Mod: Nectar uses All Harvestables

Update 15th March 2015

There is an updated version of this mod here:

Screenshot-554 Gardening and nectar making are two of my favourite skills in The Sims 3. However, it’s always bugged me that we couldn’t use all harvestables. What if I want to make tomato juice or something with camomile? I’ve looked into modding this so many times but could never figure it out, until I had a bit of a EUREKA! moment this week when I stumbled by chance on the code! works All non-base game plant can now be placed into the nectar machine to make a huge variety of new recipes! I also edited some of the code of each plant to determine the quality and price of the nectar it produces. Some examples of new nectar recipes: Honey and Lemon Spiced Apple Chamomile Lavender and Raspberry lemhon Although I edited the base game harvestables too, sadly they still cannot be placed into the nectar machine. However they DO get used in the randomly generated nectars available from the nectary register and storage racks. nectar register There are definitely some weird concoctions possible now! 6 year old onion nectar anyone? onion Mmmm…. 100% onion. I also tested this for compatibility with other mods. This works well with Ani’s ‘Drinks For Your Sims’ mod: my sims became very merry indeed while testing this mod for me. One got rather ill but I’m not sure if it was the mod or the kelp nectar. ^.^ It is also compatible with the ‘Nectar Glass Replacement’ mod by Icarus_Allsorts. Any nectar using a harvestable that has been assigned a colour with this mod will turn the correct colour, any harvestable that has not been assigned a colour will be clear. ban drink clear nectar I have also checked the Baker’s Station and the Grandma’s Canning Station from the store to check they work as usual and they do. Although don’t be too surprised if your sims make carrot pancakes for breakfast. XD Just unzip the file and pop it in your mods/packages folder. Click here to download! Enjoy! =^.^=

IMPORTANT UPDATE! This mod has been updated to include new recipes here. Please only use EITHER this mod or my Greek ingredients mod.

16 thoughts on “Mod: Nectar uses All Harvestables

      • I’m so happy you found what you needed! I’m afraid the moodlets don’t seem to pass over. It’s strange because one or two appeared to, but I think it was coincidence. It’s something I’d like to look at.


      • Hey, my sims are resetting when I try to shop for groceries, and the NRaas crew helped me track it down to a recipe tuning mod specifying an invalid ingredient in a recipe. When I remove your mod, shopping works fine.

        If it’s useful, I could give you the ErrorTrap log for the error.


      • OMG, I’m no modder, but I opened with s3pe and found the bug!
        In the ingredients file, you seem to have a leftover bit of XML that isn’t attached to an ingredient:


        I removed this, saved the package back out, and grocery stores work again.


      • Dangit, I was sure that tag allowed me to post XML as text.


        Oh, well, with search and replace, it is:



      • Yay! Thank you so much for drawing my attention to this!!! I tested the mod out so much and did have a similar glitch but it was only affecting one sim that I’d had since WA so I thought it was the sim that was glitched. When I tested with other worlds and households I didn’t have the problem. It’s funny actually. I’m currently trying to add new harvestables (literally, RIGHT NOW! I have the game running in the background) and I’m using my nectar mod as a base since it uses a resource I need. I’ve sent my sim grocery shopping in Island Paradise and it works just fine. Glitches are so slippery to catch! It’s weird how they show up sometimes, and then be fine other times. But I’ll definitely take another look at the file. I really do appreciate you pointing this out to me!


      • I’m so glad I could help! It was exhilarating to actually make sense of the file. Haha. I keep teetering close to modding, then backing off because I’m afraid to lose all my free time 🙂 :).

        You know, I use CC Magic. I wonder if its automatic package merge made the issue more pronounced. It looks like the kind of thing that might not have any effect if the XML was loaded in a different order. Shrug. I’m talking out my butt.

        I am not over the fact that I can make mead now. It shouldn’t matter that much, but to me it makes nectar so much more fun. Ah, the quirks of our Sims playing.


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