Mod: Wave Station – Less Seal Attacks


The wave station is such a fun item! And it’s great we have more to do at pools and beaches. Only… why is that seal so mean? I don’t know about everyone else, but he seems to know my sims off their boards all the time!

I think the seal is a really cute feature of the object, I just wanted the seal attack to be more of a special event, not something that happened every time my sims surf. So I made this mod to reduce the chance of a seal attack. You will still see the little guy swimming and splashing about as usual, but he’ll just be friendlier.


You MUST own the wave station and have it installed for this mod to work. It is not a cloned object, it just overrides the file that determines how often the seal attacks.

Just unzip the file and pop it in your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!


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