Mod: No Jellybean Death


Ever wanted your sim to enjoy the sweet taste of jellybeans but feared a visit from Death if they ate the bad bean? Yeah, me too. In fact, I had NEVER used the jellybean bush and took care to banish it from my game. I’m just way too protective of my poor simmies.

Finally I thought, ‘it’s not fair my sims never get to enjoy this sweet and beany fruit’ and modded the bush to remove the chance of death completely.

I also increased the chance of getting a ‘good’ bean, and decreased the chance of getting a ‘bad’ bean. However, sims will still have bad experiences, like setting on fire or getting ill. They just won’t die (as long as you put the fire out in time, keep a pool handy). I should say, there is no more instant death. πŸ™‚


The jellybean bush comes with Supernatural. This is unlikely to conflict with other mods, as long as they don’t edit the same resources from the jellybean bush. Just unzip the file and pop it into your packages folder.

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

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