TS4 Download: Skylight Roof Pieces

10-25-15_5-20-28 PM

Here are several roof pieces converted from the Skylight Dance Studio. They can be found under sculptures. You will need to use the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to place them properly. They come in 3 basic colours: white, blue, and red.

Download Here!

10-25-15_5-21-09 PM

Placement Guide:

Placing these deco roof pieces can be a bit tricky, so here are a few steps to get you started!

* Turn on the bb.moveobjects cheat.

* Build a small room. Since the pieces are 3×3 you’ll need to make the room in multiples of this size. For now, make the room a small 3×3 square.

10-25-15_5-22-19 PM

* Click on the ceiling to delete it. Then also delete the floor.

10-25-15_5-22-28 PM

10-25-15_5-22-35 PM

* Find the very low border fence and pick a similar colour to the roof pieces you’ve chosen. Replace the walls with the fence. (You can’t just delete the walls as this affects the room above and makes it harder to position the roof pieces on the next level)

10-25-15_5-22-47 PM

10-25-15_5-22-59 PM

* Place the roof pieces around the outside of the room, starting with the flat pieces, and then filling in with the corner pieces.

10-25-15_5-23-24 PM

10-25-15_5-23-41 PM

* Now the outside is done, you can go up a level and place the top piece.

10-25-15_5-24-26 PM

10-25-15_5-24-29 PM

* Now you can place a door! Delete one of the side pieces and replace the wall. You can now place doors and windows. ^__^

10-25-15_5-24-44 PM

10-25-15_5-24-54 PM

10-25-15_5-25-06 PM

10-25-15_5-25-12 PM

More Things!

* You can grab a decorative ballet barre from Tinkle.

* Yoga poses poster by Martine.

* Simply Nando has made some brilliant recolours of the skylight pieces here!



TS4 Download: Brunch at the Old Mission Farm

!!!UPDATE!!! 12/01/2016

One of the patches broke the functionality of the canning station and bakers oven, I’ve fixed the issue so please download the updated versions HERE and replace the old ones. ^__^

10-15-15_11-07-50 PM

Ok… I confess this is a mish-mash of TS3 store items and base game items that I just liked to use for a farm-style kitchen. In this set:

* Functional Canning Station: The hob is functional and sims will be able to cook or brew a herbal remedy on it as usual. Since there are cupboards where the oven would be, I disabled the use of the oven. Unfortunately the gas FX doesn’t quite line up properly, I was able to align it but sims were unable to complete the interaction. I also added several slots.

10-15-15_11-31-48 PM

10-15-15_10-58-22 PM

* Functional Baker’s Oven: I used Varanka’s model as a base as she did a wonderful job of animating the oven door and her version is required for mine to work. I added slots and disabled the hob, and sims can still use the oven to bake.

10-15-15_11-18-48 PM

10-15-15_11-03-57 PM

* Counters: these are recognised by sims as kitchen counters and sims can use them to prepare food as usual. They have all the same slots as a normal counter, including a slot for an appliance. However, sinks and dishwashers cannot be placed inside them properly… sowwy. They are unlike Sims 4 counters as they do not have the various shapes, so I added a ‘corner counter’ décor object to fill in the corners.

10-15-15_11-25-22 PM

10-15-15_11-26-19 PM

10-15-15_11-02-46 PM

* Kitchen Sink: As if I’d forget the kitchen sink!

10-15-15_11-00-44 PM

* Tables, Chairs and Pantry: The seat of the chair mesh was a little bit low, so I adjusted the mesh to properly accommodate a TS4 sim’s bottom. ^__^

10-15-15_10-51-22 PM

10-15-15_11-27-23 PM

10-15-15_11-30-00 PM

* Décor well and jar-less box: Just… because.

10-15-15_11-09-50 PM

10-15-15_11-30-57 PM

I put in quite a bit of time and effort into making 3 complete colour combinations based on the original baker’s station. I found this quite tricky but I did my best. You will also find some objects have extra colours which came with the original TS3 meshes, I have no plans to make a whole set out of these, I just threw them in as extra options. The 3 full colour sets are:

10-15-15_11-09-17 PM

10-15-15_11-07-50 PM

10-15-15_10-52-51 PM

Working on this set was a big challenge for me and I pushed my knowledge of creating custom content further than I have before. Things like disabling interaction and adding slots is completely new to me in TS4 and was accomplished 50% with tutorials from Sims4Studio and 50% guess-work and jabbing at files blindly. I’m sorry is anything isn’t too perfect, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved and I’m happy with these items in my own game. 🙂

Download and install Veranka’s Baker’s Station HERE! Required!!!

Download my set HERE!

Other great farmy conversions:

Country Living Conversion by EmpathLunabella at MTS4.

Loree’s Little Farm.

Old Mill Ivy by Veranka.

Finally, the wonderful ‘Sprout in a Repurposed Can’ (used to show the slots in my screenshots) is by the equally wonderful Orangemittens at Sims4Studio

Happy Simming! ^__^

TS4 Download: Medieval Market

10-09-15_2-46-22 PM

The Sims Medieval market stalls are some of my favourite items in the game! I love anything rustic or farmy, so I had to have these for the Sims 4! (If you’d like these for The Sims 3 you can find them at Jenni Sims. I must stress that I converted these items directly from TSM, and not from Jenni’s TS3 version.) I can’t wait to make a farmer’s market with these goodies! Woo! \o/

And if you use these in your game I’d love to see your builds! You can always share your screenshots with me on Twitter. ^__^

There are lots of items in this set besides the market stands including fruit and veg barrels, crates and baskets. A quick sensitivity warning before you view the pics: since this is a historical set there are some dead rabbits and birds, as well as some other types of meat. If you don’t like these items you can easily just delete them as I have labelled each individual file clearly.

Please read the instructions below on opening and closing the market stands.

There are a lot of items in this set, and I did start to go a bit cross-eyed while converting them all. I checked them in game and they all seem fine, but if you do find any issues please let me know. We all derp sometimes. >__<

Download Here!

(Also… I have no idea why that cheese is so big. It just is. *shrugs*)

Finally, if anyone wants to retexture items, separate meshes, or add slots to the market stalls… or whatever… please let me know! I’d love to see what people do with these!

10-09-15_2-46-48 PM

10-09-15_2-47-11 PM

10-09-15_2-47-38 PM

10-09-15_2-48-02 PM

10-09-15_2-48-13 PM

10-09-15_2-48-22 PM

10-09-15_2-48-28 PM

How to Open and Close the Market!

The market comes in separate pieces: the empty stalls; the stock; and the ‘closed’ curtain. The market stalls do not have any slots, they are decorative. If anyone wants to edit them and add slots to make them function as GTW stall, that would be awesome and I’d kiss your beautiful faces! ❤

First place the empty stall. Then use the 'bb.move objects on' cheat to place the stock in position. If you let the stall and items snap to the grid, they should line up easily. The stalls and items are named so you should be able to match them up.

To make the stalls look closed (not every day is market day!) delete the stock and place the separate curtain item across the stall.

10-09-15_2-49-25 PM

10-09-15_2-49-54 PM

10-09-15_2-50-24 PM

10-09-15_2-51-03 PM

10-09-15_2-51-14 PM

10-09-15_2-51-38 PM

10-09-15_2-52-12 PM

Building your own Market Stall!

You can set up a working stall for your sims at the market! You will need to own the retail lot (*sigh*) but you can imagine your Sims’ stall is part of a bigger market.

Turn on the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Place two columns three tiles apart, then place an awning in between them, then place another on the back-side. Put tables under your awning side-by-side to make your market. And place your items for sale as you normally would with GTW! \o/ You will probably need to shift items up and down using the 9 and 0 buttons, especially while placing the awning.

Check the images below for examples of a completed and broken-up stall.

10-09-15_2-52-32 PM

10-09-15_2-52-55 PM

You can also find more gorgeous farmer’s market items at Oh My Sims 4!

And more cheeeeeeeeeeeese by Tinkle!

Martine has just uploaded a lovely sign for festivals which will be perfect for farmer’s markets!

And if you haven’t already discovered Budgie I highly recommend stalking her site for amazing community lots, lovely stories, and lots of great ideas!

Happy Simming!

TS4 Download: Functional Pulpits

ATTENTION!!!  Due to the October 27th 2016 update, the Politics versions of the podiums may no longer be functional.  Zerbu has put the Politics mod on hold for now.   I am, however, planning on updating these podiums when I get City Living.  Please remove the existing ones from your game for now.  Thank you for your patience.  ❤


10-07-15_1-53-34 PM

On my mission to CONVERT ALL THE THINGS! o/ I stumbled across the pulpits from The Sims Medieval. I personally think they are really pretty and loved the idea of having a larger variety of podiums in my game. I gave both the two podiums six recolours each, so you can use them for churches, weddings, universities, politics, debates, well-being groups, debates, rallies, festivals, spooky crypts, whatever! I cloned the first set of podiums on a microphone, so sims can tell jokes on them. Then I had a EUREKA moment and made another set that point to Zerbu’s Politics code! The Politics Version has Zerbu’s new podium interactions available on them, such as ‘rant’, ‘practice debating’ and ‘practice influence’. I find the politics version much more useful but both versions are included in the file, and you can use all of them if you wish without conflicts.

* The microphone versions work with the base game.

* Zerbu’s Politics mod is required for the politics versions!

Download Pulpits Here!

Peteran Pulpit:
(Available in microphone and politics versions)

10-07-15_2-28-26 PM

Jacoban Pulpit:
(Available in microphone and politics versions)

10-07-15_2-27-33 PM

Ideas for use:

* Church

10-07-15_1-53-59 PM

* Creepy Crypt

10-07-15_2-01-15 PM

* University Debate Club

10-07-15_2-12-05 PM

* Christmas!

10-07-15_1-57-51 PM

* Motivational Retreat Thing

10-07-15_2-26-16 PM

(Ok… I know three of those were basically the same but shhh… I was just trying to share ideas. XD )

Happy Simming! ^__^

TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Abstract Simperialism’

09-23-15_7-57 PM

Tuesday afternoon found Anastasia doing her homework at the dining room table, she wanted to try and get on the honour roll at her new school as soon as possible. In the sitting room, Antony was discussing his new position at the Town Hall with his mother Felicity. I couldn’t help laughing at the way they chatted happily, generally ignoring Astor, apart from when Felicity gave her daughter-in-law a disapproving look! I guess Felicity thought Astor could be doing more to help her husband’s career: like getting out and mingling with the ‘right’ kind of people.

09-22-15_11-03 PM

09-22-15_11-04 PM

09-22-15_11-05 PM

Meanwhile, Claudia reluctantly paid a visit to the local art gallery. Her teacher had set an assignment on ‘Simspirational Artists from the 21st Century’ and she needed to do some research. She’d arranged to meet her study-buddy there, neither of them seemed too enthusiastic about the idea.

09-23-15_8-25 PM

09-23-15_8-26 PM

Claudia cheered up a bit once inside the gallery, her creative impulses couldn’t help but appreciate all the fine art. She even made her study pal Felix laugh at her ‘snobby art critic’ impression and found they actually got on quite well! Felix also had a love of art and a cheeky sense of humour. Claudia was relieved to find someone she could get on with in her new school.

09-23-15_8-27 PM

09-23-15_8-28 PM

09-23-15_8-29 PM

As she sat chatting with her new friend, Claudia spotted one of those snobby art types eying up an abstract painting. Giggling, she walked up next to the woman, and in her best ‘over-enthusiastic critic’ impression she gushed about the bold colours and unique perspective of the piece. Claudia had been messing around, but the woman eyed her carefully.

‘And what do you think of the artist’s other work?’ the woman purred questioningly.

Claudia recognised the tiger-like glint in the woman’s eyes (she’d seen it many times before when her grandmother knew Claudia had eaten all the cake and wanted to trick her into a confession). The woman was testing her. Well, Claudia would show her! She launched into a speech about abstract simperialism and adjunctive disfractioning of prismic colours (which she’d fortunately written an essay on at her previous school). The woman was impressed and introduced herself as Nancy Landgraab, businesswoman and art-dealer.

‘I could use a girl with your enthusiasm on my team.’ She said warmly, handing Claudia her business-card.

09-23-15_8-33 PM

09-23-15_8-33 PM-2

09-23-15_8-34 PM

09-23-15_8-35 PM

It was late when Claudia got home and she was hungry, she found her Grandmother in the kitchen.

‘Hello, my dear. Sit down and I’ll make you some dinner.’ Felicity fussed around her beloved granddaughter. ‘How was the art gallery?’

‘Dusty,’ Claudia laughed, ‘but I actually really enjoyed it. The guy I’m paired with, Felix, seems fun and he’s very interested in photography.’

‘That’s nice, dear.’ Felicity said warmly as she poured the vegetables into the bowl.

‘And I met this business woman called Nancy Something. She was impressed with my knowledge of abstract simperialism and gave me her business card.’

Felicity turned her head slowly, ‘Was it Nancy Landgraab, by any chance?’

‘I think so. Why is she famous or something?’ Claudia laughed.

Felicity sat down next to her granddaughter and gave her a small smile, ‘Something like that, dear. I think you inherited my instinct to make the ‘right’ friends.’

Claudia ate her salad, wondering about the tiger-like woman she had befriended at the gallery. Felicity toyed with her fork, smiling as she thought what Nancy Landgraab could do for her son’s career in politics.

09-23-15_8-45 PM

09-23-15_8-45 PM-2

09-23-15_8-46 PM

09-23-15_8-46 PM-2

09-23-15_8-46 PM-3

09-23-15_8-49 PM

09-23-15_8-50 PM

TS4 Download: Vintage Microphone

10-02-15_9-26-28 PM

I like vintage-looking things, and I thought this microphone works better with the jazz style of the bar in Willow Creek, so… here it is!

It works like the base-game microphone, so sims can perform comedy on it (hopefully one day the developers will add a singing skill to it too). It can be found under the ‘activities’ tab, and it has the same name, description, and price as the TS3 version. Unfortunately, sims will still hold the base-game microphone in their hand. *sigh* I don’t know… maybe the rusty old microphone stops working when the wind blows sideways, so they need to grab a hand-held one from time to time. XD

Download here!

10-02-15_9-22-36 PM

TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Introductions’

10-03-15_10-22-56 AM

The Dixon-Phillips are an aspiring middle-class family who live in a pre-built house in Willow Creek. Antony is a politician on the up: building his network; working on his charisma and speech-making; and dreaming of his vision of a perfect world. His mother Felicity, a well-born socialite, knows the importance of appearances. Her drive and determination to have her lineage succeed means she enjoys making connections on her son’s behalf (Felicity was very loosely inspired by Winston Churchill’s mother). While Felicity may have encouraged Antony to marry his glamorous wife, Astor Dixon, the two women don’t always see eye to eye. Ex-movie star Astor has the style and charisma of a perfect politician’s wife, but her stroppy attitude and terrible cooking skills do not make for the perfect party host. Astor would rather be attending parties, rather than accepting the responsibility of hosting one.

09-23-15_9-15 PM

10-01-15_8-37-25 PM

09-18-15_10-18 PM-2

Antony and Astor’s daughters, Anastasia and Claudia, are accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle of spa days and shopping sprees. Anastasia shares her grandmother’s perseverance and determination to succeed. She understands the importance of working hard to get where you want to be and is always at the top of her class. Claudia has always found it difficult to live up to her older sister’s example, as a result she can be rebellious and disinterested in school. She does love the arts, however, and has the gift of a creative streak which her serious sister lacks.

09-18-15_10-45 PM-2

10-02-15_10-00-10 PM

09-23-15_8-29 PM

10-02-15_9-22-36 PM

I can’t wait to share more about this aspirational, yet dysfunctional, family!

News: The Sims 4 Politics Mod Pack

Zerbu has done it again! What has he done? Made an awesome mod of course!

Sims Community has just announced the Politics Mod Pack for The Sims 4, you can get all the details here! Basically, Zerbu has added a new career to the game: Politics. This career comes with THREE new skills: debating; protest leadership; and influence. Your sims can hold a protest, use new interactions at the podium, and even hold a campaign fundraiser party!!! There is also a new lot type: Town Hall. Check out the link for more details!

I’m SO excited about this! I can’t wait for the release!!! In the meantime you might like to prepare, maybe you’ll want to build your Town Hall lot, or grab some extra custom content to decorate your protester’s base? Here are a few things you might be interested in:

University Life Conversions

The wonderful SrslySims has converted a TON of objects from The Sims 3 University Life which will be ideal for decorating your lots! LINKY-LINKY!

Get to College

To recreate that The Sims 3 University Life feel in your game, check out the Get to College Mod by simmythesim at Mod the Sims. Now, I haven’t tried this mod yet but it looks pretty cool!

Town Hall

If you enjoy building, you may want to make your own Town Hall, be sure to share your screenshots with me on Twitter! However, if you’d rather download one, here are some great builds that will easily convert to a Town Hall!

* Municipal Muses Museum Lot by Bunny_m at Mod the Sims. While this lot is currently set up as a museum, the classical style and gorgeous interior would adapt easily to a town hall!

* Town Hall by ju1ka on the gallery. Wow, I think I want this lot in my game too!!! It is currently used as a police station, but you could convert it back to a town hall.

* Town Hall Nocc 2 by vivienne3603 on the gallery is already set up as a Town Hall with meeting rooms and offices, and is a very pretty building!

* Newcrest Town Hall by grzesieknester on the gallery is an adorable building which I think would look great in Windenburg!

* NewCrest Town Hall by ulysseblack on the gallery is a large town hall, set up for weddings!

And finally, my own Town Hall is on the gallery! Although I feel it is less impressive than all those gorgeous lots! *^__^* You can find my town hall here! And you might like to update it with my lion sculptures here and my functional podium here (at least until Zerbu’s version is released!). This is the building you will see in my Dixon-Phillips family blog soon. 🙂


09-15-15_10-33 PM

09-15-15_10-34 PM-2

09-15-15_10-41 PM

09-15-15_10-40 PM-3

09-15-15_10-40 PM-2

09-15-15_10-40 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-2

09-15-15_10-43 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-3

Have fun and happy simming!

Crumpleton: Oh You Silly Things


I’m afraid I don’t have a real story blog today but I figured I’d do a little update with my in-game shenanigans. I’ve been finishing off the task of restocking Meadow’s Grocery so my sims don’t starve on the next round, and I thought I’d explain how I get Daric to supply the produce and take payment. Also, there were a few funny things that I thought might be amusing as I was getting ready to ply my next household. So… here we go…

Switching households is always interesting to me, because I like to see what my sims have been up to while I was away. I was surprised to find Daric in the rather posh furniture store, I didn’t really think it was to his taste!



On his way back home I stopped at the clinic to see if his medicine had arrived, it had not. 😦 But I was pleased to find another of my sims, Mahinder, working in the clinic as a doctor. Thank you active careers! ❤


As I was watching him at the chemistry station a HUGE bolt of lightning must have hit the ground right outside because there was a big explosive flash! At first I thought the chemicals had blown up, but Mahinder was thankfully fine and completed the potion. I wonder if his inventory will be full of potion when I switch to him.

Daric arrived at home and the game had given him one of those standard Big lemon cars. *sigh* Fortunately, I’d finally remembered to add in my modded service cars and could provide Daric with a handyman’s truck. Yay! Adair was pleased to see Daric and they spent a bit of time harvesting and tending the crops. Green dragons are so helpful!







Daric then drove to Meadow’s grocery. First, I clicked on the grocery store rabbithole rug to check how much the produce in Daric’s inventory was worth: $2906. I noted the price but did not sell them. Then I opened the inventory of the cash register and placed the produce inside, this allows Meadow to restock from the shop’s inventory when items are sold from the shelves. If she runs out of an item, she cannot restock it. Once all the produce was transferred, I clicked on Meadow’s piggy bank (which uses the code from Ani’s tax collector donation box) and took out the $2906 payment. And this is how I make my town self sufficient! I like that the whole town has to work together to make sure things are done, and one sims’ actions have an affect on all the others. I would love for them to implement community features in The Sims 4 one day.





Daric then visited the garden centre to pick up a bit of sunshine fertilizer, and then drove home, read a book about ‘True Fairy Tales’ and went to bed. I couldn’t resist taking a couple of screenshots of his new truck!





Time to switch households! \o/

I’m back to playing my main households in rotation again. I’ll aim to play each family for a sim-week so they all have to pay their bills! As well as paying the normal ‘gas, electric and water’ bills at the mailbox, they’ll also have to pay their taxes for the first time in Crumpleton! Eeek!

The next household is the Dixon-Phillips household. If you follow my TS4 gameplay you might have spotted me playing with this family already. In TS3 they are slightly different: while I do play with the same sims I’ve had since TS1, they do change and adapt slightly with each reincarnation.


I switched to their house. It was about 4am and nosimbody was home! Where were they!? Again, I love to switch households and see what my sims are doing. I tracked the whole family down to a mausoleum in the graveyard! What on earth were they doing in there!? And why was Antony wearing that outfit!? The rest of the family seemed just as confused about that last one as I was! XD

I quickly sent them home and into their respective beds so they can be fresh and bright when I next come to play with them.






I also found the two pet horses gallivanting around the house and looking very cheeky, so I sent them back to their stables. They seemed to race each other back, which was fun to watch! Then I tucked them up safely into their stables and said goodnight.












Goodnight Crumpleton! ❤