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Aren’t the shelves from the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery lovely? I love this venue! Sooooooooo many pies! Nom nom nom! Only… I kind-of wanted to be able to sell more things than JUST prepared food with these items. Then I watched Ani’s Let’s Play where she runs a bakery and mentions how she modified the shelves to use her savvier seller code. I LOVE her savvier seller mod, so I followed the advice on MTS and ATS and cloned these items too.

A lot of people have seen me using these modified shelves and asked me to share the mod. I couldn’t. Because they are cloned store items, it would have meant I was pirating content, and I strongly oppose this. HOWEVER! It bugged me that I couldn’t share them, and after some file-poking I managed to make a sharable version of the mod! Instead of cloning the object, I just use the OBJK and OBJD files to override the original stands.

You absolutely must own the Baker’s Bazaar Collection and the Savvy Seller’s Collection for this mod to work!!!

You need to have this content installed, and also Ani’s Savvier Seller mod.

If you do not have the store content installed the shelves and register will not show. All you will see is foil balls. Without Ani’s mod, the shelves and register will not function.


Some benefits of this mod include:

* Being able to sell almost anything using the stands!
* Having the functionality of Ani’s savvier seller collection.
* Being able to restock sold items.
* The ability to have multiple shops on one lot, with different ‘owners’.








Unfortunately since this mod overrides the original stands it does conflict slightly with the Nraas Cupcake mod and the ‘Deliciously Indulgent Bakery – More Interactions’ mod by douglasveiga at MTS. For this reason I packaged each object mod individually, so you can decide which one you want to use. For example, you could just install the package that overrides the fridge shelves: this way you could still have the functionality of the other two mods (and the original bakery) on the rack. This has been thoroughly tested with both mods.

The purpose here is to give you greater flexibility and choice, to be able to choose the best option for your game and your play style. If you are unsure and have questions you would like to ask, please feel free to comment here or ask me directly on Twitter.

For a better idea of how this mod functions, please see the following youtube videos by Ani and Weealbet:

Ani’s bakery with the modded bakery shelves.

Ani’s butchers and grocery shop using her savvier seller mod (to give an idea of the things you can sell).

Ani’s savvier seller tutorial for people who are unfamiliar with the savvier seller mod (this tutorial shows an older version of the mod).

Weealbet’s Farron household who run a bakery using the modded shelves. (Note: the pies ‘jumping’ to the shelf when baked is part of douglasveiga’s mod. This will only happen with the unmodded shelves. To keep this functionality if you use this mod, simply only install the ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryCold’ and/or ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryRegister’ packages, and leave the ‘Cinderellimod_SavvierBakeryRack’ out.)

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the genius that is Ani! Her mods are amazing and I am so thankful she shared them with us all! She made it so I can play my game in the way I want to play it, and I’m so so so grateful to her! I loved Open for Business for The Sims 2 and was so disappointed we never got that expansion for TS3. I was thrilled with the content the store provided, but Ani’s mods take their functionality to the next level!

I can’t take any credit for this mod. All I did was make the objects point to her awesome code. *^.^*

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=


10 thoughts on “Mod: Savvier Bakery

  1. Hi Cinderellimouse! First of all, I just recently stumbled onto your blog and I have to say that I love it! Your mods are awesome and I love your playstyle as well. Thank you so much for this mod and for sharing it with us. Secondly, since I have all the store objects I would really like to be able to clone them for my own use in my game using this mod, so that it doesn’t conflict with the other two mods (cupcake and douglasveiga’s) so as to fulfill the plans I have for my stores and bakeries. Would you know how I could do this? I’m also trying to understand how to have this code work with some of Sandy’s shelves on ats. Any advice you could give me would be highly appreciated. I am so new to modding and I have looked at the code but I’m not really sure where to start.


    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. This is what I usually do:

      * Move your existing ‘TheSims3’ folder out of ‘documents/electronic arts’ and put it somewhere safe. I have a ‘MYSIMSFOLDER!!!’ file on my desktop. (I assume you are on windows because I haven’t a clue about macs).
      * Run the launcher. This will generate a new ‘TheSims3’ folder. (Your old one is still safe and you can delete the new one and replace your old one later).
      * Install (only) the store items you want to clone.
      * Close the launcher.
      * Look in the new ‘The Sims 3’ folder for the ‘DCBackup’ folder, this is where the store items installed themselves. Each of the big long numbered files is a store item.
      * You’ll need the ‘decrapify’ program, I’m not sure where this is available from now. Drag and drop the long-numbered files onto the decrapify icon, it will run a short program which will close itself. You might have to do this a couple of times.
      * Now open the S3OC program (Sims 3 Object Cloner) and open one of these long-numbered files (‘file’ and ‘open package’). It might take a bit of guess-work but find the file for the object you want to clone, highlight it and choose ‘clone or fix’! You’ll want to choose ‘create clone package’ and highlight ‘renumber/rename internally’ and you can give it a ‘unique name’. Then click ‘start’ and save it somewhere accessible.
      * Open S3pe (Sims 3 Package Editor) and file-open your package. In the S3pe window look under the ‘Tag’ heading for the OBJK file. Right-click it and choose ‘Edit OBJK’ from the window that pops up. Under the heading ‘component’ there should be an entry that says ‘script’ and ‘string’ with a window of code. This is where you tell the object which code to use, what it actually is. Just paste the code for Ani’s savvy seller shelves here instead (you can find these codes in the guide by Sandy at ATS or by opening Ani’s mod with S3pe in the same way). You may have to try a couple of different codes to see which one works best for you. Save the changes in S3pe and your file is ready for testing, it just needs to be put in your normal mods folder. You can either test it in the newly generated The Sims 3 folder (just remember you’ll also need to install Ani’s mod as well), or replace your old The Sims 3 folder.

      I’m sorry this was a bit of a rushed explanation, but let me know if you get stuck. And remember that this has to be for personal use only. You can’t share cloned store content if it means sharing content people haven’t paid for (which is why I was careful to make the mod function only if the set was already installed). Good luck! 🙂

      Run S3OC (Sims 3 object cloner, you’ll need to grab this if you haven’t already)

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      • Landerlady12 here, just wanted to pop in and say thank you Cinderellimouse! I really appreciate your help. I will try this out and get back to you!


  2. Thanks for this–you and Ani made my perfect jams/preserves shop possible! A tip in case anyone is having trouble making the mod work: try moving the files to the Mods/Overrides folder. I’ve heard that it should no longer be necessary to do this, but my displays were behaving like EA’s original objects when the mod files were in the Packages folder, and moving the files resolved the problem for me.


  3. You say this mod slightly conflicts with Cupcake. In what way? And is the autostocking of the shelves the only conflict with douglasveiga’s mod?


    • I’m not currently supporting TS3 mods. TS3 is not playing well on my system at the moment and I’m afraid I can’t remember many of the details of how the mod works. I mod as a hobby and I make things that I want in my own game, since I’m not currently playing TS3 I don’t have the time or focus to maintain the older mods. I’ve left the old mods up in case anyone wanted access to them. If anyone wants to update them then that’s fine with me. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful right now. :3


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