Mod: 3 Mods That Will Change Your World


Here are three mods that will change your world, literally!

I made these environmental mods by request, they change the roads, lighting/sky/water/cloud colours and settings, and the terrain of certain worlds.

Mod 1: Midnight Hollow style lighting override

This is a lighting mod that will effect EVERY world. It overrides things like lighting, bloom, sky colour, water colour and textures. It is adapted from the colour ramps and inis from Midnight Hollow, and will give a similar effect in all worlds. It can quite dramatically change the feel of each world.

These pictures are of Barnacle Bay. The bright and colourful base game style is replaced by something much more realistic and dramatic.





Mod 2: Base game road replacements (Dragon Valley)

This was a tricky one! I replaced all the asphalt and concrete road textures, one-by-one, in Hidden Springs with the road textures from Dragon Valley. A happy side-effect was these textures were replaced in all the early worlds: Sunset Valley, Riverview, Barnacle Bay, Appoloosa Plains and Hidden Springs. This means you can give these worlds a new look, and it helps if you want to make a historic or fantasy world and get rid of those inappropriate modern textures. Any custom world using the base game textures will also be affected. To get the old textures back, simply remove the mod.

Barnacle Bay:




Sunset Valley:


Hidden Springs:


Please note, one corner on the crosswalk looks darker than the others. I’m not sure why this is, but if I can fix it I will update the mod.

Mod 3: Replacement sand texture (Barnacle Bay)

This mod replaces the dark orangey sand in Barnacle Bay with a lighter sand from the base game. Due to it being an override, the terrain still looks dark from a distance, but when you zoom in it looks lighter.




Used together, these mods can give Barnacle Bay a whole new feel! Or you can use the mods separately if you just want one effect.

These mods will conflict with other mods that change the same resources. Be particularly aware that you can only install one lighting mod at a time.

Click here for the lighting mod!

Click here for the road texture mod!

Click here for the sand texture mod!

5 thoughts on “Mod: 3 Mods That Will Change Your World

  1. Oh thank you so much for doing the sand override. Barnacle Bay has its issues, but generally, it’s not a bad world. However, I never felt like I could use it because the sand drove me absolutely bonkers.
    Now, I can play in it !


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