TS4 Download: Classical Inspired Clothing

01-06-16_9-26-46 PM

I’ve been watching simmers playing the History Challenge with interest and was randomly inspired to make some sims from Greek mythology. But… I had very few clothes to choose from! I decided to make a couple of recolours of the Spooky Stuff male ‘Sparta’ outfit and a few toga-like dresses only… yeah… I got a bit carried away again and made more than planned. XD

As well as white with gold/bronze details for Ancient Greece, I included brighter colours for the Romans. Some of the dresses will be more suitable for modern prom or bridesmaid dresses, but I included them anyway. The dresses are base game, but the male outfit requires Spooky Stuff to be installed.

Download Here!

Examples of Greek Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-56 PM

01-06-16_9-26-04 PM

01-06-16_9-29-25 PM

01-06-16_9-29-32 PM

Examples of Roman Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-59 PM

01-06-16_9-26-09 PM

01-06-16_9-29-29 PM

01-06-16_9-29-45 PM

01-06-16_9-29-41 PM

01-06-16_9-26-07 PM

Examples of Plain/Modern Dresses:

01-06-16_9-25-32 PM

01-06-16_9-25-38 PM

01-06-16_9-25-43 PM

01-06-16_9-26-16 PM

01-06-16_9-29-17 PM

01-06-16_9-29-20 PM

01-06-16_9-29-43 PM

Examples of Male Recolours:

01-06-16_9-31-57 PM

01-06-16_9-32-01 PM

01-06-16_9-32-15 PM

01-06-16_9-32-08 PM

01-06-16_9-32-06 PM


2 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Classical Inspired Clothing

  1. OMG I’ve always wanted this long summery dress with the little flowers in a white version – I think it’s perfect for weddings! I’ll definitely use it for this purpose 😮
    You other recolours look awesome as well! I think i’ll use them for formal wear 🙂
    Thanks a lot!


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