TS4 Download: Brunch at the Old Mission Farm

!!!UPDATE!!! 12/01/2016

One of the patches broke the functionality of the canning station and bakers oven, I’ve fixed the issue so please download the updated versions HERE and replace the old ones. ^__^

10-15-15_11-07-50 PM

Ok… I confess this is a mish-mash of TS3 store items and base game items that I just liked to use for a farm-style kitchen. In this set:

* Functional Canning Station: The hob is functional and sims will be able to cook or brew a herbal remedy on it as usual. Since there are cupboards where the oven would be, I disabled the use of the oven. Unfortunately the gas FX doesn’t quite line up properly, I was able to align it but sims were unable to complete the interaction. I also added several slots.

10-15-15_11-31-48 PM

10-15-15_10-58-22 PM

* Functional Baker’s Oven: I used Varanka’s model as a base as she did a wonderful job of animating the oven door and her version is required for mine to work. I added slots and disabled the hob, and sims can still use the oven to bake.

10-15-15_11-18-48 PM

10-15-15_11-03-57 PM

* Counters: these are recognised by sims as kitchen counters and sims can use them to prepare food as usual. They have all the same slots as a normal counter, including a slot for an appliance. However, sinks and dishwashers cannot be placed inside them properly… sowwy. They are unlike Sims 4 counters as they do not have the various shapes, so I added a ‘corner counter’ décor object to fill in the corners.

10-15-15_11-25-22 PM

10-15-15_11-26-19 PM

10-15-15_11-02-46 PM

* Kitchen Sink: As if I’d forget the kitchen sink!

10-15-15_11-00-44 PM

* Tables, Chairs and Pantry: The seat of the chair mesh was a little bit low, so I adjusted the mesh to properly accommodate a TS4 sim’s bottom. ^__^

10-15-15_10-51-22 PM

10-15-15_11-27-23 PM

10-15-15_11-30-00 PM

* Décor well and jar-less box: Just… because.

10-15-15_11-09-50 PM

10-15-15_11-30-57 PM

I put in quite a bit of time and effort into making 3 complete colour combinations based on the original baker’s station. I found this quite tricky but I did my best. You will also find some objects have extra colours which came with the original TS3 meshes, I have no plans to make a whole set out of these, I just threw them in as extra options. The 3 full colour sets are:

10-15-15_11-09-17 PM

10-15-15_11-07-50 PM

10-15-15_10-52-51 PM

Working on this set was a big challenge for me and I pushed my knowledge of creating custom content further than I have before. Things like disabling interaction and adding slots is completely new to me in TS4 and was accomplished 50% with tutorials from Sims4Studio and 50% guess-work and jabbing at files blindly. I’m sorry is anything isn’t too perfect, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve achieved and I’m happy with these items in my own game. 🙂

Download and install Veranka’s Baker’s Station HERE! Required!!!

Download my set HERE!

Other great farmy conversions:

Country Living Conversion by EmpathLunabella at MTS4.

Loree’s Little Farm.

Old Mill Ivy by Veranka.

Finally, the wonderful ‘Sprout in a Repurposed Can’ (used to show the slots in my screenshots) is by the equally wonderful Orangemittens at Sims4Studio

Happy Simming! ^__^


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