Blog: Michelle Clausen (Round 1)

09-14-14_10-06 PM

Michelle is the daughter of an aging glam-rock star and a hippy free-spirit, and she definitely reflects her eccentric upbringing! Bubbly and outgoing, she is the comedian of the family! She normally has a HUGE household, with 5 siblings, but in TS4 she has moved to Oasis Springs with her twin brother Felix.

I imagine Michelle would LOVE this lot with a view of a gigantic dinosaur! I had to build a home for them: I normally build quite traditional looking homes so this modern bungalow was a stretch for me, especially as I’m still unfamiliar with the TS4 build tools, but I’m pretty happy with it! ^.^

09-14-14_9-22 PM-3

09-14-14_10-05 PM

I like how the two worlds, Oasis Springs and Willow Creek, have a very different feel to them with different building styles and plants. Willow Creek is much more lush, with lots of green shrubbery and bright flowers, it suits my gardening sims so well. Although I’m not as keen on desert worlds in general, I like the kind of run-down inhospitable feel of Oasis Springs. It has it’s own beauty too, reminding me of a cross between Strangetown (TS2 BG) and Lucky Palms (TS3 Store), but it’s also it’s own thing.

Michelle and Felix started chatting about their new house outside. Michelle got a bit hungry so she made herself a drink and some food then REMEBERED SHE WAS TALKING TO FELIX AND TOOK THE FOOD BACK OUTSIDE TO RESUME THE CONVERSATION!!!

09-14-14_10-12 PM

Michelle tends to be in the journalist career, although she also suits showbiz careers like acting. With her outgoing personality and good sense of humour, I thought I’d try out the new comedy career and skill! (I’m a bit peeved about TS4 having stand-up comedy because it’s something I was repeatedly requesting for TS3. So I’m half-annoyed, half-excited about it!) I sent her to this lounge and had her tell jokes at the microphone. It made me laugh that everyone ignored her! XD

09-14-14_10-21 PM

09-14-14_10-22 PM

09-14-14_10-22 PM-2

I almost made her flirt with the silver fox at the bar but he wasn’t really her type (more about him later). Tired of trying to impress the bar full of disinterested golden oldies, Michelle hit the bar! She had a great time chatting with people, I love how they change seats to move closer to the person they’re talking to if someone leaves! She was soon the centre of attention: cracking jokes, telling funny stories, and creating a really playful mood! I love the style of this bar: the way the seats are set up with the condiments really looks like a restaurant set-up! I HOPE HOPE HOPE we get something like Open for Business soon, I really would love for Georgia to eventually own this lot and run it as a restaurant! It’d be so nice to have the romantic dinner interactions back too for dates! Something like Hot Date and OFB would be awesim!!!

09-14-14_10-27 PM

09-14-14_10-28 PM-3

09-14-14_10-28 PM

09-14-14_10-30 PM

09-14-14_10-30 PM-2

Michelle had such a great time! I love how she did the tired/happy walk all the way home to bed, and the shadows on the sidewalk are genius!!! The world looked pretty here too so I couldn’t resist taking loads of screenshots! *^.^*

09-14-14_10-41 PM

09-14-14_10-36 PM-2

09-14-14_10-36 PM

09-14-14_10-42 PM

09-14-14_10-43 PM

The next morning Felix made breakfast an they had a nice chat… in the… bathroom. >__>

09-14-14_10-44 PM

09-14-14_10-47 PM

Sorry some of the indoor pictures are a bit dark, I’m not cheating for money and they can’t afford lights. -__-

Day number two at the lounge was a lot more successful! Michelle had a small audience (I guess news of how funny she’d been at the bar had gotten around). And Felix got talking to Mr Silver Fox (that’s not his name, his name was actually Dominique) they found out they have so much in common: they both share a love of art and even have the same hairstyle! XD

09-14-14_10-52 PM

09-14-14_10-51 PM

09-14-14_10-56 PM

09-14-14_10-55 PM

Felix thought it was time to take the party back home when his sister passed out on the couch!

09-14-14_10-59 PM

The house party didn’t go so well. With sticky armpits, Michelle’s bad cooking and Felix’s weird flirty face… O.o

09-15-14_5-02 PM

09-14-14_11-02 PM

09-14-14_11-05 PM

09-14-14_11-07 PM

09-14-14_11-11 PM

09-14-14_11-12 PM-2

09-14-14_11-29 PM

The last day was a good day for everyone! Michelle had a pee (hee hee) and found a nice spot for her new MySim figurine. Then she hit the library to write a new comedy routine (love this feature). She ran into Jamie there and they got on pretty well! It made me laugh that Michelle started talking about dinosaurs, ‘Yeah, I have a brachiosaurus in the back yard’! They must be friends now because he followed her to the bar where Michelle entertained everyone, and even popped round to the house later that evening! \o/

09-15-14_6-50 PM-2

09-15-14_6-51 PM-2

09-15-14_6-56 PM

09-15-14_7-05 PM

09-15-14_7-08 PM

09-15-14_7-28 PM

Mr Silver Fox also visited the house and I had the first ‘first kiss’ in the game!

09-15-14_8-00 PM

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