Blog: Georgia and Jamie Banks (Round 1)

09-13-14_8-36 PM

Quick note: (for those of you who are unfamiliar with my play-style) I have been making the same group of sims since The Sims 1! I call these my ‘core’ sims and they are the ones I use for my main gameplay. Of course, I dabble around with random households from time to time, but I get more pleasure from playing with these main sims because I feel like I ‘know’ them. They have been with me for so long that their lives really matter to me. This might sound a bit boring to some of you, making the same sims over-and-over, but their personalities and stories do grow and develop over time as we get new content.

I have 22 core sims and I play them rotationally. I usually make them as toddlers or children and make their families too, so you can imagine it’s a lot of sims to keep track of! Since we currently only have two worlds for TS4, with a limited number of lots, I figured it would be impractical to make their whole families at the moment. So I’ll be making my core sims as young adults, pretending they all just moved to Willow Creek or Oasis Springs to start their adult life.


I moved the Banks family into this cute little house by WeeAlbet! Unfortunately they could only afford the unfurnished version. 😦 But I quite like the idea of sims struggling a bit when they first start out on their own. And WOW!!! it really is a struggle keeping sims happy and earning money in The Sims 4! I see this as a big improvement: it was far too easy to make money in TS3! I like the little reward lamp thingies that we get for owning the TS3 games. You enable the auroras and they really help your sims mood! (I’m sorry I teased about them when we first saw them). *^.^*

09-13-14_9-30 PM

Georgia is a foodie! All the meals she prepares seem to be excellent quality, which is a great help! Not too sure about the look of that salad though. O.o

09-13-14_10-02 PM

09-13-14_8-40 PM-2

09-13-14_8-41 PM

09-13-14_9-17 PM

Gardening has always been one of my favourite skills! I guess because my sims are a lot better at it than I am! *^.^* I REALLY like the way they developed gardening in TS4: I love the addition of flowers and the way we can graft one plant onto another to make new ones (I haven’t actually achieved this yet). I like the little face icon that shows us how happy the plant is. The weeds are pretty too, they look like dandelion clocks! One thing I prefer about the TS3 style gardening is the way plants would produce different quality harvestables depending on it’s state. I liked replanting the better quality produce to get a better quality plant. I’m not as keen on the way we upgrade plants now, it doesn’t make sense to me. What are we upgrading it with? Magic? It’s only a little gripe though, on the whole I really like the gardening in TS4!

09-13-14_10-06 PM

09-13-14_9-09 PM

09-13-14_9-27 PM

09-13-14_10-04 PM

How cute is the community garden!? It’s part of their little neighbourhood (the section they can roam around in without triggering a loading screen). It’s a great place to socialise too, there are always sims hanging out there!

09-13-14_8-51 PM

Georgia naturally joined the culinary career! Jamie is athletic and normally joins the sports career. I was a bit disappointed because none of the current careers particularly suit him. :-/ He ended up joining the Astronaut career but it doesn’t really match his personality as he isn’t particularly logical (it suits other sims better) and it’s bugging me! I really like careers in the game and wish there was a bit more choice, especially as some of the golden oldies are missing like sports, politics and business. A lot of the TS4 careers are kind of extreme fantasy type things, and as someone who plays a more realistic game, I hope they add the more usual ones soon.

A nice feature for athletic sims are the options to work out! As well as using gym equipment, sims can do sit-ups, press-ups and jog around the area freely. I was expecting the sims to jog off the edge of the world TS2 style, but it was nice to be able to watch them randomly roam around the neighbourhood.

09-13-14_9-18 PM

09-13-14_9-19 PM

09-13-14_8-43 PM

Jamie’s no meat-heat or ‘bro’ though! He’s family-orientated and kind, and he loves the outdoors! He’s definitely prefers exercising outdoors, rather than at the gym. He likes fishing too, at the little fishing spots dotted around the neighbourhood.

09-13-14_8-45 PM

Not sure why Georgia is looking so pleased with herself here!

09-13-14_8-45 PM-2

It’s really nice to just watch their expressions! They really do seem to have their own thoughts about things: from giving another sim a dirty look, to smiling to themselves when their happy. It’s like they really do seem to be thinking about things internally, and that shows on their faces. TS4 sims are just very funny!

This is where Georgia was exhausted after getting home from work, but she was happy because she’d earned a promotion. Tired smile!

09-13-14_11-02 PM-2

Georgia went out to pick some fruit from the community garden and saw her friend who looked a bit sad. She quickly cheered her up and it was so sweet to watch! (It actually wasn’t her friend, but her doppelganger, I realised when her actual friend wandered up to join the conversation. Doh!)

09-13-14_10-14 PM

09-13-14_10-16 PM

09-13-14_8-50 PM

09-13-14_10-12 PM

09-13-14_10-13 PM

The swinging between emotions can feel a bit OTT at times, but once you get to learn how to influence them it gets easier.

By the end of the first week, Georgia and Jamie had earned a few promotions and were feeling a lot more comfortable. They started the week with just the basic items (bed, fridge, loo, etc) but after paying the bill they had enough left for a few ‘luxury’ objects like a bookshelf and computer. I think they’ll be much better off next time I play them.

I’ll end this blog with this random pic, just because I thought it was pretty!

09-13-14_9-54 PM

And thank you to the awesome iPodZeke! He knows why! ❤

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