Mod: Be Admitted for Instability for 24 Hours

Be Admitted for Instability for 24 Hours


I made this mod for one of my sims who has the ‘unstable’ trait. My poor sim is lucky enough to have a supportive family who make sure she checks into hospital when she is having one of her ‘delusional episodes’. It bothered me that she would only nip into hospital for an hour and then waltz out all fine and dandy again. I wanted these moments to have a bit more of an effect on her family. So I adjusted the time spent in hospital to 24 hours. While checked-in, the sim is well cared for and has their needs met as best as possible. I adjusted it so that hunger, bladder, energy and hygiene would steadily increase during the time in hospital. However, sims find their stay a little boring and might need some fun and social activities when they get out, so you might have to keep an eye on them.

Just unzip the file and pop the package into your usual mods folder. It is unlikely to conflict with other mods, unless they also edit the very specific files that control being admitted for instability.

Download here!


9 thoughts on “Mod: Be Admitted for Instability for 24 Hours

  1. Hello. I apologize so much for post this here, but I have looked and looked all over your site for an appropriate comment box where I could write this or email you — and I cannot find such a thing.

    I have what is a simple request for you that you might consider. With regards to your Sim 3 mod for Greek Recipes, would you do some *Kelp* Recipes for Sims. These were suppose to have been done by EA along with addition of mersims, but *never* were. I have looked and looked for months now for such a mod through many different Sims 3 website and have just *never* found any.

    It would not have to be especially complex. If you could clone things like “Autumn Salad” and make it “Kelp Salad” and just change the required item to make it Kelp. You could do Kelp Spaghetti (instead of “Vegetarian”. You could do other receipts like “Kelp Egg Rolls” or even things like “Kelp Cookie” or “Kelp Cobbler”.

    There does NOT have to be a lot of these — maybe 10 or so — but just so when a Mersim talks about Kelp Recipes — there are actually Kelp Recipes that can be made!

    Please let me know if you are willing to do so or not, so that I will know if I should keep searching for Kelp Recipes or hopefully just wait a while for you to make some.

    Thank you very much.

    — Frank


    • Hi Frank, it sounds interesting and like something I could possibly do. Honestly though, TS3 is on the back burner for a while so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. I do have a small list of jobs that need doing with the recipe mods over at MTS, and when I do those I may also look into the kelp recipes, I’ll add it to the list. It’ll all be quite a time consuming job though, so it’s just a matter of finding the right time. 🙂


      • Thanks.
        Would it help if I were able to pay you some? Maybe $25-$50. (The $50 might take a month or so.) I really would like this.


      • Thank you for the offer but no, I’m afraid it’s a time issue, not a money issue. When I’m busy in real life it can be difficult to focus on modding. Especially when I haven’t modded for TS3 for a while and I’d need to re-learn a few things. But I assure you it is on my to do list.


    • Hey Frank!

      While I absolutely look forward to Cinderelli’s updates when she has the time (And thank you so much for all that you do dear ❤ ) I definitely think in the meantime you could try out Icarus all sorts cook with any ingredient mod at MTS. I'm pretty sure you should be able to make kelp anything you want and have it affect your sims accordingly with some of his mods.


      • Okay, I will try that.
        Right now, I am having to wait to continue playing ‘Sims 3″ because I have placed so many mods in it and have so exceeded what the game can do, by fairly standard computer *cannot* save my games right now because it just does not have the memory for it. D:
        So I looking to see — and waiting to save enough money — that I can get a better computer. *sigh*


  2. I know! My game is doing the same. I’m about to start cleaning all my saves and merging all my mods and cc especially now that there are no new patches and fewer updates.


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