TS4 Download: Specific Seed Packets (Base Game)


I made these on a whim a few weeks ago and then forgot all about them because… brains. Basically they work in a similar way to existing seed packets but you can buy them for specific plants. So instead of buying mixed flowers, you can buy rose seeds, or tulip seeds.

[Well… like the existing seed packets, they actually give you ingredients… not seeds… but moving swiftly on…]

The price of the packet depends on the individual price of the basic ingredient, and how many you get in a packet. So you can’t cheat and buy the packet, open it, and sell the ingredients for a profit or anything. To make a profit you need to grow the plants and sell the harvest. To be honest, there’s not a HUGE purpose to this, other than I figured I could do it and it seemed like a nice mini-project. It’ll be nice for gardening stores and things like that.

So far I have made seed packets for most base game ingredients. Including some of the rare plants you get by splicing. It’s up to you if you take this short-cut or not. But the super-special seeds, like the cow plant seeds, were not included. It made sense to me to have rose seeds, for example, but the cow plant seeds seemed like they should be left out.

The seed packets have custom designs to make it easier to tell which type of seeds it contains. Feel free to recolour these if you like.


The seed packets can be bought as usual from planters, or you can find them in the debug catalogue. They can be sold with the retail system.


Finally I also recommend:

* Functional Retail “Little Sprout” Seed Display by Menaceman44 at MTS, which is pleasingly compatible with this mod.

* The Old Gardening Shop Set by Sandy at ATS.

* And the Grocery Store Mod by SMagGeorge available at Sims Workshop. Because you want to sell your produce too right?

And special thanks as always goes to the Sims4Studio tool.

Download Here! [Dropbox. No adfly.]

This should be base game compatible but please let me know if you have any issues. Also, I do plan on eventually adding more seeds from other packs.

[updated 20/10/2016: Fixed empty string files.]


16 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Specific Seed Packets (Base Game)

  1. Love this Idea, it is like bring back a piece from Sims 1 Unleashed to the Sims 4 game 🙂 I missed this from the Sims 1 game Thank you for this I’ll try to get it for my game soon


  2. Thank you so much for this mod…it seems that every time I buy seeds, there’s never the one I really need to plant and I must send my sim out to try and find it “in the wild.”


  3. Hi,
    I don’t play the Sims 4 in English but in Dutch. The mod itself is working, only the names are replaced by *debug* probably because of display language. Can I help and translate the names into Dutch?
    Let me know, and also thanks for this mod 🙂


  4. Hi,
    I tried to translate the mod into Dutch (because now it shows ***DEBUG***, instead of text), so I opened the mod with s4pe and DP STBL Editor. But it turns out there are no values available at all in other languages besides English. So… Would you mind adjusting the mod so I can translate?
    Many thanks!


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