TS3 CC: Medieval Market Crates


These crates can be found under ‘sculptures’ and the wood is CASt-able. There are two versions of each crate included in the package, you can install them all or pick and choose:

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate

(These are sculptures and are base-game compatible)

* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalTomatoCrate_StorageChest
* Cinderelli_CC_TS3_MedievalVegetableCrate_StorageChest

(These use the code from the World Adventures treasure chests, so you can use them for storage. The expansion is required. The ‘Look Inside’ option will not work, but you can use the ‘Open’ option to store your items.)

Download Here!







TS3 CC: Medieval Statues


After converting some The Sims Medieval statues for The Sims 4 I thought, ‘Why don’t I have these for The Sims 3!?’ So, naturally I converted them to TS3 as well. ^___^

I added channels to make them recolourable and they can be found under ‘sculptures’.

Download Here!

And some pictures of my updates to the church and graveyard in Crumpleton. Unfortunately, the poor vicar will have to raise the funds to pay for this next time I play him. XD









TS3 CC: Vintage Grocery Posters


My Sims’ world, Crumpleton, is an old English village which is kind of stuck in the past. I wanted some vintage posters for Meadow’s grocery shop that reflected that, as though they still used the same old advertisements they’d used 50-100 years ago. Or that the elderly customers still wanted to buy the same brands they had used all their life! You can’t beat a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate amirite? ^__^

Anyway, I thought I’d share them. There are 12 options and you can find them for $10 under ‘paintings’.

Download Here!



Custom Content: Remember Painting


Whenever I saw this avvi in the forums my heart would leap in hope that we were getting a new hint, screenshot or tongue-in-cheek comment from a truly awesome guru!

I have to admit, I’m very upset Sim Guru Copeland is leaving us. The content he has produced has been amazing, and it has enhanced my game so much! The store stuff is always my favourite in any category, and I always filter to it before anything else! The premium content has brought back so many features I felt were missing, like the savvy seller collection, bistro oven and mechanic’s car. I can finally play in the way I want to play. =^.^=

I’ve been trying to think of a way to say how much I appreciate all the hard work he has done for us simmers. I can’t express it well enough in words, I can’t make a youtube video… so what can I do? Then today I had a little idea…


In my game Cinderelli-sim works at the art gallery. Today, a new painting arrived. The catalogue lists it at $475, but when Cinderelli valued it she found it was priceless. *cheesy grin*

If you too would like a little reminder of Sim Guru Copeland in your game, download the ‘Remember Painting’ and pop it in your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!


And Alan… thanks! =^.^=