Mod: Better Bake Sale


Poor Bella! All that hard work baking muffins, painting signs, and getting Stan the T-rex to stop falling over on the icing… and then it turns out a line of code means sims can’t autonomously buy from her stand. XD Have you ever wondered why sims are so disinterested in the bake sale?

Sims can be directed to buy from the table, and will autonomously buy from other sims’ autonomously tended stands, but they will not buy from you if you set up the stand.

So, I enabled it! ^.^ Sims will now buy from the stand autonomously. I also made it so the child will tend the stand for longer without wandering off, but keep and eye on their motives, we don’t want to break the Sunset Valley child labour laws! I also made the object advertise to sims more, so they are much more likely to buy from the stand.

One thing to note, no matter how much I increased the advertising, sims will ignore the stand in favour of lot-specific interactions. So, on the park they will be more likely to have a picnic, and at the gym they will be more likely to work out. For best results, use on a lot with minimal distractions. I tried it at the pond and sims flocked to the stand immediately!


For a better bake sale, just unzip the file and place the package in your mods/packages folder!

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

3 thoughts on “Mod: Better Bake Sale

  1. This sounds very handy! I’ve never bothered much with the cake stand as it was so boring for the poor little sim kids, standing there with hardly any customers. This will improve their experience no end!


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