TS4 Download: Auto NPCs (Barista and Stall Vendor)

Updated 4th Dec 2016!!! Added Barista, Vendor and Bartender options for Gyms and Spas. Remember to only choose one package for each lot type.


It frustrates me that some objects in TS4 only auto-call NPCs on certain lots. I was so disappointed that City Living food stands would stand empty on park lots. 😦

Previously I was able to create mods to make it free to hire vendors, and bartenders and baristas. However, I still wished that the NPCs would auto-attend the lot because it breaks the immersion to have to keep calling them in manually. After MUCH playing around with the files, and many failed attempts, I was finally able to call some NPCs in to certain lots.


For the vendors, you can place multiple stalls on one lot but only one vendor will be auto hired. They seem to choose which stall to open at random. If you delete a stall, they will go and open another. The vendors will auto tend any type of stall though: food; tea; swag; produce.

The baristas and vendors are called to the lot in overlapping shifts, so you should see a new NPC arriving to replace the one that is leaving. The barista/vendor will be called even if you do not have a barista bar or stall on the lot.


The Files:

I’ve included all the files in one folder but you must only install ONE of each lot type. So you must only have one ‘Park’ venue for example. Therefore, you need to choose whether a barista or a vendor suits each individual lot type better. So far you can auto call an NPC to Park, Museum and Library venues.

You could have:

* A food vendor at the park.
* A cafe in the library.
* A gift stall at the museum.

If you want to automatically call a vendor you also need the vendor BASE file. This is because the baristas were already set up to work ON lots, but the vendors did not have a corresponding file. I created my own tuning for this.

This mod will override the ‘lot zoning’ for library/park/museum venues and will conflict with any other mod that also overrides these tuning files (this is why you must only choose one file per lot type). The vendor base is custom tuning and should not conflict with anything else.

To summary:

* If you choose a VENUE + vendor file, the BASE vendor file is required.
* If you only want the VENUE + barista files you do not need the BASE vendor file.
* You can only choose ONE file per lot type!
* You can mix and match files so you could have a cafe at the park, and a stall at the museum (as long as you don’t have two of the same lot type).

* You can also use this alongside my hire NPC’s for free mods (links above). So if you did want more than one stall on a lot, you can use the free vendor mod to hire additional sims.

I hope that isn’t too confusing! I tried to explain it as clearly as possible. 😄 Obviously Get Together is required for the barista, and City Living is required for the vendors. I made the mod with both packs installed.

I’ve also been looking into other role sims such as the musician buskers and the living statues, and while these sometimes work they have not been consistent. I decided they needed more work. The vendors and baristas, however, have been running like clockwork in my game and after several hours of repeated testing, I have found no issues.

Happy Simming!

Download Here! (Remember to only install ONE of each lot type!!!)







9 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Auto NPCs (Barista and Stall Vendor)

  1. Thank you so much for making this mod. I tried something similar myself a while ago but it never worked … because it never occured to me to look into the zoneDirector. Now I feel equally stupid and educated – and glad I can have those little vendor stalls in my park and a barista at the museum. :3


    • If you wanted to look into it more yourself, you can add all sorts of Sim behaviours to different zones. So if you wanted the bear to show up at the gym (why wouldn’t you? Lol!) you could open the zoning for a lot that the bear appears on and copy-paste the code into another zoning file. Just look at how they set the lines out and mimic it. 🙂


  2. Hello ! Thanks a lot for this mod I hoped for something like that for so long !
    Something happened in my game though, that I thought would be linked to this mod: when my sims get invited to spontaneous parties in Windenburg, the bartender comes but there is no bar installed. (DJ still works as intended)
    I’m gonna try to test it further without the mod installed, but seeing sims need to get invited first, it might take a while. If it’s not linked to this mod I apologize !


  3. Hi I downloaded the file, however I tried to click on one to download, and my computer says “There is no application set to open the document “Cinderellimod_TS4_AutoNPC_VENUE_Gym_Bartender.package” I have a Mac, not sure if that makes a difference, or if I’m missing a program that will execute the download. Please help!


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