Mod: Three New Jobs (Vicar, Librarian and Baker)


These are just three little jobs I needed for my own town Crumpleton. I needed a vicar for my church, a librarian, and someone to tend the bakery. I wanted to set it up so that if I sent another sim to the library (for example) that my librarian sim would actually be working on the lot. There are other ways to do this but I personally find this way to be most effective. They are not full careers with 10 levels, but work as ‘placeholders’ or mini-careers to assign certain roles to each sim. If used in conjunction with Ultimate Careers, you can set it up so that your sim will go to the correct lot when called to work. So if you visit the church with another household during work hours, your vicar will be there!

Each career has 2-3 levels, this is so that your sim can have days off and you can employ another sim on the alternate level to cover those shifts. So, for example, the second level of the librarian career is ‘archivist’ and the days of are Saturday and Sunday. You can hire a ‘trainee librarian’ if you want those days covered.


To set up the careers using the Ultimate Careers mod:

1. In live mode, have your sim join the career. All three careers are available by clicking on the City Hall.


2. Ensure custom careers are enabled by using the ‘Zerbu’ option on the City Hall rabbithole, and choosing ‘Ultimate Careers’ –> ‘Enable/Disable Careers’. ‘Custom Careers’ needs to say ‘enabled’.


3. Now you need to decide which lot you want your sim to work in (for the librarian you might choose the town’s ready-made library). Once you have chosen a workplace, make sure you have the right sim selected and click on the ground or walls of the lot to find the ‘Zerbu’ option. Choose ‘Lot assignment’ and then ‘Link [Sim’s] Career to Lot’. This tells the mod to send all sims in that career to that venue, instead of entering a rabbithole. Be careful not to link the career rabbithole to the lot, unless you want ALL the careers to use the same lot (for example, linking the City Hall to the lot will mean politicians would also be assigned to your venue).


4. Finally, you need to tell the mod which objects the sims should use to build their career performance. You do this by clicking on the City Hall and choosing the ‘Assign Career Type’ option under ‘Zerbu’ (you only need to do this step for custom careers). Each official career has a list of appropriate objects that a sim is pushed to use with the UC mod, for example, politicians will be pushed to use the podium. A full list of careers and their objects can be found here. You need to choose which official career uses appropriate objects for your custom career and assign the career type accordingly. So, for my vicar career I choose ‘politics’ because they both use the podium and sims are encouraged to read books. For the librarian career I choose business. For the baker career you could choose culinary or business.


Sims should be pushed to autonomously use appropriate objects, so if you visit your church with another sim you might find your vicar holding a ‘sermon’ at the ‘pulpit’ or reading a ‘sacred’ book (a little imagination is required).


A couple of disclaimers. Yes, my spelling is atrocious! So despite my best efforts there might be a mistake or two. *^.^* Also, I tried to make the ‘vicar’ role fairly generic, it is actually called the ‘faith’ career in game. Also, I used the term ‘The Watcher’ from the Sims Medieval religions. Since I made it for my English countryside world is does resemble the Christian faith, but I don’t claim to be an expert in such things so please don’t be upset by any errors.

These careers do assume some familiarity with the Ultimate Careers mod, and can be a bit tricky to set up. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here, or give me a poke on twitter (@Cinderellimouse).


baker level 2promo



Update! 21st Nov 2014: I added the ability to throw campaign fundraisers at level 3 of the faith career. Please re-download and remove the previous version.

Download all three jobs here!

Nraas Careers base-mod is essential. My careers will not show in game without it.

Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers is recommended but not essential. I also recommend my tuning file for the UC mod, if you would like a bit more freedom without losing career performance. An example would be if you would like to have your vicar make house-calls during work hours.

Finally, I just wanted to post the link to MissyHissy’s Job Centre. If you would like more custom careers I highly recommend checking out her site! While mine are just ‘place-holders’, these are full careers with 10 levels, similar to what you find in the game.

Enjoy! =^.^=