Mod: Ultimate Careers Tuning


I’m sure it’s obvious how much I love Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers mod! This mod means you can send sims to work in open lots instead of having them disappear into a rabbithole, actually seeing them at work and controlling what they do! Sims will be pushed to use objects that are suitable for their specific career. I love this mod so much, I even built my world, Crumpleton, specifically with it in mind. So you will find lots of pre-built workplaces there.

Usually, sims will gain career performance while using appropriate objects during work hours. They also lose career performance when not using the objects. Which makes sense because sims should lose performance when not doing their job, right? Only, I like to make up my own little jobs for my sims to do while working. So, my politician might need to throw a fund-raising event at the park, or my reporter might need to deliver newspapers to the kiosks around town.


Zerbu provided tuning files that let us mod the mod! So (with his help) I tuned the mod so that sims no longer lose work performance when not using the listed objects, or when leaving the work lot. This allows me to send my sims off on whatever little mission I dream up, without fear of them getting fired! It also means that we can use any additional objects we might come across that are not listed with the current mod.

After I mentioned my tuning file, people started asking about it. I asked Zerbu if I could share it and he very kindly agreed! ^_^

You DO need the original Ultimate Careers mod installed. Then drop my package file into the mods/packages folder too.

Click here to Download!

Enjoy! =^.^=


15 thoughts on “Mod: Ultimate Careers Tuning

  1. I want to add some magic objects to the students in my hogwarts school, any ideas how i can do this? I have the mods installed and the school is ready, just neef the knowhow. Thanks!


    • You mean so they are pushed to use the objects? I’m sorry, I think that’s beyond my skill level, maybe see if Zerbu can advise you on that. You could open Zerbu’s mod using something like S3pe and have a look at the contents, but I suspect it will be a script rather than a tuning file.


      • Oh, I see, thank you. I did open it and even took a look at the tutorial on creating new careers but I got stuck on step 2! I think my version of S3pe is different.. I did find that Mage Career and installed it, along with your 3 careers but, for some reason they do not show up when look at the career choices (using the rugs or city hall or even clicking on doors to activate careers. The careers that are there seem to be working but for the life of me cannot figure out why those are not. At first I only installed Zerbus, and had taken out, but put it back to see if that helped. Nothing. I did also clear all my caches as well. Im sad :(, but working hard on setting up my Harry Potter world ( well, one I downloaded anyway). If you have any advice, I sure would appreciate it. I’m sure i’m missing something terribly obvious..Thank you ever so. -KarilynMonroe2


    • Awesome Karen, I had the same idea today, after watching a Harry Potter movie. I’m not sure, but maybe there’s a way to change the compatible objects for “school” to the objects of the fortune teller career. This is easy to do with custom careers (in-game you can select like which career the custom one will function), but I don’t know if you can also switch the existing careers with each other. I’ll look into it and if i find a solution, i’ll let you know


      • (I don’t know how to tune the files of the mod though, so I’ll try to solve this in-game and maybe with mods like nraas careers)


  2. oh gee…um, well no…so they only work with sunset valley’s town hall? I have a rabbit hole rug town hall. I will put sunset valleys in the basement and try that right now! xoxo


    • I put tbe sunset valley rabbithole on anotber lot and still dont see yours or Missy Hissy’s careers. I checked my mods folder and they are in there and they also show up in the list of mods found upon loading the game. I must have set it up wrong but i cant even do step 1. Zerbu seems to be working but so far my sims enter the rabbitholes, but im only a day in to it.


  3. Your tuning is awsome!!!!!!!! It made me crazy when my Sims get fired for nearly nothing. Especially because I have a great Problem with the Mod from Zerbu and maybe I can bother you to help me. I am really desperate and I am trying since two days to get this fantastic mod working :-(. After some difficulties in the beginning my Sims are attending the Lots for work and they use the objects, but sadly they get no progress for their job (I heard other people had the same problems, but no solutions or help was given von Zerbu). I tried it with rugs and without, I used first custom world, but than I was in sunset valley and other EA worlds. Finally I disabled all my custom content (eccept the Mods for Zerbu), I cleared the cache too, but nothing happens after my Sims worked for two days :-(. What am I doing wrong? Is it a problem, that I use ccMaggic? The contens are in this launcher. I would really appreaciate your guidance.

    P.S: I have a question to your tuning, too. It works at the moment, that my sims get not fired, but how can i use every object for work performance? Is this automatically, what the sim does while working time or do I have to mod myself something? You said: It also means that we can use any additional objects we might come across that are not listed with the current mod.
    Warm greetings


    • Zerbu updated the mod after the version I was using, I didn’t realise until recently. A few things changed in the way it functions and Nraas has some more information on that: I’m afraid I’m not playing TS3 enough at the moment to have any further information. I made the tuning for the previous version of the mod, so it is possible there might be a conflict. Do you gain progress if you take out my tuning?

      The objects are hard-coded in Zerbu’s mod, and I don’t have the knowledge to edit that I’m afraid. But there should be a list of the objects you can use at his site.

      I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful right now. If you can let me know if removing my tuning helps with the progression, I could take another look at it.


  4. Ok, thank you very much for your answer :-). It is at least a beginning to know, that it could be a Problem with the update. In the begining I had not installed your Mod, but the whole thing didn´t work because I made some mistakes. Than after trying to Play the game with rugs and without I finally managed, that the sims go to work. In this case I was more succesful without the rugs, after it I had allready installed your mod – maybe this is it. I will try and tell you.


  5. I looked into it, there seems no Change to before, when I put out your mod´.

    I searched on Zeberus modthesims site and his Mod is only tested to 1.64 , but I have 1,69 may this causes the Problem. In the end I am not the only one with this Problem. Sadly Zeberu seems not to update his cool mod anymore. I downloaded it on NRaas and I thought they give a hint, when some Mods a restricted to a patch Level, they usually do this, but there is no word about it. So much time and work for the waste now and I was so excited :-(.
    To be sure that I didn´t make a mistake in the process. To give my sims this career, I let him go to the Arena and gave him there his Job, afterwards I brought him to the wall of the New workplace. There I choosed Add career and than Sportprofi and than it gave the oportunity to hit the button for the Arena (Stadium). Afterwards I waited till the next they and my sim and other sims went there and used the objects, but no Progression, but when my sim left earyl the worperformance dropped drastically. Did I have to something more than this, on the City hall for example? Do you use ccMagic or know issues with this mod. I installed everything in Mods and didnt touch the Folder afterwards.


    • I’m afraid I really don’t know how to help since I haven’t used the new mod version (I’m also on an old patch). I did notice that with the old version the performance would drop dramatically if the Sim was not at work and using the specified objects, so much so that my Sim would get fired too easily. I know Zerbu liked to make the game more challenging, so he did make it very difficult on purpose. That’s why I made the mod, because I like to have a lot of freedom in the game and liked the idea of doing my own thing without fear of a negative outcome.

      It’s difficult, because Zerbu and I are both focused on TS4 right now. I don’t really have a solution. 😦 Other than to suggest maybe seeing if the older version is still available anyway, and to try that. But it is something I will look into at some point, because I do use active careers when I play the Sims 3 from time to time. I just can’t guarantee a time frame, or that it will be something I will have the knowledge to fix. I’m sorry, I know this is frustrating, and I can’t give a better answer. :-/


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