TS4 Download: Medieval Statues!

09-25-15_9-58-19 PM

I absolutely adore The Sims Medieval! I love the rustic traditional style of the objects, and while I play a mostly realistic game in the current age, I like my Sims’ worlds to have a historical and cultural influence. So I love items that reflect the past and these Medieval sculptures will be perfect for my game!

There are 8 sculptures included (did I mention how much I love TSM?):

* Wood Angel
* 2 Wood Monks
* Pegasus
* 2 Stone Angels
* A Noble King
* A Scholar

The Medieval items only had one colour option so I made a variety of recolours of them. They can all be found under the ‘sculptures’ tag in-game, and they all have the TSM descriptions and prices.

Download Here!

09-25-15_10-00-05 PM

09-25-15_10-04-46 PM

09-26-15_9-55-30 AM

09-26-15_9-54-03 AM

09-26-15_9-52-56 AM

09-25-15_10-01-41 PM

09-25-15_10-02-21 PM

09-25-15_10-04-04 PM


Fixed an issue with the specular that was making the statues more shiny than they should be. Credit to Oh My Sims 4 for drawing my attention to the error and for the specular fix file. ^__^

Fixed version:

09-26-15_7-57-56 PM


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