Mod: Greek Ingredients, Plants and Recipes

UPDATE 15th March 2015!

There is an updated version of this mod available at MTS here:

Update 21st Nov 2014! I fixed the issue where sims would reset and get an error message when eating some of the ingredients. I added custom harvestables for the spinach, mint and elderflower, so these will now look slightly different from their original clones. Ingredients grown or bought with the old version may still be glitched, but new or replanted ones should be fine. Please re-download from the link below, and remove the older version of the mod. You must install both packages in the zip.

UPDATE 1ST NOV 2014! I removed a couple of unnecessary files from the mod which were causing script errors.


This is an extension to my nectar mod, if you are using that mod please remove the file and replace it with this one. There is also a small fix (thank you Susan).

I’ve been trying to work out how to add more harvestables to the game for a long time, and finally had a bit of a breakthrough! While I haven’t been able to add entirely new harvestables like the talented douglasveiga, I have worked out that I can clone references to existing ingredients and give them new text. For example, I edited the ‘ingredients’ file to add a new entry for ‘Mint’ that uses the object models for ‘Basil’ because the plants look similar. I also realised I could use a similar technique with recipes. So far, I have been unable to make the mod use cloned plants/foods with edited images, but I will continue to work on this.

I chose a Greek theme to this first set of new recipes and ingredients. The reason for this is that I am starting work on a Greek world and thought it would be a nice addition, sort of like how the World Adventures worlds have special plants and meals. Plus, I LOVE Greek food! =^.^=

New ingredients:

* Colossal Olive (the name is an in-joke *waves to Jim*)
* Greek Honey
* Feta Cheese
* Lamb
* Mint
* Spinach
* Elderflower (not particularly Greek but I really wanted it *^.^* )

All these new ingredients can be bought from the grocery store. The price depends on the quality of the ingredient, but I tried to set the base prices in line with other similar ingredients.

New Plants:

* Olive Tree
* Mint Plant
* Spinach Plant
* Elderflower Plant
* Feta Cheese Plant
* Lamb Plant
* Tofu Plant

The Feta and Lamb plants require the sim to complete the gardening challenge which unlock the ability to plant meat plants. I also added additional ‘missing’ base game Tofu plant while I was faffing. ^.^








All the new plants show up in the collection journal:


And the quality of the ingredients can be improved by gardening:


New Recipes:

* Tzatziki
* Moussaka
* Spanakopita
* Souvlaki
* Greek salad

All five recipes require three ingredients, at least one of which will be a new custom ingredient. They unlock automatically as your sim’s cooking skill improves. Tzatziki which is a snack and only had a resource for a single serving, but all other recipes have both single and group servings. I mixed and matched the existing resources to try and get the preparation of the meals as logical as possible, so the sim will use the oven to make moussaka, for example.











Sims can also ‘Shop by Recipe’ at the grocery store:


As this is an extension to the Nectar Uses All Harvestables mod (it edits the same game files) the new ingredients (Greek Honey, Elderflower, Olives, Mint and Spinach) can all be used to make nectar! I have not enabled the cheese and meat, but if anyone is interested in this just let me know and I’ll update the mod. >.^

I am personally very happy that I can make ‘Olive Oil’ and ‘Elderflower Wine’! My test sim, Florence Taylor from Monte Vista, now has a small olive grove and olive oil business.

nect_olive oil


Known Issues:

Fixed! There are a few hiccups that I haven’t been able to fix yet. Sometimes Greek Honey will revert to normal honey if in the inventory when the game is loaded. Olives and Greek Honey can be eaten straight from the inventory without issues (same with Lamb if the sim is a werewolf), however new ingredients based on herbs will reset the sim when ingested (existing herbs are fine). There is also an issue when adding new ingredients based on herbs to meals using the ‘add herb’ interaction which causes the sim to reset. Errortrap helped me track the issues with the new harvestables based on herbs to a missing resource. Herbs use a resource to load moodlets when ingested, I have found the files and have tried to add matching custom ones but have so far been unable to make the game recognise the new reference. I will keep working on this and update the mod when I figure it out. For me, I find these to be minor issues but as a temporary fix I have made a mod to stop sims autonomously eating ingredients straight out of the inventory, I recommend installing this too. Fixed!

I have tested the mod extensively (i.e I had so much fun testing it that I played with the new goodies more than I needed to) and those were the only issues I found. Please let me know if you find anything else.

Thanks to:

Douglasveiga and Blackcat007 at MTS, I spent a bit of time poking at their mods to see how they worked.

Simlogical for S3pe.

And Twallan and Nraas Industries for the BootStrap Creator and the Careers tutorial that taught me so much!

This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the ingredients, recipes, and plants files.

Finally, this mod was built on my game with ALL the official plants installed (from expansions and store). Olives are based on the Pomelo tree from World Adventures, Greek Honey uses the honey from Supernatural as a base, and Spinach, Mint and Elderflower are based on Uni Life herbs. I have to be honest and say I don’t know what will happen if you do not have the required resources installed. I assume that the options just won’t show up ([edit 1st Nov 14] further research shows that you get script errors if you try to make a recipe without the appropriate content installed. Your sim will jump out of the interaction). O.o This mod is kind-of aimed at people like myself who are OBSESSED with new plants! XD

That’s it! I hope you have fun!

Click here to download the new ‘Nectar_Plant_Ingredient_Recipe’ mod!

Click here to also download the ‘NoAutonomous_EatRawIngredient’ mod! (Recommended)

Unzip the download and pop the .package files in your mods ‘packages’ folder. Important!!! Be sure to remove my old nectar mod and any other mods that effect ingredients/plants/recipes!!!

29 thoughts on “Mod: Greek Ingredients, Plants and Recipes

      • take your time was just wondering if that would be possible for you. I most play my sims 3 to garden and a few other things. you may want to say im a huge plant freak.


      • there is also zucchini (vine), cantaloupe (vine) and dragon fruit (staked bush) there was also tofu but you have already done that one.


      • I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to return to the mod lately. With my coursework and prepping for Christmas it’s been a busy couple of months. I’m pretty tired and stressed right now and just don’t have the concentration necessary for modding without breaking lots of things! XD I have a couple of older mods I still need to upload but it’s been tricky to find time to concentrate on that too. I want to reassure you that it is something I will look at, probably in the new year. However, I am concerned about stepping on the toes of another modder, so it is something I will have to consider carefully.


    • Ah, that’s awesome thanks! Douglas Veiga has been super helpful to me while working on custom ingredients! He’s a superstar! I haven’t had the time to concentrate on it with my coursework (all my brain power is focused in that direction right now) but I do want to continue working in this area. I’d especially like to start adding harvestable flowers, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

      I’m really excited to see if anyone else adds new ingredients and foods now that Douglas Veiga has made it easier for people. It’s really exciting! πŸ˜€


  1. Just a quick update for Elizabeth and icemunmun…

    I finally had the time and concentration levels to look at the mod again. I used douglas veiga’s files to do a lot of tinkering with my mod and separated out the Greek ingredients/recipes/plants into a new file which no longer over-rides the original resources, but the nectar mod still requires me to over-ride the original ingredients list. So basically the Greek mod can be used independently and should not conflict with other mods. However, when I tried it alongside the Overhaul mod from MTS the mods conflicted because of some matching lines of text. *sigh*

    I’ve been tinkering with all three mods and found a way to make them all compatible, but at the moment I’ve had to edit the Overhaul mod. I’m not really happy about uploading someone else’s work, so I’m just thinking about the best way to do it. :-/

    I can remove the lines of text from my own mod, so that’s fine I guess. However, the Overhaul mod edits the original ‘ingredients’ XML file, as does my nectar mod. My nectar mod actually has to override this file to work… because it is editing the existing ingredients. But I found that I could edit the Overhaul mod so that the ingredients they added launched with douglas veiga’s new code instead of being an override.

    It’s all working pretty well for me. I’ve been testing all three mods in a new game and an existing game and everything seems fine. Error trap isn’t shouting at me, which is always a good sign! I can see why you both like the Overhaul mod! I’m just working out how to upload everything in a respectable way.


  2. I’m so excited! I just got permission from anak_ponti to take over maintaining the Overhaul mod at MTS (assuming the moderators are also happy with this)! I’m feeling a bit intimidated and shy about it but I’m also really looking forward to it!

    I’m going to take a bit of time to go through everything carefully. There are quite a few variations of the mod, so I want to make sure I understand everything and am super organised!


  3. Hi Cinderellimouse! I have just seen your Cooking Overhaul update and Greek Ingredients mod on MTS and they look great and I want to try them or at least try the Greeks Ingredient one frst.
    I’m not sure what I’m missing but can I ask: you say they need DouglasVeiga’s CCLoader mod to work, right? Well I’ve installed that mod and your Greek Ingredients mod, but they don’t show up in game. What am I to look for and where? None of the extra recipes or ingredients show up on the fridge or the cooker etc. I’m not sure how the CCLoader works – should it be in the mods folder or the mods>package folder or does it matter? None of the mods seem to work but the game still loads and doesn’t crash so I don’t know lol. Your food mod and CCLoader has no effect on my game at all! Any suggestions as to what could be wrong or blocking it? Thanks πŸ™‚


  4. I’ve been fighting with this for the past 2 days lol
    I don’t have TS4 installed at all, I don’t play it. I’ve installed CCLoader in my TS3 Mods>packages folder.
    The problem was the ccloader wasn’t showing up in the game at all and neither was the extra ingredients so the grocery store didn’t have them.
    I entered the CTRL+SHIFT+C shortcut ‘ccloader’ to see if it loaded and it didn’t – even though its installed. So obviously something was blocking it.
    I removed my other mods and added them back in one by one and I worked out it was the the original Anak/BlackCat Cooking Overhaul mod lol.
    Its the latest one before yours. When I take it out, the CCLoader works. But I just can’t figure out what resources is in it to stop the CCLoader working.
    I can’t play without it as I’ve tweaked it perfectly to include DV’s Strawberry plant/ingredient and Corn stalks and other things. All I want is your Greek ingredients to add to it so I thought just installing the CCLoader and your Greeks ingredients would suffice and they would work with my tweaked Cooking Overhaul mod, but its just not happening and I can’t work out why.
    Is there a way of being able to have your greek food mod working with the CCLoader and my own Cooking Overhaul mod? Can your Greeks ingredient mod be installed without YOUR cooking overhaul mod and for the CCLoader to be compatible with Anak/BC’s original Cooking Overhaul mod? I know of other players who have tweaked their own Cooking Overhaul mod but they would like to have your Greek food, but it seems we would have to have your Cooking Ovehaul mod too for it to work. I looked at your Cooking mod to see if I can tweak it the same as mine, but I’m not sure what effect it would have on the ccloader.dll resources or whether it would load at all. I guess the only other alternative is to merge your old Greek Food mod into mine, but I like that you updated that one with new thumbnails! lol You can see my dilemma. Maybe if its possible (if I can’t get all of this working) you can make an updated greek food mod that doesen’t need the CCLoader so I can merge it with my cooking mod?
    In the meantime I really want to figure out this CCLoader mod out first, I’m sure I’m missing something really simple lol


    • Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I’m having a super-busy couple of weeks. Don’t worry. We’ll definitely get it working one way or another! πŸ˜€

      Just to check, have you downloaded the Greek mod from here or MTS? They work quite differently and the version here WILL conflict with the old overhaul mod because they both override the recipe, plants, and ingredients master lists. If you have the CCLoader and current MTS version of the Greek mod, you shouldn’t be having a conflict. I might have to look into this some more.

      Either way, we can definitely add my Greek stuff to your edited version of the Overhaul. It’s just a case of copy/pasting some stuff over which I could possibly do for you when I have a little more time.

      One more thing, a simmer left a comment on my mod page at MTS saying the new overhaul is not conflicting with the strawberry and corn mods. However I haven’t had time to confirm it yet.

      I am working on an updated version of the Overhaul mod. I fixed a few issues already. However, I’ve had some advice from another modder and we may have found a better way of implementing the overhaul/nectar mod… so… it might be worth holding on for a week or two and waiting for the updates. I’m sorry I can’t get these things sorted out more quickly. 😦


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