Custom Content: Remember Painting


Whenever I saw this avvi in the forums my heart would leap in hope that we were getting a new hint, screenshot or tongue-in-cheek comment from a truly awesome guru!

I have to admit, I’m very upset Sim Guru Copeland is leaving us. The content he has produced has been amazing, and it has enhanced my game so much! The store stuff is always my favourite in any category, and I always filter to it before anything else! The premium content has brought back so many features I felt were missing, like the savvy seller collection, bistro oven and mechanic’s car. I can finally play in the way I want to play. =^.^=

I’ve been trying to think of a way to say how much I appreciate all the hard work he has done for us simmers. I can’t express it well enough in words, I can’t make a youtube video… so what can I do? Then today I had a little idea…


In my game Cinderelli-sim works at the art gallery. Today, a new painting arrived. The catalogue lists it at $475, but when Cinderelli valued it she found it was priceless. *cheesy grin*

If you too would like a little reminder of Sim Guru Copeland in your game, download the ‘Remember Painting’ and pop it in your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!


And Alan… thanks! =^.^=

9 thoughts on “Custom Content: Remember Painting

  1. I love this site, Cinderelli! I will likely not be joining the community as they move on to Twitter and Facebook, since I don’t use those sites. However, I will definitely be following you here! I have downloaded almost all of your mods and just await the final, full version of Crumplebottom when you are able to get it up with all of its mods. (Sam Dernier aka SamIAm)


  2. Oh – I think I found the final modded version of Crumpleton. It wasn’t clear from the first page of your world thread, but I found it from one of the more recent pages. Thanks – I am really looking forward to playing with that (though I’ve been involved with Sims 2 stuff more lately). I am such an Anglophile. Crumpleton looks divine. I’ll just add the mill and it’ll be perfect. XD


    • Yay, I’m glad you found it! I’m planning on putting the worlds up here on the blog too at some point, keeping everything in one place. ^.^ I love TS2, but I’ve been getting the urge to play Medieval this week. Have fun!


  3. I just found this tribute to my fav SimGuru and I really love you for doing it. I’ve dl’d it and it will go in a special place in my towns. I will be back to download a couple other of your mods. Nice work on them.


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