TS4 Download: Bikinis and Vests as Accessories

01-14-16_10-29-21 AM

I LOVE the new long dress that came with Movie Hangout Stuff, but it is SO REVEALING!!! Now, I don’t mind a bit of skin, but I feel extremely low necklines are more suitable to evening and party wear than daywear. Since this dress is on the casual side, that super-low neckline really bothered me. While I was ranting on Twitter, my friend ElderJymm suggested I try layering with one of these accessory vests by melly11292. GREAT IDEA!!! But I wanted something with a straighter neckline so decided to make some of my own accessory vests. I also converted two bikini tops to accessories, because I thought of how people sometimes throw a dress or t-shirt on over a bikini when they’ve been to the pool or beach. I included all the original colours from these base game items, and also added a few of my own: mostly a few darker colours for the vests and some attempts at lacy options.

As these are base game conversions, no extra packs are required. And they do not overwrite the originals. You can find them under ‘socks’ so you can still layer up with leggings or tights. They work better with some outfits more than others, and there are some clipping issues, so you have to play around with them a bit to find good combinations, some work better than others. Also, when you are in the accessory tab, the tops clip with the censor bra, but the bra disappears when you go back into the outfit tab and choose something.

Feel free to edit these packages as you like, they are easily opened with Sims4Studio, if you want to delete or add more colour swatches. ^___^

Included are:
* Two base game vests converted to accessories.
* Two base game bikinis converted to accessories.

Download here!

Some screenshots:

01-13-16_9-03-59 PM

01-13-16_9-08-50 PM

01-13-16_9-06-04 PM

01-13-16_9-06-57 PM

01-14-16_9-40-19 AM

01-14-16_9-41-28 AM

01-14-16_9-41-53 AM

01-14-16_9-43-11 AM

01-14-16_9-45-12 AM

01-14-16_9-45-29 AM

01-14-16_9-45-56 AM

01-14-16_9-46-35 AM


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