Mod: Nectar uses All Harvestables

Update 15th March 2015

There is an updated version of this mod here:

Screenshot-554 Gardening and nectar making are two of my favourite skills in The Sims 3. However, it’s always bugged me that we couldn’t use all harvestables. What if I want to make tomato juice or something with camomile? I’ve looked into modding this so many times but could never figure it out, until I had a bit of a EUREKA! moment this week when I stumbled by chance on the code! works All non-base game plant can now be placed into the nectar machine to make a huge variety of new recipes! I also edited some of the code of each plant to determine the quality and price of the nectar it produces. Some examples of new nectar recipes: Honey and Lemon Spiced Apple Chamomile Lavender and Raspberry lemhon Although I edited the base game harvestables too, sadly they still cannot be placed into the nectar machine. However they DO get used in the randomly generated nectars available from the nectary register and storage racks. nectar register There are definitely some weird concoctions possible now! 6 year old onion nectar anyone? onion Mmmm…. 100% onion. I also tested this for compatibility with other mods. This works well with Ani’s ‘Drinks For Your Sims’ mod: my sims became very merry indeed while testing this mod for me. One got rather ill but I’m not sure if it was the mod or the kelp nectar. ^.^ It is also compatible with the ‘Nectar Glass Replacement’ mod by Icarus_Allsorts. Any nectar using a harvestable that has been assigned a colour with this mod will turn the correct colour, any harvestable that has not been assigned a colour will be clear. ban drink clear nectar I have also checked the Baker’s Station and the Grandma’s Canning Station from the store to check they work as usual and they do. Although don’t be too surprised if your sims make carrot pancakes for breakfast. XD Just unzip the file and pop it in your mods/packages folder. Click here to download! Enjoy! =^.^=

IMPORTANT UPDATE! This mod has been updated to include new recipes here. Please only use EITHER this mod or my Greek ingredients mod.


Mod: No Vending Machine Death


Sims can now shake and slam the vending machines as much as they please without the chance of being crushed to death! Yay!

This mod CAN be used at the same time as the Vending Machine Tweaks mod by icarus_allsorts. I tested them both in my game and they work absolutely fine!

Just unzip the file and put the package into your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

Mod: No Murphy Bed Death


I love the murphy beds, they are perfect for small homes. Only… they are a death trap! O.O I haven’t been able to use them for fear of them squishing my poor sims.

This mod removes the chance of death while opening or putting away the beds. However, sims will still get flipped up by them and get the ‘Murphy Bed Clinophobia’ moodlet.

The murphy beds come with University Life. This mod is unlikely to conflict with others, as long as they don’t edit the same resources from the murphy bed. Just unzip the file and pop it into your packages folder.

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

Mod: No Jellybean Death


Ever wanted your sim to enjoy the sweet taste of jellybeans but feared a visit from Death if they ate the bad bean? Yeah, me too. In fact, I had NEVER used the jellybean bush and took care to banish it from my game. I’m just way too protective of my poor simmies.

Finally I thought, ‘it’s not fair my sims never get to enjoy this sweet and beany fruit’ and modded the bush to remove the chance of death completely.

I also increased the chance of getting a ‘good’ bean, and decreased the chance of getting a ‘bad’ bean. However, sims will still have bad experiences, like setting on fire or getting ill. They just won’t die (as long as you put the fire out in time, keep a pool handy). I should say, there is no more instant death. 🙂


The jellybean bush comes with Supernatural. This is unlikely to conflict with other mods, as long as they don’t edit the same resources from the jellybean bush. Just unzip the file and pop it into your packages folder.

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

Mod: More Milk


I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE MILK!!! =^.^=

The cow shed is one of my absolute favourite items! I couldn’t believe it when we FINALLY got cows in The Sims, I’d been hoping for them for so long!!! The cows are adorable, and I love that tinkle noise the cowbell makes. I really like farming in the game, but I found that that the cows don’t really work well in a farming scenario. We can get milk and cheese, sure, but we can’t sell the milk as it has no value. And I wanted the cows to produce a BUCKET of milk, not just one teeny bottle per milking.

I couldn’t work out the bucket! XD But what I COULD do was give the milk a value of $10. A bit high for a bottle of milk, you might thing, but a farmer has to earn a living right? All the different varieties of milk are now $10. They can also be sold with Ani’s Savvier Seller mod.

sell milk


I also removed the cool down period between milkings. This means sims can repeatedly milk the cow without having to wait for hours in between. It’s ok… the cows enjoy it.

get milk

I also tuned a couple of other settings. I made the cow more likely to accept food. I dislike the cow tipping interaction so I made it harder to tip the cow, and also made it so sims can’t do it autonomously. Finally, I gave the cowbell moodlet a slightly larger range, so sims will be more likely to hear it. Now sims can finally have a small farm shop!



Just unzip the file and pop the package into your mods/package folder.

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

Mod: Wave Station – Less Seal Attacks


The wave station is such a fun item! And it’s great we have more to do at pools and beaches. Only… why is that seal so mean? I don’t know about everyone else, but he seems to know my sims off their boards all the time!

I think the seal is a really cute feature of the object, I just wanted the seal attack to be more of a special event, not something that happened every time my sims surf. So I made this mod to reduce the chance of a seal attack. You will still see the little guy swimming and splashing about as usual, but he’ll just be friendlier.


You MUST own the wave station and have it installed for this mod to work. It is not a cloned object, it just overrides the file that determines how often the seal attacks.

Just unzip the file and pop it in your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!

Custom Content: Remember Painting


Whenever I saw this avvi in the forums my heart would leap in hope that we were getting a new hint, screenshot or tongue-in-cheek comment from a truly awesome guru!

I have to admit, I’m very upset Sim Guru Copeland is leaving us. The content he has produced has been amazing, and it has enhanced my game so much! The store stuff is always my favourite in any category, and I always filter to it before anything else! The premium content has brought back so many features I felt were missing, like the savvy seller collection, bistro oven and mechanic’s car. I can finally play in the way I want to play. =^.^=

I’ve been trying to think of a way to say how much I appreciate all the hard work he has done for us simmers. I can’t express it well enough in words, I can’t make a youtube video… so what can I do? Then today I had a little idea…


In my game Cinderelli-sim works at the art gallery. Today, a new painting arrived. The catalogue lists it at $475, but when Cinderelli valued it she found it was priceless. *cheesy grin*

If you too would like a little reminder of Sim Guru Copeland in your game, download the ‘Remember Painting’ and pop it in your mods/packages folder.

Click here to download!


And Alan… thanks! =^.^=

Mod: 3 Mods That Will Change Your World


Here are three mods that will change your world, literally!

I made these environmental mods by request, they change the roads, lighting/sky/water/cloud colours and settings, and the terrain of certain worlds.

Mod 1: Midnight Hollow style lighting override

This is a lighting mod that will effect EVERY world. It overrides things like lighting, bloom, sky colour, water colour and textures. It is adapted from the colour ramps and inis from Midnight Hollow, and will give a similar effect in all worlds. It can quite dramatically change the feel of each world.

These pictures are of Barnacle Bay. The bright and colourful base game style is replaced by something much more realistic and dramatic.





Mod 2: Base game road replacements (Dragon Valley)

This was a tricky one! I replaced all the asphalt and concrete road textures, one-by-one, in Hidden Springs with the road textures from Dragon Valley. A happy side-effect was these textures were replaced in all the early worlds: Sunset Valley, Riverview, Barnacle Bay, Appoloosa Plains and Hidden Springs. This means you can give these worlds a new look, and it helps if you want to make a historic or fantasy world and get rid of those inappropriate modern textures. Any custom world using the base game textures will also be affected. To get the old textures back, simply remove the mod.

Barnacle Bay:




Sunset Valley:


Hidden Springs:


Please note, one corner on the crosswalk looks darker than the others. I’m not sure why this is, but if I can fix it I will update the mod.

Mod 3: Replacement sand texture (Barnacle Bay)

This mod replaces the dark orangey sand in Barnacle Bay with a lighter sand from the base game. Due to it being an override, the terrain still looks dark from a distance, but when you zoom in it looks lighter.




Used together, these mods can give Barnacle Bay a whole new feel! Or you can use the mods separately if you just want one effect.

These mods will conflict with other mods that change the same resources. Be particularly aware that you can only install one lighting mod at a time.

Click here for the lighting mod!

Click here for the road texture mod!

Click here for the sand texture mod!

Mod: Better Bake Sale


Poor Bella! All that hard work baking muffins, painting signs, and getting Stan the T-rex to stop falling over on the icing… and then it turns out a line of code means sims can’t autonomously buy from her stand. XD Have you ever wondered why sims are so disinterested in the bake sale?

Sims can be directed to buy from the table, and will autonomously buy from other sims’ autonomously tended stands, but they will not buy from you if you set up the stand.

So, I enabled it! ^.^ Sims will now buy from the stand autonomously. I also made it so the child will tend the stand for longer without wandering off, but keep and eye on their motives, we don’t want to break the Sunset Valley child labour laws! I also made the object advertise to sims more, so they are much more likely to buy from the stand.

One thing to note, no matter how much I increased the advertising, sims will ignore the stand in favour of lot-specific interactions. So, on the park they will be more likely to have a picnic, and at the gym they will be more likely to work out. For best results, use on a lot with minimal distractions. I tried it at the pond and sims flocked to the stand immediately!


For a better bake sale, just unzip the file and place the package in your mods/packages folder!

Click here to download!

Enjoy! =^.^=

Mod: Ultimate Careers Tuning


I’m sure it’s obvious how much I love Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers mod! This mod means you can send sims to work in open lots instead of having them disappear into a rabbithole, actually seeing them at work and controlling what they do! Sims will be pushed to use objects that are suitable for their specific career. I love this mod so much, I even built my world, Crumpleton, specifically with it in mind. So you will find lots of pre-built workplaces there.

Usually, sims will gain career performance while using appropriate objects during work hours. They also lose career performance when not using the objects. Which makes sense because sims should lose performance when not doing their job, right? Only, I like to make up my own little jobs for my sims to do while working. So, my politician might need to throw a fund-raising event at the park, or my reporter might need to deliver newspapers to the kiosks around town.


Zerbu provided tuning files that let us mod the mod! So (with his help) I tuned the mod so that sims no longer lose work performance when not using the listed objects, or when leaving the work lot. This allows me to send my sims off on whatever little mission I dream up, without fear of them getting fired! It also means that we can use any additional objects we might come across that are not listed with the current mod.

After I mentioned my tuning file, people started asking about it. I asked Zerbu if I could share it and he very kindly agreed! ^_^

You DO need the original Ultimate Careers mod installed. Then drop my package file into the mods/packages folder too.

Click here to Download!

Enjoy! =^.^=