TS4 Download: 5 Classical Statues

09-20-15_10-58 PM-2

One thing I can’t get enough of for The Sims are nice statues. I love to use them in civic and community builds like parks, town halls, libraries and museums. When building my town hall, I was frustrated by the lack of classical statues and decided to use my newly discovered skills to convert a few of my favourites from TS3. There are five statues: the lion and the 4 Paris statues from World Adventures. They come in 3 options: stone; marble; and bronze. And they have the original names, descriptions and prices from TS3. Unfortunately, they do have quite a high poly count. They can be resized, like in the image above where I made the lion bigger to fit the space by the steps. They can be found under ‘sculptures’.

EDIT! I updated the statues with a non-shiny version which I prefer (see last image below). However, I left the shiny version up in case anyone prefers them. But only choose ONE file as they override each other.

EDIT! Brazen Lotus has created mirrored [Flipped] versions of the statues. Great if you want one on either side of a doorway, for example. Link below.

Download Matt Version Here!

Download Shiny Version Here!

Mirrored [flipped] Version by Brazen Lotus

09-20-15_10-57 PM-2

09-20-15_10-56 PM-2

09-20-15_10-54 PM-2

09-20-15_10-59 PM

09-23-15_10-24 AM

Wouldn’t ‘Alexia Full of Hair’ look great in a spa!?

Update! Matt Version:

09-26-15_8-00-17 PM


10 thoughts on “TS4 Download: 5 Classical Statues

  1. The Alexia statue looks like the muse in Hercules *u*
    (And if you think that I didn’t start singing “Zero to Hero” the second I saw it, you’d be dead wrong.)


  2. I absolutely LOVE your statues!! Will you convert the Lumberjack statue to sims 4? It would go great for Outdoor Retreat pancake restaurant!


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