TS4 Download: More Cinema Stuff

01-19-16_10-19-44 PM

Since I’d decided to run my cinema as a retail store, selling popcorn and ‘tickets’, I wanted more things to sell as souvenirs and movie-themed collectables. I liked the idea of sims seeing a movie, and then buying a poster or a toy as a memento. So I turned the movie posters that came with the patch, and the ones that came with Movie Hangout into wall posters that can be bought/sold, and can also be dragged to and from a sims’ inventory. Then I got carried away and made cardboard advertisements for all the movies too. I’m really proud of how well these turned out! Finally, I recoloured the base game superhero toys, just to have more dolls to collect.

01-19-16_9-11-40 PM

01-19-16_9-12-53 PM

01-19-16_9-13-27 PM

01-19-16_9-14-09 PM

01-19-16_9-15-04 PM

If you’re running a cinema business it’s nice to have the extra stuff to advertise movies, and to sell. It’s possible to create little promotional displays for your blockbuster movies by using the Get to Work mannequins too (props to SimplyNando for the idea). And you can change out the displays to promote different movies to give your cinema a more interesting, life-like feel!

01-19-16_9-36-12 PM

01-19-16_10-19-52 PM

01-19-16_10-35-21 PM

(I recommend checking out SimplyNando for creative ideas if you haven’t already!)

Before you download…!

* The cardboard cutout is a retexture of the one from Srsly’s University Life Conversions set and that mesh is !!!REQUIRED!!! If you don’t want the whole set (why wouldn’t you?) and you only want the cutout, you can just install that one package out of the folder, it is called ‘[SrslySims] (S4) University Disposable Heroes Floor Cutout.package’.

* You’ll also need the latest game patch installed, and you’ll need the Movie Hangout stuff pack.

* I made the movie posters inventory-able and drag-able, unfortunately I couldn’t remove the ‘place in world’ interaction on them and using it causes lag and then the sim places the poster randomly in the middle of the room. >_< So… umm… don't do that. Instead use the cursor to 'grab' the poster and drag it from the sim's inventory and directly onto the wall. This allows you to place it nicely.

Download Here!

01-19-16_11-04-39 PM


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