TS4 Download: Functional Podium

09-18-15_10-18 PM-2

I was converting a few décor items that I wanted to use in my Town Hall build and while I was converting the podium I randomly decided to see what would happen if I gave it the functionality of the TS4 microphone, to my surprise it worked! :-O

Then I got giddy and made another podium with the functionality of the mirror. You can use both versions in your game and choose whichever one suits your needs the most. They’re really useful for all sorts of things from political speeches, to celebrity award shows, comedy clubs and school rallies! They have all the functionality of the microphone or mirror such as ‘tell jokes’, ‘perform routine’, ‘practice speech’ and ‘psych self up’. So they are great for storytelling purposes as well as being pretty handy objects.

09-18-15_10-32 PM-2

09-18-15_10-19 PM

09-18-15_10-24 PM

09-18-15_10-45 PM-3

One small issue with the mirror version is that sims can sometimes stand a bit too far away. This is just because the radius sims can stand within to use the mirror is pretty large, and I don’t know how to change this. However it’s easily fixed by repositioning the podium, or placing an object or wall behind to force sims to stand closer. You can see in the images below that by placing the small table behind the podium, the sim stood closer. I also had to sink the podium into the floor a little. There is a small amount of clipping when sims gesture, but hey, this is the sims 4, what’s a bit of clipping between routing friends? XD

09-18-15_10-29 PM

09-18-15_10-31 PM

The zip contains both versions, you can use either or both at the same time. You can find them under ‘activities’ in the buy catalogue. Have fun and happy simming! ^__^

Download here!

6 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Functional Podium

  1. I recently had a bug with this, as the podium seems to not work with my sim.

    I placed the politics podium in my city hall, and it shows the options and everything.

    It shows up in the que for my sim to interact with it, but then shortly goes away.


  2. Hi
    I recently placed the politics podium in my city hall, and it shows up “script call failed” when I go to place it down.

    I removed all my CCs and mods, but it still shows “scipt call failed”. What should I do?


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