Mod: Be Admitted for Instability for 24 Hours

Be Admitted for Instability for 24 Hours


I made this mod for one of my sims who has the ‘unstable’ trait. My poor sim is lucky enough to have a supportive family who make sure she checks into hospital when she is having one of her ‘delusional episodes’. It bothered me that she would only nip into hospital for an hour and then waltz out all fine and dandy again. I wanted these moments to have a bit more of an effect on her family. So I adjusted the time spent in hospital to 24 hours. While checked-in, the sim is well cared for and has their needs met as best as possible. I adjusted it so that hunger, bladder, energy and hygiene would steadily increase during the time in hospital. However, sims find their stay a little boring and might need some fun and social activities when they get out, so you might have to keep an eye on them.

Just unzip the file and pop the package into your usual mods folder. It is unlikely to conflict with other mods, unless they also edit the very specific files that control being admitted for instability.

Download here!