers

Updated for Seasons!

Update! A few people are asking where I got the chicken and cheese ingredients. This was just something I was messing around with in my own game. I think the model for the cheese came from Sims Medieval and the meat models came from Budgie 2 Budgie’s site.

This is just a little mod I needed for my own game. I cloned the GTW retail registers and added ‘Buy Supplies’ interactions based on the catch of the day fish stall from Cats & Dogs and the groceries you can buy from the Ranger Station from Outdoor Retreat. There are two separate registers, one for fish and one for groceries, so you could use them for two separate shops or have both registers in one store.

You will not see ALL the fish and groceries in the lists. Special items such as the cow plant seed or dragon fruit will not be available and you’ll still need to get these through your gameplay. However, most custom ingredients will show on the list depending on how the creator has tagged them.

!!!Requirements!!! Get to Work is required as the register is cloned from the GTW retail register and still needs files from that expansion to run all the other interactions. The mod may also require Outdoor Retreat and Cats & Dogs because I used their code as a base, however I did create custom tuning files so it might still work without them. Ideally you’d have all three packs.

Download Here! (Dropbox)

TS4 Download: So Shady Lipsticks

I got tired of using the same 3 lipsticks and frustrated with the lack of natural matte shades to suit all skintones. So I decided to make my own and got carried away as usual! In total I made five lipstick packages.

* Matte Recolours – Natural: I used the matte lipstick from Get Together as a base and reduced the lipliner, especially around the corners of the mouth where the lipstick bleeds off the edges of the lip. I’d call these the ‘everyday shades’ in 30 summery colours. They particularly suit mid-tone skin colours.

* Matte Recolours – Natural Light: These are the lightest shades of lipstick, designed to look like nude lips with no makeup. However, they come in 30 shades of subtle peach, red and pink tones so they give just a hint of colour and are pretty easy to match with lighter skintones.

* Matte Recolours – Natural Dark: I’m in love with grungy late 90’s make up at the moment and these shades are my current favourites (can I haz irl plz?)! They come in 30 brown, red and plum shades. They look best on light to mid skintones, but a couple of colours look pretty glam on darker skintones too.

* Matte Recolours – Daring: 30 bright shades in orange, pink and red tones with a couple of quirky blue and black options for fun! These suit light to mid skintones best.

* Matte Recolours – For Dark Skintones: These lipsticks took the most amount of time as I graduated the colours across the lips to make them blend better and look less blocky on the edges. In the end I’m really pleased with how they turned out and I hope you like them too. There are 40 shades in a range of plummy or soft nude colours and they were made specifically for darker skintones.

Download Here!

* Special thanks to Sims 4 Studio and this tutorial on how to change the skin of the model in the viewer which was super helpful!

The Junk Mod V2!

01/06/2018 – Thank you to everyone who have reported that the mod has broken after a patch. I do plan on updating once Seasons is installed.

I've completely re-made this mod from scratch and there are a few changes. Firstly I've taken away the actual junk pile as I didn't feel like it fit the art style of TS4 properly. Instead the interactions have been added to most of the outdoor bins you find all around the existing open worlds and on community lots. So you will be able to search for junk as soon as you install the mod without having to set anything up (assuming there is trash in the bin, if the bin is empty you obviously won’t find anything in there because… logic).

You can now specify what kind of trash you are searching for: furniture, electronics, or random junk. This is useful in different scenarios, for example a runaway teen might be looking for a tent and a shower (junk), a handy sim might be looking to repair some electronics to sell in their store (electronics), or a student might just need some cheap and cheerful furniture for their dorm room.

Of course, it would be too easy if you could simply find a load of awesome stuff in the trash! So to balance this out a little, I reduced the value of all the items to around 10% of the normal price. So you can’t earn a huge profit from simply selling the items as-is. To make it a bit more realistic I tried to also make the objects dirty or broken where possible, so they will need fixing and cleaning when you pull them out of the trash. Other objects are given descriptive text like ‘wobbly table’ and I created dirty looking swatches for most objects.

However (I’m really excited about this part!!!) I really love the idea of up-cycling salvaged objects. So I spent a lot of time adding custom swatches for many of the items! I particularly chose a festival/beachy style which I think fits the art style of the game. I also found that the beach recolours work really well in Brindleton Bay, especially on the Outdoor Retreat items which have a new lease of life! So once you’ve pulled your salvaged items from the trash and cleaned/repaired them, you can drag the objects onto a lot (community lots work just fine as long as it’s not in the open world) where you can use the design tool to change the look of your items as though the Sim has given them a makeover with some new fabrics! The mod works great for festivals on a budget and I plan to have my design student up-cycle furniture and sell it in a store to pay her way through uni!

I’ve thoroughly tested the mod and everything seems to be up and running perfectly on my end, but do let me know if you find any issues. I hope to continue to update this mod by adding more items.

The items that you can find require:

* The Base Game
* Get Together
* City Living
* Outdoor Retreat

So all the above are REQUIRED for the mod to function properly. You can still try to use it if you are missing any of those packs but the missing objects will not drop and the game will throw an error at you when it tries to drop those items. Also note that I removed the yoga mat for now as I wanted to use the minimal amount of expansions for this version, but I plan to re-add it again in an alternative version.

Download Here! (Dropbox)

Created with Sims4Studio.

Updated! 7th December 2017. Since the code for salvaging items was based on EA’s ‘rummage’ code, the interaction was disabled on home lots. Sadly, this also meant that Sims couldn’t rummage for trash in the open world areas around their lots (apparently Sims own the whole neighbourhood… go figure!). I changed the code to allow Sims to salvage items on their home lots and surrounding areas as I felt like this was more beneficial for players who like to avoid loading screens. This means that Sims can also salvage on their home lot, which isn’t ideal, but we can imagine some naughty Sim has dumped their trash on our lot. XD Thank you to Jymm for drawing my attention to the problem. ❤ Please redownload and replace the file.

TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours

I really love the country counters that came with Parenthood and thought they’d look great with the wooden texture from the hipster base game counters. So… here they are! I cloned all the original counter colours and added either a light, dark, or black wood surface depending on the original counter colour for each swatch (or variant if you are Sim Guru Daniel).

The texture works really well on the wall counters, but sadly it doesn’t quite match when you place different shaped pieces island counters side by side. I don’t think it’s too bad (see pics below).

They are standalone recolours and they do not override the originals.

Parenthood is required for the counter meshes.

Download Here!

TS4 Download: Portable City Living Chair + Recolours

I really love the simple, affordable Ikea-like chair from City Living but I’ve always thought it should be portable. I like the portable chairs from Outdoor Retreat and use them often, but they don’t suit every scenario. So having a portable version of the City Living chair is super-handy, especially when used alongside other portable objects such as the fire pit, outdoor table, game table and flea market stand! They also come in handy if you want to throw a party and need extra chairs.

I also wanted to make some recolours. I do like the matching coloured frames, but also wanted some with a basic metal frame. So I did that. I added a purple and cyan option as well. And I got a bit carried away and made 4 versions with bright retro patterns because why not?! You can mix and match them too.

The chairs are standalone recolours, so they do not override the original version. You can find them next to the original version in the buy-mode catalogue. I included swatches of all the original colours too, because I wanted to make them portable.

City Living is required as the modded versions reference the original mesh.

Outdoor Retreat might also be required as I use the official portable chair tuning, however I’m not sure if this tuning was patched to the base game or not. So I’d appreciate feedback on that.

Download Here! (Dropbox)

TS4 Download: More Flea Market Objects

Updated for Seasons!


I love LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE the flea market sales objects that came with City Living! I like how they provide a way to start off your retail business without having to own a full venue like in Get to Work, which I feel is something to work up to. And I like that I can sell things on a home lot too. I like making multi purpose lots, so the fact that I can use sales tables practically anywhere makes them a really useful object to me!

I wanted to add the code to more objects, so I could create a bit more of a professional look to my home businesses. I particularly wanted one of the cake fridges and the bakery shelves. I edited their meshes to remove the decorative objects that take up room on the shelves, touched-up the textures, and added loads more slots! Then I gave them tuning to give them the functions of the sales table, and I made them drag-able in Live mode.

I also added an extra table on request for people who want to create a historical or rustic market. I cloned a table from Get Together and gave it the flea market table code but I haven’t given it extra slots. I did remove the slots for chairs and plates though, so it can’t be used as a dining table.


Since these objects are cloned from the official game they rely on resources in the appropriate expansion packs:

* Bakery Stand and Refrigerated Display – Get to Work and City Living are required!

* Rustic Table – Get Together and City Living are required!

The zip contains the separate files for each object, so you can just install whichever wants you want. The refrigerated display has custom tuning which is contained in that file.

Download here!


Extra info:

* These objects were made and edited using Sims4Studio and G.I.M.P.

* Edited versions of these objects have already been made by other simmers, I also have SrslySims’ version in my game which act like the normal fridge and shelves but are also decluttered, recoloured, and have more slots. You can use both versions in game and they don’t conflict. Great if you want both functions!

* The small herbs in the image and the string lights are by Omorfi Mera and there are loads of other great objects to check out at her blog!

* The stepladder shelf is by Around the Sims and there are more fab items there for gardening loving Sims!

* There are also some separated objects that are by OrangeMittens.

TS4 Downloads: Archaeology Mod


One of my Sims was an Indiana Jones type archaeologist and university professor in TS3. Although we can dig up fossils and things in TS4, I felt like I needed a bit of extra content to support my gameplay and so I made this small archaeology mod.

In the buy catalogue you will find a couple of new items under the knowledge tag. The main one is a rock similar to the existing fossil rock in the game. One difference is that this rock can be bought and carried in your inventory. This allows you to set up an archaeological dig site wherever you like.

When you click on this rock you will get the option to ‘uncover relics’. You will then get one of several new relic objects in your inventory. There is also a chance that this interaction will drop a rubble pile that you can sift through to uncover more relics.






I converted several relic meshes from TS3 World Adventures and several swatches, so there is a decent variety of relics that can drop from this first version of the mod.

The relics can be placed in the world and your sim can ‘analyze’ them which will drop ‘academic notes’ into their inventory.





Finally, the relics can either be sold to the art gallery for a tidy little profit. Or you can donate them to a museum. The academic notes can also be sold for a bit of side income.


I also have my archaeologist use the writing skill to publish his findings, and will use the podium for lectures, but the mod doesn’t currently add any extra options to these.


The mod uses code and features from the detective career from the Get to Work expansion pack, so this is required.

Please install ALL the files that are contained in the zipped folder as they are all required for the mod to function correctly. However, you can keep them inside the sub-folder to keep them organised together.

Download Here!

TS4 Download: Vintage Glamour Desk as Vanity


I really love the style of Vintage Glamour and the vanities are so lovely! But I found myself desiring a celebrity backstage style version of the vanity, you know, the kind with the lamps around the mirror? At first I tried converting the vanity from TS3 Showtime (I think it was a dresser?) but I wasn’t happy with the recolours and couldn’t figure out how to get the lights to actually light up! I’m not planning on completing that project. However, if you are interested in that tackling that yourself you can grab it here.


In the end I felt it better to clone the Vintage Glamour desk and make it act like a vanity. You can use it with any mirror then and get the same effect. The one I’m using in this screenshot is by Around the Sims and you can grab it here. The desk has all the vanity interactions like applying make-up, and the mirror interactions are on there too (I love that the SP team thought of that!). Your Sims can also use it like a normal desk and do their homework on it, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom!

The desk is a clone, so it will not overwrite the original one. It comes with all the swatches too. The desk shares some resources with the original desk, so you will need the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack to make it show up in your game. The stuff pack is essential for all the vanity interactions and animations as well.

Download Here!