TS4 Download: Hippy Maxi Skirts

Update 06/04/17!!!  An update borked the original files and began to create weird toddler-faced townies.  I was afraid.  I was very afraid.  I recreated the skirts and the issue has gone away, PHEW!!!  Please delete the two previous versions of the skirt, and install the new combined file HERE!

(It is possible that other old cc from other creators might also be causing the weird toddler-face glitch.  It doesn’t matter if the Sim is wearing the offending cc, they may still be affected.  If you have this issue then use the 50/50 method to pinpoint the troublesome cc.)


07-29-15_4-59 PM

I got a little bit carried away while making indie skirts for Gwen and made SEVENTEEN new variations of the long base game skirt. Whoops! But at least my hippy-dippy arty sims have a lot of choice now! There are 8 dip-dye, and 9 printed options (the one above and 8 below). And you can download the files from my dropbox here! I thought I’d give dropbox a try because I dislike how mediafire has suspicious adverts, and I don’t want anyone to accidentally download something annoying. So, let me know if you prefer dropbox. ^__^

Download here!



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