TS4 Download: Darker Eyes

08-26-15_11-00 AM

The dark brown eyes in the game are not dark enough for some of my sims and I’ve been meaning to make some more for a while. I finally got around to it and got a little carried away, making 9 colour options in total. Then I got even more carried away and made 9 more slightly brighter versions.

The eyes can be found under face-paint (you’ll find them easily, the thumbnails are very pink!) because I thought it was easier that way to apply them to existing sims like contacts, and it means I’m not clogging up your eye-colour tab. If you would like these as actual eye-colours just let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

I also hand-drew these using the original game eyes as a base rather than pasting a photo over the top, so they should fit with the game style quite well.

Colour options are:

and there are both dark and mid-tone package versions available in the zip.

Download from Dropbox HERE!

08-26-15_11-12 AM

(And yes… I am spelling ‘grey’ and ‘colour’ correctly in English-English. 😛 )

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