Modding Update

Just a quick note to say that I’m very busy with real life things at the moment. I’m approaching the end of my degree and have a lot of coursework (and stress). This along with working and doing mum stuff means I don’t have much free time, and my brain is often too fried to look at modding.

I haven’t abandoned my TS4 custom content. I’m aware that a few need updating, specifically the auto-hire mods, the indie maxi skirts, and the mod that hides the lot trait FX. I will be updating these but please remove temporarily until I get the chance to review them.

As for my TS3 mods… I’m struggling to play TS3 at the moment, my computer has decided it doesn’t like it and overheats or has power issues. This isn’t so bad with TS4 as it has short load times, but when my computer decides to die on TS3 after I’ve waited for 20+ minutes for it to load it’s really demotivating. So I’m afraid I’m not currently maintaining my TS3 content and have no plans to in the near future. I’m leaving them up in case anyone wants access to them. If anyone else wants to adopt my TS3 content, then that’s absolutely fine with me!

Thank you for your understanding and patience! I know how frustrating it can be! ❤


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