Mods for The Sims 3

!!! Note: These items are not currently being maintained. !!!

* Medieval Market Crates

* Old Fortune Teller’s Tea Set

* Three New Jobs (Vicar, Librarian and Baker)

* Greek Ingredients, Plants and Recipes

* Savvier Bakery

* Nectar uses All Harvestables

* No Vending Machine Death

* No Murphy Bed Death

* No Jellybean Death

* More Milk (Cow Shed Mod)

* Wave Station – Less Seal Attacks

* 3 Mods That Will Change Your World

* Better Bake Sale

* Ultimate Careers Tuning

* Bee Happy!

* Popcorn and Cotton Candy Satisfy Hunger

* Prism Studio Windows in Build Mode


2 thoughts on “Mods for The Sims 3

  1. I was just thinking if we can have all harvestables in ‘add herbs’ with moodlets and all but not necessarily affecting Rebel. I love your nectar mod, and I thought about you when this wishful thinking crossed my mind 🙂


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