News: The Sims 4 Politics Mod Pack

Zerbu has done it again! What has he done? Made an awesome mod of course!

Sims Community has just announced the Politics Mod Pack for The Sims 4, you can get all the details here! Basically, Zerbu has added a new career to the game: Politics. This career comes with THREE new skills: debating; protest leadership; and influence. Your sims can hold a protest, use new interactions at the podium, and even hold a campaign fundraiser party!!! There is also a new lot type: Town Hall. Check out the link for more details!

I’m SO excited about this! I can’t wait for the release!!! In the meantime you might like to prepare, maybe you’ll want to build your Town Hall lot, or grab some extra custom content to decorate your protester’s base? Here are a few things you might be interested in:

University Life Conversions

The wonderful SrslySims has converted a TON of objects from The Sims 3 University Life which will be ideal for decorating your lots! LINKY-LINKY!

Get to College

To recreate that The Sims 3 University Life feel in your game, check out the Get to College Mod by simmythesim at Mod the Sims. Now, I haven’t tried this mod yet but it looks pretty cool!

Town Hall

If you enjoy building, you may want to make your own Town Hall, be sure to share your screenshots with me on Twitter! However, if you’d rather download one, here are some great builds that will easily convert to a Town Hall!

* Municipal Muses Museum Lot by Bunny_m at Mod the Sims. While this lot is currently set up as a museum, the classical style and gorgeous interior would adapt easily to a town hall!

* Town Hall by ju1ka on the gallery. Wow, I think I want this lot in my game too!!! It is currently used as a police station, but you could convert it back to a town hall.

* Town Hall Nocc 2 by vivienne3603 on the gallery is already set up as a Town Hall with meeting rooms and offices, and is a very pretty building!

* Newcrest Town Hall by grzesieknester on the gallery is an adorable building which I think would look great in Windenburg!

* NewCrest Town Hall by ulysseblack on the gallery is a large town hall, set up for weddings!

And finally, my own Town Hall is on the gallery! Although I feel it is less impressive than all those gorgeous lots! *^__^* You can find my town hall here! And you might like to update it with my lion sculptures here and my functional podium here (at least until Zerbu’s version is released!). This is the building you will see in my Dixon-Phillips family blog soon. 🙂


09-15-15_10-33 PM

09-15-15_10-34 PM-2

09-15-15_10-41 PM

09-15-15_10-40 PM-3

09-15-15_10-40 PM-2

09-15-15_10-40 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-2

09-15-15_10-43 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-3

Have fun and happy simming!

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