Cinderelli Investigates: Monstahs Under Beds!

06-23-16_10-02-56 PM

A recent patch added a new feature to The Sims 4 base game: monsters under the beds! Well, technically we had a similar feature in TS3 where children would get paranoid about monsters under the beds and if you looked closely you might see a pair of red glowing eyes. In The Sims 4 the monsters are a bit more curious, and you might find them reaching out a tentacle or two as they try to explore this strange new environment (what will they feed on instead of dust mites, I don’t know, but those ankles sure look tasty!).

If you don’t want your beloved Sim children to be awoken mid-dream by nocturnal bed octopuses (nope, not octopi, I checked), then you can deter or prevent them entirely! Either have an adult spray the room with ‘Monster Repellent’, or install the ‘Coolala, The Defender Wall Light’ which tentacled bed monsters are terrified of, apparently.

Well, I just had to test this out! And since Parker Mouse is an evil ghost child, he seemed like he’d be brave enough for the task! Ummm… he wasn’t. XD

06-23-16_10-03-02 PM

It took a little while for the monster to appear. It didn’t show up on the first night. But on the second night Parker woke up autonomously and started freaking out. A notification helpfully informed me that he’d spotted the monster!


Nope! My little Parker Mouse is not the type to be scared of a few tentacles! These semi-transparent supernatural minorities really should stick together! So I directed him to make friends with the besuckered beast. Several times. To no avail. The monster was stubbornly determined to be anti-social.

06-23-16_10-04-32 PM

monstah says no

Well… I might as well let events play themselves out then!

I left Parker to his autonomy. He screamed a bit then ran around the lot waking up all the grown ups. First he woke up Cinderelli-sim, but she’s not very functional if woken up early without coffee so she wandered off to the bathroom in confusion. So Parker ran outside to the tent and shouted until Alan the Clown appeared to save the day! Like a hero he strode into the house and taught that monster a lesson with a good repellent spray to the suckers (well, he assumed that’s what he was spraying but it was hard to tell as only children and childish sims can see the monster)! As Alan strode off to finish his sleep, Parker breathed a big sigh of relief!

One day he’d befriend that monster and together they would rule the WOOOOOORLD!!!

One day… O__o

06-23-16_10-09-33 PM

06-23-16_10-10-04 PM

06-23-16_10-10-45 PM

06-23-16_10-11-06 PM

06-23-16_10-11-43 PM

06-23-16_10-11-53 PM

06-23-16_10-12-32 PM

06-23-16_10-13-27 PM

06-23-16_10-14-27 PM

It’s a nice little feature to have in a patch, and it adds some welcome interactions between children and grown-ups. I like the monster repellent spray, it’s a funny touch. And I like the way children react by running to ask a grown up for help. The night light is a great addition for players who would rather not have the feature, because it stops the monster appearing. It’s a bit large, but can be hidden behind other objects using the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to make it less conspicuous if it doesn’t match the decor.


TS4 Blog: The Freegans – One Man’s Junk…

05-31-16_10-51-48 PM

It’s been a while but I thought I’d update you on how The Freegan household are doing. Last time I played with them I left them in a pretty bad way. One of the rules for this family is that they shouldn’t really buy anything, hence the name ‘Free-gans’. They are also supposed to be self-sufficient, providing their own fruit and vegetables. Sadly, the simple life was proving more difficult than they had expected! Since I’d started a new save the plants in the town were still young and hadn’t provided any produce, and since I use a mod that prevents meals being made unless they had the right ingredients, they couldn’t cook anything either!

So they had made an emergency decision to crash at the local pub. They could sleep on the benches, clean up a little in the restrooms, and grab a few bar snacks with the little money made from selling items they’d scavenged from the land (I allowed them these couple of purchases because their situation was looking very dire, and they reasoned they were supporting a small local business to justify it).

05-31-16_9-28-45 PM

As they are not supposed to buy anything, I needed a way to get them the basic essentials they needed like tents and showers. I desperately miss the dumpster diving feature and was determined to recreate something similar. We can rummage in trash cans for food and small items like postcards, but I needed a way to get more useful items. I made a ‘junk mod’ to recreate this kind of interaction. Sims can rummage in the junk pile for ‘discarded’ items. But I didn’t want to make this toooooo easy for them. The items they find are kind of disgusting! Some of them have suspicious stains or rips, others are broken or dirty and require fixing up. Some items are just plain… rubbish!

Since this object can be used endlessly by simply putting the rubbish pile back into the junk pile to re-trigger the rummage interaction, I decided to limit them to 3 rummages a day.

05-31-16_9-30-46 PM

05-31-16_9-32-18 PM

Penelope was the lucky Sim who got to do the first day’s junk diving! Ewww… she looked pretty stinky afterwards! But she was really lucky! They got a shower!!! Yes, it was dirty, broken and ripped to shreds, but it was cleaner than they were! XD

Apollo got to work repairing and cleaning the shower as best as he could and by morning it was in working order. It wasn’t pretty, but it made a HUGE difference in helping to improve their mood. Especially since they were still sleeping in the bushes they also used as toilets. Eww.

Penelope also found a soggy cardboard dance-mat, and a rusty lamp. They used the lamp to light up their small shop area. I’d fiddled around with the lots since the last blog because I figured I could change their home lot to a retail lot and send them to ‘live’ there, meaning they can sell items from the same lot they have their commune on, which makes more sense. If any of them automatically go back to the real residential lot, I just call them back to the campsite.

05-31-16_9-35-14 PM

05-31-16_9-35-57 PM

05-31-16_9-37-54 PM

05-31-16_9-39-36 PM

05-31-16_9-40-26 PM

05-31-16_9-37-11 PM

05-31-16_9-34-37 PM

05-31-16_9-34-17 PM

As rosy-fingered dawn rose the next day, Apollo was feeling extremely tired after working on the shower all night, but at least he was clean! Daphne on the other hand had spent the night in a poop-bush and was feeling pretty stinky, so she ran off to take a turn in the shower. Apollo was keen to get in the nice warm spot after her. XD

Daphne, feeling a bit better after her nice lukewarm shower, decided to try and forage for something to eat. Finally some of the wild plants had produced some… er… produce!

‘Hey, little pigeons, do you know where I can find some more plants?’

She gathered up some mushrooms and fashioned them into ‘veggie sausages’ before cooking them on the grill. Yum?

05-31-16_9-43-56 PM

05-31-16_9-45-33 PM

05-31-16_9-46-18 PM

05-31-16_9-49-16 PM

05-31-16_9-46-38 PM

05-31-16_9-50-12 PM

05-31-16_9-50-47 PM

05-31-16_9-52-04 PM

05-31-16_9-52-16 PM

05-31-16_9-52-31 PM

05-31-16_9-52-57 PM

05-31-16_9-53-26 PM

The smell of hot food reached Penelope and she ran over to the community grill eagerly. ‘Is that… food?’

‘Yes!’ Daphne replied enthusiastically, ‘I found some wild mushrooms and turned them into veggie hot dogs! They’re delicious!’

Penelope was wary, was it wise to eat wild mushrooms? Why were Daphne’s pupils so dilated?

‘They’re absolutely fine,’ Daphne’s speech slurred a little and she swayed as she stood up.

‘I’ll just… clean these up,’ Penelope said wisely.

‘I’ll just… lie down here for a bit with these giant pigeons…’ Daphne said, staring up at the clouds.

05-31-16_9-54-03 PM

05-31-16_9-54-20 PM

05-31-16_9-55-01 PM

05-31-16_9-55-27 PM

05-31-16_9-56-52 PM

05-31-16_9-57-15 PM

05-31-16_9-57-27 PM

05-31-16_9-58-39 PM

05-31-16_10-01-05 PM

Uh oh… it seems like Apollo decided to try some of those veggie hotdogs too (he probably got them back out of the bin).

‘What do you think?’ asked Daphne enthusiastically!

‘They taste like…’ Apollo chewed thoughtfully, ‘…like feet.’

Daphne stomped off.

Apollo finished his questionable meal and went for a lie down.

Penelope wisely planted some more produce so they would have better quality ingredients in the future.

05-31-16_10-02-53 PM

05-31-16_10-02-23 PM

05-31-16_10-04-14 PM

05-31-16_10-10-19 PM

05-31-16_10-08-28 PM

05-31-16_10-05-39 PM

News: The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff Trailer

I didn’t think I would be so excited for this pack! What surprises me is that there are TWO gameplay features, and they both seem pretty in-depth.

First, there is a puppet theatre! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!! This is too adorable! Kids can increase their social skill by using this item, and there are 5 performances to unlock! I’m going to place one of these in Willow Creek park to make a visit more enjoyable!

Secondly, there is a whole new electronic game for kids based on a similar concept to Pokemon or Digimon! There are twenty Voidcritter cards to collect and you can actually find these around the world as new collectable items! Then you can challenge your friends on the Voidcritter Battle Station. I asked SimGuruGraham if we could sell them in comic book stores and he said yes! There are lots of decorative items in this pack that will be great for comic book and toy shops, and also cinemas as one of the bedroom sets continues the robot theme from Movie Hangout Stuff. I love this continuity between packs!

Oh yeah… there are new bedroom sets for children to help you personalise their room! Are they into computers and science? Sports? Or are they interested in popstars? There are room sets for them all! But now this makes me want more hobbies like soccer or a Freetime style expansion with interests. XD

I’m really excited for this pack! And I’m planning which of my Sim children will be using these items! I feel like stuff packs are going from strength-to-strength lately and think the gameplay element means they’re much better value for money than the TS2 or TS3 stuff packs were! ❤

Read the official blog here!

The Robinson Family – Independent Living

05-28-16_10-06-04 PM

Paul was getting tired of the spa. There were too many pampered people around and it was starting to grate on him. They weren’t rude to him or anything, but he felt increasingly frustrated that some people had so much more than others. He had to get out and find somewhere else to live.

He wanted to check out the condemned buildings that the guy in the park had told him about, but first he needed some down-to-earth company. It was the weekend, and he wanted to try and meet up with that girl, Danni, again.

05-28-16_10-03-06 PM

05-28-16_10-03-58 PM

She agreed to meet him at the ice-cream parlour. They arrived at the same time and Danni hip-bumped him in celebration! Paul enjoyed talking to her, she was so easy-going and funny. Plus, she liked sports and that was always a bonus!

Danni went to the bathroom and Paul took the opportunity to swipe a drink from the counter. He was a bit embarrassed that he didn’t have any money left and he couldn’t buy Danni an ice-cream. He needed to think of something.

05-28-16_10-06-24 PM

05-28-16_10-07-17 PM

05-28-16_10-08-03 PM

05-28-16_10-09-01 PM

05-28-16_10-10-09 PM

05-28-16_10-10-23 PM

05-28-16_10-10-51 PM

Danni came back out, ‘Hey, did you see that great play last night?’

They watched a clip on her phone together, then went to look at the ice-creams.

‘What are you getting?’ Danni asked casually.

‘I dunno,’ Paul shrugged, ‘I don’t really fancy anything yet.’

‘I can’t choose,’ she hesitated, ‘let’s sit down for a bit while we decide.’

They took a seat and chatted for a few minutes.

‘The truth is,’ Paul confessed, ‘I uh… forgot my wallet. I just had enough in my pocket for this drink.’

To his surprise Danni burst out laughing, ‘I don’t have any cash on me either! I had a tenner but I owed my sister money and she needed it today.’

Paul laughed too.

‘I guess we’ll have to do this another day then, ‘Danni giggled, ‘we can’t both sit here without ordering.’

‘I guess so,’ he sighed.

05-28-16_10-11-39 PM

05-28-16_10-14-34 PM

05-28-16_10-12-40 PM

05-28-16_10-16-37 PM

Well, in that case he should probably check out the abandoned shops he’d been told about. He arrived in Newcrest and found the building quite quickly. He was sure this was the right one, it was definitely abandoned. He squinted through the cracks in the boards over the windows into the gloomy spaces inside. One seemed to be an abandoned electrical shop, the other looked like an old pub. He walked down the alley between the two shops, there was an abandoned warehouse there, but anything worth scavenging had already been taken. He walked up the stairs to the floor above the retail units and tried the doors, surprisingly they were unlocked! There was nobody around but it seemed like someone had been squatting there. Paul looked at the stuff, it was a bit creepy, like someone had been stalking someone and the wall was covered in sketches of her! There were also some blueprints of what looked like an office, and Paul felt a bit of unease as he looked at the notes scribbled on the plans.

Still, it appeared nobody had been there for a while and he guessed whoever had been there before had moved on… or been incarcerated! It actually seemed like a pretty decent emergency place to crash. Paul didn’t fancy staying there until his situation was better though, he’d need more supplies and a source of income. The spa was better for now. But he did a bit of prep work before he left, planting some vegetable plants in an old container he’d found, and putting his own padlock on the door. He also left some chairs he’d found in the junk pile at the park.

05-28-16_10-25-00 PM

05-28-16_10-25-35 PM

05-28-16_10-27-55 PM

05-28-16_10-29-41 PM

05-28-16_10-30-08 PM

05-28-16_10-31-09 PM

05-28-16_10-31-46 PM

05-28-16_10-32-28 PM

05-28-16_10-33-06 PM

05-28-16_10-33-28 PM

05-28-16_10-35-48 PM

05-28-16_10-35-26 PM

05-31-16_7-52-25 PM

Paul was feeling a lot happier when he returned to the spa. He went for a late night swim and spotted a girl doing yoga. She didn’t look like the usual guest, she was far too cool. In fact… she looked more like the sort of girl he was used to hanging around with. He approached her casually, but she acted evasive for some reason.

‘I can’t talk now,’ she said cryptically, shooting a look at the guy behind him, ‘it’s not a good time.’

Well, that was weird, thought Paul, shaking his head. But he was soon distracted by a sweet-looking girl swaying his way.

‘Hi,’ she called over to him, ‘I’m looking for Malcolm, have you seen him?’

‘Who’s Malcolm?’ he asked bewilderedly.

‘My boyfriend,’ she said as though it was obvious, ‘Nancy’s son. Have you seen him?’

Well, he may not know who Malcolm was, but he knew who Nancy was! Any interest he’d had in seducing this girl evaporated. He knew there was something shady about Nancy and he didn’t want to mess with her business!

The girl looked annoyed, ‘Well, if you see him tell him Kyra’s looking for him.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ he agreed and watched her walk off down the road. Whoever this Malcolm was, he was crazy for upsetting a girl like that!

05-31-16_8-01-55 PM

05-31-16_8-02-40 PM

05-31-16_8-02-52 PM

05-31-16_8-04-54 PM

05-31-16_8-05-23 PM

05-31-16_8-05-12 PM

05-31-16_8-05-42 PM

05-31-16_8-06-17 PM

05-31-16_8-05-53 PM

Well, that’s it for my week with Paul! I’m looking forward to developing the shady story-lines of my world a little bit more. ^__^

If you’d like Paul, the condemned lot, ice-cream parlour, or the spa, they are all available on my gallery! The junk mod is available on my downloads page. Happy simming!

The Robinson Family – A Friend in Need

05-25-16_9-45-40 PM

Life at the spa was a pretty good situation for Paul. He’d got himself into a routine of waking up and going for a jog or swim before breakfast. Then having a shower before performing his maintenance jobs for the day. It was basically just cleaning up after the guests, and a lot of the spa employees tidied their own rooms anyway, so there wasn’t much for him to do. It felt a bit strange that he should be given free room and board for so little effort on his part.

05-25-16_9-47-03 PM

05-25-16_9-47-21 PM

05-25-16_9-47-30 PM

Things were almost a bit too good, and Paul couldn’t shake the feeling there was more going on than first appeared at the spa. His survival instincts told him he needed a back-up plan. He needed two things. First, another way to make money. Second, another place to live if things went wrong at the spa.

He decided to pay a visit to the local library to check the internet for job listings. When he arrived he noticed the cute librarian who seemed to be a little bit flustered about something. He gave her a charming smile as he pretended to browse the books.

‘Everything ok?’ he asked in amusement.

She sighed and sat down on the futon in frustration, tears welling in her eyes. ‘I’m sorry, this is so unprofessional of me, I’ve just had a really bad morning. And to make it worse, the computers keep crashing!’

‘I can take a look at that for you,’ Paul shrugged casually, ‘I know a bit about programming.’

‘Oh, would you,’ the girl exclaimed enthusiastically, ‘that would be fantastic! I’m worried I did something wrong when I was rebooting the system. If it’s my fault I’m sure they’ll fire me!’

Paul sat down at one of the computers and tapped away for a few minutes. The librarian kept hovering anxiously. He only really had a basic knowledge of programming, but he could see the problem straight away. He just needed to run a patch.

He yawned and stretched ostentatiously, ‘Well, the good news is that you didn’t break anything…’

‘Oh, thank goodness for that!’ The librarian sighed gratefully.

‘The bad news,’ Paul continued slyly, ‘Is that I’ll need to write a bit of code, a small plug-in to stop the computers from crashing again. I’d do it for free, you know, it’s only a little thing and it won’t take long. Only, there’s a one-off licence fee for using the programming tool that’ll need to be paid.’

The librarian looked at him in confusion and Paul shrugged in false sympathy. He could tell she didn’t have a clue about computers, and she didn’t understand anything he’d said. He waited patiently while she came to a decision.

‘How much is the fee?’ she asked worriedly.

‘Oh, it’s only a small charge. Just fourteen simoleans. I could use another programming tool but this is the cheapest option.’

She hesitated.

Paul tapped nonchalantly at the keyboard, ‘I mean, you could call in a professional but they’d also charge you for their service and time…’

‘I think we have enough money in petty cash to cover it,’ she said suddenly, jumping to her feet, ‘But you’ll have to write me a receipt.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ Paul agreed, grinning to himself. He ran the patch and then spent some time browsing for jobs. Every time the girl walked past he pulled up a simple code-writing window and typed random bits of code into it to look like he was doing something important. When the patch completed and the system reset itself he yawned, stretched and cracked his fingers. The girl hurried over with his money and he made up a random receipt that he was sure nobody would bother to check the details of.

Paul didn’t feel bad about what he’d done. The girl had been worried and he’d fixed the problem. She felt better and he’d earned a little money for his trouble. Everyone was happy.

05-25-16_9-59-57 PM

05-25-16_10-00-16 PM

05-25-16_10-00-34 PM

05-25-16_10-00-43 PM

05-25-16_10-06-01 PM

Paul felt pleased that he had a bit of money in his pocket, but he still needed a regular income and somewhere else to live. He stopped back at the park to check if there was any more junk to find, and secretly he was hoping he’d run into that girl again… Danni.

Sadly, there was no new junk but Paul decided to hang around for a bit anyway. He was exercising on the basketball court when he spotted the gardener again. He jumped up and strolled over, hoping he’d be able to offer him some gardening work. He seemed friendly enough, and said he still had his number, but unfortunately he didn’t have any extra work just yet.

05-28-16_9-26-53 PM

05-28-16_9-33-03 PM

05-28-16_9-34-14 PM

05-28-16_9-36-34 PM

Feeling frustrated, Paul walked around the park for a while. The he spotted a homeless guy sleeping on a bench and decided to go and befriend him. Paul knew from experience that this was the type of person to talk to if you wanted to find out the best spots for collecting free stuff, finding shelter for the night, or knowing here to pick up casual cash-in-hand work. Paul figured this guy had cleared out the junk before him! The problem was that they were often naturally distrustful of strangers, and Paul would have to earn his trust.

‘Why are you sitting so close to me bro?’ the guy demanded irritably as Paul sat down next to him.

Paul shrugged with feigned disinterest and stared off into the distance quietly. The guy wobbled and seemed to be falling back to sleep.

‘Look,’ Paul said suddenly and the guy’s head jerked back up, ‘I just want to know if you know of any good places to crash, aright? I’ve been kicked out of my flat and my mate has hooked up with some new girl and won’t let me sleep on his sofa.’

‘Why would I help the likes of you?’ the guy snapped belligerently. ‘Look at me, I’m sleeping on a park bench. Do you think I have a spare room at the Dixon Hotel?’

‘Yeah, sorry mate,’ Paul hunched his shoulder and tried to look forlorn, ‘Do you know where I can grab something to eat then?’

‘Try the diner,’ the man said sarcastically.

Paul laughed good-naturedly, ‘I guess you can’t tell me if there’s any work going either then? I need cash-in-hand.’

The man looked at him a bit more closely, ‘I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding work, a strong-looking lad like you. When I was younger I used to be a champion body-builder. Fighting the girls off, I was, and I was never short of work.’

The guy stood up and flexed proudly.

‘Yeah, I’ve been working out,’ Paul admitted then he thought for a minute, ‘Look mate, I earned a bit of money earlier, why don’t you let me buy you a coffee?’

The guy’s eyes brightened up suddenly but he tried to keep his surly demeanour, ‘Alright, but don’t expect anything in return.’

05-28-16_9-38-04 PM

05-28-16_9-38-45 PM

05-28-16_9-40-18 PM

05-28-16_9-42-47 PM

05-28-16_9-39-49 PM

05-28-16_9-41-22 PM

05-28-16_9-41-40 PM

The guy said he needed to clean himself up a bit first and went to the public restroom, ‘Gotta look good for the ladies,’ he joked.

Paul went ahead and bought himself a pastry. A girl approached him and they chatted for a few minutes, she seemed kind of sporty which he liked. Then his new friend wandered in, not looking much cleaner to be honest, but he seemed to know the gardener and they started chatting and joking together like old friends. Paul smiled to himself but the girl huffed.

‘Urgh, who let the old farts in?’ she sneered, ‘They shouldn’t let them eat here unless they have a wash first.’

Paul scowled and chewed his pastry quietly. The girl got up to get another coffee and his new friend joined him.

‘Thanks for the grub, mate,’ the guy said cheerfully.

‘No worries,’ said Paul casually, ‘someone did the same for me when I was skint.’

‘Who said I’m skint?’ the guy cried, but Paul could tell he wasn’t really offended.

Then the girl wandered past, screwing up her nose. ‘You’re in my seat,’ she said rudely.

‘Oh, sorry miss,’ the guy said moving as though he was going to let her sit down.

‘Don’t bother,’ she snapped, ‘I don’t want to sit there now you’ve got dirt all over it.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry, Your Royal Marvellousness,’ he replied angrily, ‘I’m sorry I don’t have anyone following me around to wipe my butt for me!’

‘You can’t wipe yours yourself?’ she retorted.

‘Of course he can,’ Paul interjected calmly, ‘but then how would he upset snobby little princesses like you?’

The girl looked surprised, she’d expected Paul would take her side and was shocked that he’d sided against her.

‘You know…’ he added slowly, ‘…just because you are more fortunate than others, that doesn’t mean you get to treat them like dirt.’

The girl stalked out in a huff and the men chuckled to themselves.

‘You’re aright, you know,’ his friend said wiping a tear from the corner of his eye in amusement, ‘look, I wasn’t going to tell you this but I can tell you’re a good guy… There’s this place where you can crash safely for the night. It’s down in the old part of Newcrest by the canal. There’s this warehouse and couple of old shops that have been abandoned, nobody bothers with them any more.’

‘Thanks mate,’ said Paul gratefully. He’d definitely check that out.

The gardener wandered over too, ‘I saw what you did there, lad. It was good of you to stick up for Old Pablo like that. I’ll see if I can rustle up some work for you.’

05-28-16_9-46-09 PM

05-28-16_9-50-11 PM

05-28-16_9-47-08 PM

05-28-16_9-50-07 PM

05-28-16_9-52-03 PM

05-28-16_9-53-39 PM

05-28-16_9-52-32 PM

05-28-16_9-47-51 PM

Paul was pleased, it appeared he’d found work and a possible place to stay! And to end a good day on a higher note, he found an abandoned guitar in the junk pile! It seemed to be in good condition, it just needed a bit of tuning. Maybe he could practice and earn some tips from it if he got any good.

05-31-16_8-22-02 PM

TS4 Download: Laundry Stuff

06-12-16_8-27-30 PM

This is an idea I’ve been tinkering with for a while. In TS3 I had a laundrette where the criminals would launder their money.

(Note: all puns are intended)

I was kind-of putting it off and hoping The Sims team would have added official laundry stuff by now. But I could be lazy no more because I really wanted to play with this family, and I really wanted their ‘laundry business’ back. I thought about just converting them as decorative objects, but I liked the idea of being able to tinker with them too. I figured I’d clone a dishwasher so it would have the breakdown feature and would create a puddle on the floor. Then I figured I could clone the decorative laundry pile and tell it to act like a dirty plate, so Sims will pick it up off the floor and put it in the washing machine. The laundry pile is a free decorative item so you can just ‘buy’ it and place it whenever you want a Sim to use it.

06-09-16_10-52-02 PM

06-09-16_10-52-40 PM

06-09-16_10-52-48 PM

06-09-16_10-52-57 PM

And that’s as far as I got. I have other plans for how to improve it, but I’m honestly feeling very modding-lazy right now and I’m not in the right frame of mind to keep working on it (glad I’m a modder not a developer!).

There are a couple of issues, mainly revolving around the washing pile. It looks very crusty when a Sim picks it up. In fact, since it’s a ‘dirty plate’ Sims will actually take it to a bin to ‘scrape’ it first, which I personally think is hilarious! XD Also, if you place more than one and a Sim attempts to pick up multiple piles, it will turn into a stack of dirty plates.

So, it’s not perfect, but it works well enough for my storyline. I was going to work on it a bit more before I released it, but since so many people showed an interest in it, and because I can’t see myself doing any more on it in the immediate future, I figured I’d free it into the t’internet as it is.

I may pick it up again at some point. But if anyone would like to continue working on it, or convert more machines, or whatever, that’s absolutely fine with me. You don’t have to give credit but if you could link me that would be great! My other plans were/are:

* to look into changing the behaviour of the laundry pile, possibly making it act like trash, so sims would pick it up and it would turn into a bag rather than a stiff crusty board.

* give the machine custom tuning, changing the strings (see below) and a: possibly giving it a custom dresser interaction so sims will get undressed and drop the laundry pile. b: adding rummage interactions from bins to pick out a clean laundry pile and possibly get the sim dressed again. And c: possibly adding buffs.

* customising the strings so instead of references to dishes/dishwasher, it will be more appropriate and say laundry/washing machine.

* adding back a bubble FX.

Anyway, it is what it is for now. The package contains the laundry machine, the free purchasable washing pile, and the cheeky pin-up wall art. Dine Out is REQUIRED because it is cloned from the freestanding washer. You may also need Get Together for the pin-up wall posters. I think the laundry pile is base game.

Download Here!

06-12-16_8-29-03 PM

The Robinson Family – High Life

05-25-16_8-42-01 PM

Paul had left the park and was trying his luck at the waterfront. There were plenty of bars and restaurants in the area and he was sure he’d be able to find some food, and maybe some work there. He was exhausted though, and he tried to nap on a bench for a while but the concrete benches in Oasis Springs were so uncomfortable! He wandered around the area looking for food and rummaging in the bins while it was still dark and nobody was around to see him. Then he used the bathroom to freshen up. Sadly, there wasn’t much he could do about his clothes which were beginning to stink! He needed to figure out a way to wash them soon.

[note: laundrettes would be great please gurus!]

05-23-16_11-12-27 PM

05-23-16_11-10-59 PM

05-25-16_8-47-08 PM

Paul found himself stood outside the spa. The pool water looked so fresh and inviting! Paul stood looking at it longingly for a moment. There was nobody around, would anyone notice if he took a quick dip? He edged onto the lot cautiously, alert to the smallest sound or movement. Nobody came running out to shout at him. He looked carefully at all the windows… he didn’t think anyone was watching. Maybe he could… take a dip in the hot-tub?

He slipped off his clothes and climbed into the warm, bubbling water gratefully. It felt so good on his aching muscles! He slid deeper into the water… and fell asleep.

05-25-16_8-48-58 PM

05-25-16_8-50-59 PM

05-25-16_8-51-27 PM

05-25-16_8-51-49 PM

05-25-16_8-52-19 PM

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been there, but when he woke up the moon was low in the sky and people were bustling about! He froze as a woman walked along the balcony above him… but she didn’t seem to notice him. In fact, as more people began arriving at the lot they barely glanced at him as they went about their business. Did they think he was a guest?

Testing his luck, he climbed into the refreshing pool to swim some laps. Nobody seemed to care. Well… this was interesting!

05-25-16_8-53-33 PM

05-25-16_8-54-56 PM

05-25-16_8-54-35 PM

05-25-16_8-55-21 PM

05-25-16_8-56-21 PM

05-25-16_8-56-37 PM

Hmmmm… there was a bar there… and a grill. Maybe if he could hang around until breakfast time he might be able to cadge something to eat. He was feeling extremely hungry.

Trying to look inconspicuous, Paul pulled some spare clothes from his bag and surreptitiously rinsed his stinky clothes in the pool. He hung them secretively on a bush to dry in the sun. If anyone questioned him he could just grab them and run!

As the spa got busier, he decided to pass the time by acting like a customer and blending in. He copied another guest who he’d seen using the yoga mat and did some awkward stretches. But when he lay down he accidentally fell asleep again!

05-25-16_8-58-36 PM

05-25-16_8-59-25 PM

05-25-16_9-00-23 PM

05-25-16_9-02-02 PM

05-25-16_9-02-34 PM

Paul woke up and groaned! He was annoyed at himself for falling asleep again. He wondered how long he’d napped for and hoped nobody had noticed! His clothes weren’t dry yet, so he mustn’t have slept for too long.

The bar opened and Paul ventured in to see if food and drink was free for ‘guests’. He’d only just sat down when a posh-looking woman turned her nose up at him.

‘You look like you’re having a bad day,’ she said quite rudely!

‘Uh, yeah,’ Paul mumbled, ‘you could say that.’

‘Well then,’ she said snappily, ‘hurry up with breakfast and get yourself cleaned up before the guests see you!’

Paul was shocked and a bit embarrassed. But she told him to have breakfast so he did! He mulled over what had just happened. The woman had only challenged his appearance, and not his presence. So he figured for whatever reason, the woman thought he was supposed to be there! In that case, he ordered a cocktail. And then another. And he fell asleep in the hot-tub again.

05-25-16_9-03-45 PM

05-25-16_9-04-22 PM

05-25-16_9-04-43 PM

05-25-16_9-05-32 PM

05-25-16_9-05-42 PM

05-25-16_9-06-45 PM

05-25-16_9-07-44 PM

05-25-16_9-09-00 PM

Paul woke up with a start! The woman was getting into the hot-tub with him. Flustered he moved to get out but she ordered him to stay. Uh oh, she was mad at him! Had she realised he wasn’t supposed to be there?

‘What are you doing in here, you lazy little rat!’ she snarled, ‘Didn’t I tell you to get to work? I don’t pay you to sit around using the facilities.’

Wait… what? Paul was foggy from sleep and confused. He was also slightly distracted by the woman’s skimpy bikini and… were those breasts real? He shifted uncomfortably in the water.

‘Well? Are you just going to sit there?’ she probed angrily.

‘Look lady,’ Paul snapped, ‘I don’t know who you think I am…’

‘Who you are?’ she interrupted, ‘Are you not Manuel from the agency?’

‘Uh… no,’ Paul stuttered, trying to think quickly.

‘Then who are you?’ demanded the woman, looking at him suspiciously.

‘I’m uh… from the agency, but umm… Manuel was sick so they sent me,’ he lied instinctively. ‘They just told me to wait around until someone told me what to do.’

The woman narrowed her eyes at him. For a minute he was sure she didn’t believe him, but then amazingly, she softened a little.

‘What is your name?’ she asked thoughtfully.

‘Tom.’ He lied.

She was still looking at him in a strange way, like she was working out whether she believed him or not.

He felt uncomfortable so he asked abruptly, ‘So, what do you want me to do then?’

The woman’s lip curled a little at the edge in what might have been a smile. When she spoke again her voice was silky and meaningful, ‘Well, Tom, I’m sure the agency told you that as a caretaker you would need to keep the place clean and tidy, and fix anything that breaks. You can do that, right?’

Paul nodded, yeah he could do that.

‘And in return, you get room and board. Your apartment is the one in the middle up there,’ she pointed a carefully manicured nail at the balcony.

Paul couldn’t believe his luck! He was going to get to stay at the spa, with a room to himself, and his meals were included? All he had to do was tidy up and fix a few thing. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to this than he was seeing. He’d conned enough people to know when someone was acting suspiciously, and this woman definitely had an ulterior motive!

‘I’m Nancy,’ the woman held out her hand for him to shake. ‘You look exhausted, you can’t work like that. Take today off, go and freshen up in your room, and make sure you are ready to work hard tomorrow. You can get your key from the bar.’

With that she leaned back and closed her eyes, making it clear the conversation was over.

05-25-16_9-14-19 PM

05-25-16_9-14-31 PM

05-25-16_9-15-31 PM

05-25-16_9-15-59 PM

05-25-16_9-15-40 PM

05-25-16_9-16-38 PM

05-25-16_9-17-18 PM

05-25-16_9-17-36 PM

05-25-16_9-18-38 PM

Paul got the key and went to find his room. A woman gave him a funny look as they passed on the stairs but he didn’t care! He’d gone from sleeping on park benches and scavenging scraps to having his own room at a posh spa! He was convinced that that woman, Nancy, knew he wasn’t really from ‘the agency’ and that he was lying, but she didn’t seem to care. He also suspected she had some hidden purpose for him, but if he got into trouble he’d just run away and hide out somewhere like he always did. He had nothing to lose and was going to take full advantage of the situation.

The apartment was small, but it had a separate bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, so he was impressed! He had a shower, some cereal from the already stocked fridge, and a nap. When he woke up he felt amazing! It was night time again and the guests and most of the day-staff had gone home. He had the pool to himself again and he was going to enjoy it!

05-25-16_9-21-18 PM

05-25-16_9-41-31 PM

05-25-16_9-22-21 PM

05-25-16_9-42-32 PM

05-25-16_9-23-04 PM

05-25-16_9-43-21 PM

05-25-16_9-44-05 PM

Cinderelli Investigates: Owning a Restaurant

06-07-16_10-47-31 PM

Cinderelli, Cinderelli,
Night and day it’s Cinderelli,
Make the fire, fix the breakfast,
Wash the dishes, do the mopping…

Well… Cinderelli-sim doesn’t need to do any of that because she can hire employees to do all that for her while she has a nap.

06-07-16_10-52-32 PM

That’s right… the third Sims 4 Game Pack has FINALLY arrived after only ten thousand years since SimGuruNinja first hinted about it in THAT TWEET. Now our Sims can not only visit, but also own and manage their very own restaurants! We might not be able to actually play as a chef or wait staff, and I’ll admit I was a bit miffed about that at first, but the level of customisability is impressive! We can choose individual meals for the menu, hire staff and choose their uniform, and even choose which category of clothing our customers wear! If you want Sims to dine in their swimwear and have them served by employees in bear outfits, you can totally do that! And as a manager your Sim does have an important role to play, they need to chat to customers which improves their mood and their reviews. They also need to manage the employees, offering them encouragement… or criticism. All in all, owning a restaurant is pretty involved.

Now, you might remember Cinderelli’s recent successful leadership of the Happy Clown Club? Well, it only seemed natural for her to staff her restaurant with her new found friends. It worked for Ronald, right?

Oh yeah, and one guy is wearing a hotdog suit. Although The Crusty Pie doesn’t actually serve hotdogs, Cinderelli found the comedy value and the colour scheme of the outfit complementary to the restaurant’s overall theme.

06-07-16_10-52-11 PM

06-07-16_10-52-54 PM

06-07-16_10-53-10 PM

Now… Cinderelli happens to be a TERRIBLE cook. But she does like cake. And pie. And any kind of sweet savoury dish. So she decided to only serve things like brownies, doughnuts, and other sticky carbohydrate goodness. Oh and coffee. Because coffee = life.

I was really shocked at just how many food and drink options we actually have in the game! There is actually a lot of room for customisability here. Although, I hope we get some more types of food soon. Some different themed food from around the world. And vegan options would be great too!


The customers began to arrive while Cinderelli was napping, but she thought she should probably get up and set a good example to her new employees. They didn’t seem too enthusiastic to be honest (you need to check out their responses when you ask them how they’re doing, they’re pretty amusing!). Cinderelli grabbed a bowl of cereal (she knew better than to trust anything made by her new chef) and went to check on her first customers. She found that the customers were really unimpressed by the level of service offered by her host and waitress. Cinderelli reassured them that they would recieve only the highest levels of service from that point on. Then she dumped her empty cereal bowl on their table and wandered off.

06-07-16_10-53-34 PM

06-07-16_10-54-03 PM

06-07-16_10-55-35 PM

06-07-16_10-56-27 PM

06-07-16_10-57-34 PM

06-07-16_10-57-50 PM

06-07-16_10-58-51 PM

Hmmm… Cinderelli’s staff were pretty basic and she couldn’t really be bothered motivating them (maybe the hot Oasis Springs weather was making her feel lethargic?), so she called her new lodger Alan to come and help out. Maybe he could amuse the customers with his amazing comedy skills? Ok, so he was an evil ex-clown, but he was pretty good company now he’d got over that tragic melancholy!

‘Hey there Sausage Boy! You’re doing a great job!’ he said enthusiastically to the host. Sure, he was lying through his teeth but if it motivated Sausage Boy to be a bit less rubbish then it was all for the greater good. The employee was so pleased with this unwarranted praise that he didn’t even care that Alan didn’t know his real name. His performance really did seem to improve after this!

06-07-16_10-59-25 PM

06-07-16_11-00-23 PM

06-07-16_11-04-47 PM

Meanwhile, the first customers’ meal was ready and… the quality was a bit… questionable.

The customers seemed very unimpressed by their meal, so Cinderelli quickly leapt into action and made the situation slightly less awful.

06-07-16_11-04-55 PM

06-07-16_11-07-02 PM

06-07-16_11-07-30 PM

06-07-16_11-09-29 PM

06-07-16_11-09-40 PM

Alan continued working his oily charm on some of the other guests. Luckily, they seemed to appreciate his terrible jokes. I’d made a mistake of putting TVs inside and this seemed to upset the seating arrangements (I’d advise taking TVs out of restaurants but other than this the Sims seem to keep to their own tables quite well). Who wants to eat at a table in the sunshine when you can perch your meal on your lap in front of the telly anyway? I know what I’d rather do! XD

Sadly, these Sims were not too happy with their meal either (although they were pleased with the overall service). So Alan had a quick word with the chef too.

06-07-16_11-03-00 PM

06-07-16_11-11-02 PM

06-07-16_11-12-21 PM

06-07-16_11-13-03 PM

After Alan had a little chat with the employees to motivate them, the rest of the evening ran quite smoothly. There were no more serious complaints about service and the food was of a steady but satisfying average quality.

It amused me that Cinderelli’s good friend Bjorn Bjergsen arrived for a meal but ate at a different table from his wife Clara! What happened there?! They seemed to enjoy their meals though and left reasonable reviews.

06-07-16_11-14-34 PM

06-07-16_11-15-50 PM

06-07-16_11-18-01 PM

It was getting a bit late and the employees seemed to be getting a bit tired. There’s a really useful feature that lets you stop any more customers from arriving if you choose the option on the host podium! The last customer was Geoffrey Landgraab. Now… I have a soft spot for Geoffrey because he seems like such a nice Sim! But he annoyed me because he was sooooooooo slow! He was that annoying last customer of the evening that takes his time although the staff are glaring at him like GET OUT! And then he had the cheek to complain that the service was slow! No Geoffrey, just… no.

Finally Geoffrey finished eating and they closed the restaurant for the night. Cinderelli autonomously gave Alan a big hug and they seemed really happy with their first attempt at running a business together! They’d even made a small profit! AND nobody had died!

06-07-16_11-23-33 PM

06-07-16_11-26-09 PM

06-07-16_11-26-37 PM

06-07-16_11-27-04 PM

06-07-16_11-28-30 PM

06-07-16_11-30-10 PM

06-07-16_11-30-29 PM

06-07-16_11-30-43 PM

Create-a-Sim Assets

From the trailers and official renders I felt kind of ‘meh’ about the new CAS assets (or CASsets, if you will). Apart from the employee outfits which you’d expect from the pack, I’d only really spotted a couple of nice hairstyles and a pretty dress. However, when I poked about with them in-game I was actually really happy with them! The two full body outfits for women with flowery skirts both have plain swatches, this makes them much more flexible as not all my Sims suit that kind of bold flowery pattern. It also makes it easier to create recolours when we have a plain base to work with, so I appreciate that detail. These two outfits are also just really… nice! They work well for normal Sims and are the sort of thing you’ll see normal people wearing (rather than the very revealing or overly-dressy clothing that we so often see in female CAS). I really like these two items!

06-07-16_7-31-00 PM

06-07-16_7-31-11 PM

06-07-16_8-33-00 PM

06-07-16_8-33-48 PM

And also THAT HAIR!!! It’s so nice! There are other hairstyles available but I think that one is my favourite! It has a bit of a vintage feel, which I really like. In fact, a few of the CAS assets have an old-Hollywood or vintage film feel that really appeals to me. The black dress reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, and the trousers and hairstyle remind me of Katherine Hepburn when paired with a blouse. The male and children’s CAS also has a nice vintage feel (modelled here by Alan and Cinderelli’s adopted ghost child Parker).

06-07-16_8-30-42 PM

06-07-16_8-40-48 PM

06-07-16_8-50-56 PM

06-07-16_8-52-42 PM

06-07-16_8-55-28 PM

I’ve only shown a few of the CAS items but you can see all of them in more detail in XUrbanSimsX’s Overview and Gameplay video below:


There are sooooo many really nice build/buy assets in this pack! They don’t seem to have one particular theme, but they are all so nice and useful and contain many different things that you might find in a restaurant! And plants! Lots and lots of plants! Which is great… if like me, you really like plants! XD

A couple of the stand-out items for me are the booth seating, which is so helpful for creating restaurants and bars! And there are counter-height tables which use bar stools which I think are really clever! I like that there are two chef’s ovens, and that one of them has a service window! There are also customisable signs: blank signs that you can customise with decals. These decals can also be applied to windows, which is a smart touch.

Many of the objects match existing content too. There are some Japanese style objects in the game already, like the items in Spa Day, and I feel like these packs compliment each other really well. And many of the retail items from Get to Work can be mixed and matched with Dine Out content as seen in The Crusty Pie above, which I pre-built before I had access to Dine Out and just updated with some of the new items.

I like this versatility of content! If you have Cool Kitchen, Movie Hangout and Get Together you’ll find ice-cream, popcorn and coffee on the menu! Now I’d just like some more variety of styles, and different types of food, to create more styles of restaurants! I love that in the future I’ll be able to add a new themed restaurant to match all the new worlds we’ll get! One thing I really like about The Sims 4 is that they are creating these really flexible features! Like the club system in Get Together that gives us so much creative freedom to use the feature in our own way, I love that we are not limited to certain styles of restaurants, and we can create whatever we want with the content we are given. I really do feel like they are giving us tools to play in our own way. Yes, there could always be improvements! Nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect, but on the whole I’m really pleased with how the developers are handling The Sims 4.

The Robinson Family – Mean Streets

05-23-16_10-31-23 PM

Remember Granny Shue from Hidden Springs? Well, she was my ‘foster carer’ in The Sims 3. And now she has been reinvented for my Sims 4 game! At the moment she is caring for one of my teens, Paul Robinson [No… not the footballer!].

Paul’s story is a bit of a sad one. He lost his mother when he was young and got taken into care. He didn’t have any other family to look after him, and he doesn’t remember much about his mum. However, he does know that he has a father out there somewhere! He wasn’t named on his birth certificate but he remembered hearing his mother’s friends talking about him. To be honest, his Dad sounded like a bit of a jerk! His dad had abandoned his mum when she became pregnant, and hadn’t been seen or heard of since! Paul was determined to track down his dad somehow. Maybe he really was a jerk, like his mum’s friends had said. But he was the only family Paul had and he was determined to find him and see for himself!

05-23-16_10-31-45 PM

05-23-16_10-31-58 PM

Being taken into care at an early age had made Paul tough and independent. Now that he was a teen he felt like he could make it on his own. He hated living under stranger’s roofs, obeying strangers rules. He hated school, and any kind of authority for that matter! Feeling frustrated by so many authority figures that he felt no affection for, Paul had often acted out and got into trouble. He’d been passed from carer to carer. The nice ones were the worst because they interfered with his life more than the bad ones, who didn’t care what he did!

This new woman seemed nice. Too nice. Paul felt so uncomfortable in her sweet little 50’s style house. He didn’t fit in with her life and he knew it!

He ran away again.

05-23-16_10-32-48 PM

05-23-16_10-36-29 PM

Years of running away had made Paul street-smart. He knew the park would be fairly empty at night, and that there was probably food around that had been left by picnickers. Sadly, he was wrong about the food. He guessed the park keeper had already been by and tidied up the place. But there was a big pile of junk that someone had dumped behind the basketball court and he found an old chair and a discarded fishing rod!

05-23-16_10-37-46 PM

05-23-16_10-38-31 PM

05-23-16_10-39-27 PM

It seemed pretty safe, so Paul fell asleep on a bench for a while. When he woke up he figured he’d try out the fishing-rod and see if he could catch something for breakfast. Surprisingly, he did! But he had no fuel or coal for the community grill so he’d have to try and figure something else out.

As dawn broke over the mountains, people started milling around. Paul kept his head down and tried to look inconspicuous. Just then he fished out a huge lump of pond scum and nearly fell over! He’d drawn attention to himself and now a girl was walking his way. He tried to look moody and unapproachable, but the girl started chatting to him anyway.

‘Nice catch! Hey, are you new around here? I don’t think I’ve seen you at school before.’

‘Just visiting,’ he replied brusquely, hoping she’d get the hint and move on.

‘Well, I’m Danni,’ she continued casually, ‘I’m heading to the cafe to grab something to eat if you want to join me?’

Was she actually flirting with him? He eyed her sceptically for a moment.

‘I haven’t got any money, my boss hasn’t paid me yet,’ he added the lie on naturally.

‘That’s ok,’ smiled Danni, ‘I’ll get this one and you can owe me.’

Is she serious? Paul thought to himself. He didn’t think she was kind, he thought she was stupid for spending her money on a stranger! Maybe it was some kind of con?

05-23-16_10-40-45 PM

05-23-16_10-43-00 PM

05-23-16_10-44-16 PM

05-23-16_10-43-46 PM

05-23-16_10-45-39 PM

05-23-16_10-46-05 PM

05-23-16_10-46-25 PM

Paul couldn’t ignore his hunger or pass up the chance for a free meal, so he followed Danni to the park diner. She seemed genuine enough: funny and down-to-earth. They chatted for a few minutes and Paul was surprised that she was happy to talk about the latest football match and discuss that new manager. Then they sat down to order.

‘Look,’ Paul said honestly, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay you back for this any time soon.’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Danni shrugged.

Paul looked at the pastry in his hand thoughtfully. He was so used to fending for himself, or conning people, it was kind of nice just hanging out with someone his own age, and having them be casually nice to him… like a friend.

‘So, where do you work?’ Danni asked as she drained her frappé.

‘Huh?’ Paul mumbled, his mouth full of pastry.

‘You said your boss hadn’t paid you?’ Danni prompted.

Paul gulped, ‘Oh, uh, yeah, I was clearing some stuff for my uh… uncle’s friend, but he hasn’t paid me yet.’

‘That sucks! Are you here for long?’

‘I uh… I dunno,’ Paul said cautiously, ‘I go where the work is.’

‘Well, here’s my number,’ said Danni, writing on the back of a napkin, ‘if you’re ever in the area and you want to hang out and play football or something.’

‘Yeah,’ Paul acted casual but he tucked the napkin safely into his pocket.

05-23-16_10-47-27 PM

05-23-16_10-48-39 PM

05-23-16_10-51-29 PM

Danni said she had to get to work and left. Paul immediately copied her number into his phone. Well, what was he going to do next? He scanned the diner thoughtfully and his eyes rested on a gardener. Hmmm… that guy kind of looked like an older version of him, could he be his dad?

Paul figured he’d go over and chat to him, see if he could get a bit of info. It probably wasn’t his dad, but maybe he could get some work from him? He could help him with some gardening jobs. Hopefully he’d pay cash in hand and not ask too many questions.

The guy seemed ok, Paul played some chess with him for a while. He was a bit cagey, didn’t really say much about his family but preferred talking about what kind of flowers were growing well that season, and how there was a high demand for roses this year. Paul offered to help and gave the guy his number, he needed to start earning money soon.

05-23-16_10-53-03 PM

05-23-16_10-53-53 PM

05-23-16_11-00-28 PM

05-23-16_10-59-33 PM

Paul spent the day mooching round the park. He took another nap on a bench and freshened up in the public bathroom [I’d love that sponge bath option on sinks that we had for TS2]. He wasn’t feeling too great though, his clothes needed washing and he hadn’t slept well on that hard bench. And he was really hungry again. He wandered over to the picnic area and found some leftover food, which he wolfed down eagerly. Then he sat looking at the empty park for a while. He couldn’t stay there any longer, people would start to get suspicious if he was there the next day in the same clothes. Someone might call the police!

It was time to move on.

05-23-16_11-02-43 PM

05-23-16_10-56-43 PM

05-23-16_11-03-30 PM

05-23-16_11-07-37 PM

05-23-16_11-08-40 PM

Custom content used in this blog post:

* Sandy’s diner set at ATS.

* My junk mod.

* My sporty stuff.

* My free barista mod.